Tuesday, April 19, 2011

In search of the truth - V

It's been four months to the last 'In search of the truth' post, and here it is, the latest list of search keywords that bewdas have used to land at the bar. I am amazed at the regularity at which people are searching for 'veshti' and 'dragonfruit' and 'haircut prices at VLCC'. The one that amused me the most in today's list is the last one, for many reasons: the sms lingo, the arrow after 'SHEILA', the word 'killah' and last but not the least, the inclusion of the two hearts in the search keywords. :D

  • Commuter's helmet
  • dragon fruit
  • ja mata di
  • Kabir ke dohe song Dhan De Dhan Na Ghate
  • meaning +salgirah
  • kajra copper concentrate
  • kijwani surname
  • sayesha on the erocks
  • cost of haircut at vlcc
  • veshtiman
  • hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  • sayesha singapore
  • hopscotch blog
  • Cin Forshay lunsford agent
  • Tere dar par sanam translation
  • combodia girl friend look 40 up 50 don
  • non-veg dohe
  • salgirah meaning
  • singer of juba pe laga laga
  • pani puri sayesha
  • kajol lovely lines in ddlj move in written anjana andekha koi ane lag
  • galyan sakli sonyachi meaning
  • one ok rock
  • bhaigiri dialogues
  • tere bin laden sayesha
  • sudeep actor earrings
  • sayesha on the rocks munnadi
  • www.santa banta aisah takia hot movies 12 ya hot m...
  • Wot is the cost of a girls haircut at Habib's?
  • do aur do ka jod hamesha char kahan hota hai meaning
  • who put the goat in there
  • dragon fruit in india
  • a stick figure wearing a cape
  • pani patasha
  • sayesha rocks
  • vlcc hair cut price
  • ideas for dumb charades
  • drive picton to kaikoura
  • definition of bewda
  • Cricket bat dimensions
  • Rongoboti
  • The little things that make life worth living
  • Shyam tolani
  • Hrithik Roshan look-alikes
  • jakie sharoff famyli foto
  • tage mahal
  • no one killed jessica bad words
  • beer tag lines
  • things will work out in the end
  • spice ad subramanium almunium
  • www.gold bumming
  • spider man
  • www. jai mata di
  • agar life real toh jab we met
  • andaz apna apna firauti ki kasam
  • SHEILA ---->sheila ki jawani...M TOO SEXY 4 YA....MAIN TERE HATH NA AANI....♥ ♥...killah song..


mythalez said...


so what does "galyan sakli sonyachi" mean?

and amazing that someone adds the same number of 'i's at end of 'hi' as you do :P

Tejal said...

//a stick figure wearing a cape

hahahahahah..how did that link here?? Sayesha Bhai, our friendly, blog-hood superhero?

And yeaa, superhero with a nice hair-cut..apparently you know the cost of haircuts at Habibs and VLCC. lol

Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

Silver!!! bhai, please put photo of the HUGE bouquet you got! :D

V said...

@mythalez: It means (the one with) a gold chain around (her) neck. Its a popular song from Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin.

Geomon said...

last one was a 'killah' search word :P
bhai ke dohe hit hain :)

Arun said...

"Non-veg dohe"?????

Murgi bakari dou khade, kake bali chadaye
Jise na maroon aaj, kal doodh ya andey paaye.

Arun said...

Mujhe lagta hai ki mere comment ko dekhke sub chup ho jaatein hain.

Itna PJ tho nahin hai!

:( :( :( :(

manishapatnaik said...

Hey, Have been reading you for a while.
The search terms are hillarious, specialy the one "Rongoboti" reminds me of the famous Oriya Sambalpuri song!

Sudeep said...

For a sec I read the 4th one as Kabir ke dohe song dhan ta nan.

And now I realize why there are so many hits coming to my blog from yours through the sidebar link. I am neither an actor nor have any ear-rings :-\

Shaiz said...

jakie sharoff "famyli" foto
"tage mahal"

no one killed jessica bad words

thts... uh.. diverse.. :D