Friday, April 01, 2011

Fool khile hain gulshan gulshan

What do you do when you are woken up in the morning with a frantic message from your fellow Bollywood junkie friend (let's call him Thud) that goes something like this?

"OH. MY. GOD. KJo is apparently getting married. To a WOMAN!!!!!!!!!"

You open one eye and send this message.

"Nice try. Check the date. :/ "

His reply comes.

"Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeez!!!!! I can't believe I fell for it."

Heh heh. Dude, we don't call you Thud for nothing, You fall for everything. :P

Okay, to be honest, even I would have fallen for it if I had read the news article first, and I would have been the one sending that frantic message to him. It's just that Viv had just been telling me the night before that he planned to fool his colleague by switching the keyboard and mouse connections of his computer with the colleague's and the telling him that it was due to an update from Apple. And that's how I remembered that today was April Fool's day. (Well, he didn't do it in the end. I guess jo garajte hain who baraste nahin and all that.)

The thing is - it's hard to fool people on 1st April. Especially if they remember the date. I have never tried any funny tricks on my bar's bewdas on April Fool's Day because it's so easy to figure that it's a prank. I think April Fool's day should fall on a different date each year. Perhaps each year it can be the next date. For example, if it falls on 1st April this year, it should fall on 2nd April next year. Once you reach 30 April, you go back to 1 April again. That way, we will be more likely to not remember on the day itself (haven't you had days where you wondered if the current year was a leap year or not?) and the world will have more successful and funnier pranks.


mythalez said...

Can I scream gold? or am i being fooled with comment moderation into thinking that I am the first one to comment?? :P

i shall take the risk -- Gold! A fool's Gold!! :D

Geomon said...


Geomon said...

I think we should make every first sunday of april the fool's day.
Companies cud also send an inflated pay cheque on March 31st. And the bank a/c would show the real thing. And then they should message everyone a 'bazinga' on 1st April. :P
though that would be a poor joke :)

Red Handed said...

hah nice post!

Anonymous said...

April fools day is a nice excuse to lighten up and learn to take life less seriously!

Arun said...

The successful April Fools' prank has its charm because the victim was forewarned and yet fell for it.

Who is KJo?

Geomon said...

arrey yeh KJo nahi jaanta. Hau ji! hau ji! :)))

Arun said...

Better idea, make April Fools' Day go via our desi solar/lunar calendar. Just like Diwali wanders over the Gregorian calendar, so will All Fools' Day. Only our panchang authors will know when it is :)

Sayesha said...

Hahahaha! Naah, comment moderation is only for the poll posts. :)

That would be MEAN!!!!! :O

#Red Handed,
Thanks. :)


You dunno who is KJo??????? :O :O :O And here I thought I have oriented you enough on Bollywood. :'(

My point exactly! :O

LOL! :D I am imagining a bunch of pundits looking at a bunch of kundalis to determine when April Fools' Day is! :D :D

Sudeep said...

April Fool's Day ke din toh apni chutti hoti hai :D