Thursday, April 29, 2010

State of the art

Prescript: It has been an insane week at work. Work on Hopscotch will start in the coming long weekend (yeay!).


So I was on the phone with my sister this morning.

Me - Where's Aish?

Sis - Inside. Sulking.

Me - Sulking? Why?!

Sis - Major bawling episode.

Me - What happened?

Sis - Oh wait... she's here.

Me - So what happened??

Sis (to Aish) - What now? You're here to complain to your Mausi?

Aish (timidly) - Yesh.

Sis - Well then go ahead!

Aish - Mausiiiii?

Me - Yes, baby. What happened?

Aish - Mom threw my drawings in the trash.

Me - WHAT?!

Aish - Yesh. The trash is for dirty things. She threw my drawings in the trash.

Me - And then what happened?

Aish - And then I cried.

Me - And then?

Aish - And then she took them out.


Sis - Hey bhagwaaaan... She brings back like ten of them every day from school! I kept one and threw the rest. They're all the same anyway!

Me - What did she draw???

Sis - Nothing! Just random lines scribbled all over the page!!

Me - Aish, what did you draw?

Aish - It was a dinosaur.

Me - :|


Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

awwwwwww poor baby! :(

Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

gold! and silver!

Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

aur bronze bhi!

Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

aish baby, saare dinos mujhe bhej do!

aequo animo said...

Bad Sis.., whats the harm in stashing away few sheets of paper which she will throw away when she is 5 or 15 :D

adarkcomedycalledlife said...

Bad bad mommy. Arrey robotic dinosaurs will all be made up of straight lines no? Give the artist some creative license now!

adarkcomedycalledlife said...

Bad bad mommy. Arrey robotic dinosaurs will all be made up of straight lines no? Give the artist some creative license now!

Srishti said... cute Aish is! :D Can we see the drawings pleaseee? :)

Geomon said...

bhai aapki shistur ko ModernArt ka koi kadar-ich nahi.akha mehnat ko recycle kar diya.aur yeh teenon medal ek baar main kyon maarela hai?apun log baraat main nachne maafik aayela kya?waise hi apun ki team ko hara dala IPL main. :(

Technofun said...

@Bhai : baccho ki feelings ko thoda samajne ka.

@Geomon: Sahi bolta bidu... apun ko bhi medal chaiye...yeh dadagiri idhar nahi chalega

BhaiOnPatthar said...

I think the random lines scribbled on the page by aish makes more sense this post.

Dil se said...

Been there :-)
Have a box full of art work with all such dinos, elephants, stars and mommy-daddy made on them :-)

Sayesha said...

Greedy greedy gal! :)

#aequo animo,
I really don't know whose side to take yaar! I see both points of view well. :)

Hahahaha! :D

Next time I meet her I'll purchase some of her art for my personal collection. :)

Hehehe... arre yeh Porkodi sabse pehle uth jaati hai and tries to hadpo all the medals. :P

Hehehe... apun dono ko feelings ko samajhta hai re... :)

Hahaha... I had to read your comment twice to make sense of it. You got a "than" missing somewhere? Arre insult karna hai toh theek se karo yaar! :D

#Dil se,
Hahahaha... I do understand my sister's point too... if Aish brings 10 sheets every day, she'll need a really REALLY big box! :)

Arun said...

When Baby Aish grows up to Aish Picasso II, Sis will regret throwing away anything....

PICASSO was relaxing on a beach in the south of France when he was accosted by a small boy clutching a blank sheet of paper. The child had evidently been dispatched by his parents to solicit an autographed drawing. After a moment's hesitation, Picasso tore up the paper and drew a few designs on the boy's back instead. He signed his name with a flourish and sent the child back to his parents. Relating the incident at a later date, Picasso remarked thoughtfully,

"I wonder if they'll ever wash him again?

rt said...

lovely!! :)

Raam Pyari said...


this is just so cute

Satish said...

bhai..belated happy budday!! :)

Sayesha said...

Hehehe... let's see. :P
PS: Thanks the Picasso story. That was mean of him though! :O


#Raam Pyari,

Thank you yaar! :D Kaisa hai tu??

bluejay said...

aaawwwwww :'(

Stupidosaur said...

Hey had she drawn a Stupidosaur? How dare your sister throw away the work of a budding KickAsso painter, especially when it was a portrait of me? (Ok even if it was a pic of apun ka bahi log :P) In fact our smile is better that Mona Lisa's. Hers just makes you wonder at the feeling behind the smile. Ours makes you wonder what the heck, is that even a smile? Such is our mystery and magic. In fact our smile is so weird, it almost resembles modern art. Aishu had very accurately depicted it I know! Isiliye mummy dhokha kha gayi, kuchh samajh nahin payi. Sheesh! Is duniya mein sachche talent ki koi kadar hi nahin! :P

On serious note, its a little bad :(. Maybe she could have disposed the drawings off when Aishu was not looking! She would have forgotten all about them later!

Prashant said...

Hey Sayesha,

Better late than never! Pleasantly surprised by ur writing :) more.. becuase of the fact that u r a bollywood smitten blogger in s'pore.

I am doing Phd in marketing from NUS. Bollywood is one of the interests! :) Blog coming soon...

Cheers and Keep Writing,

Sanchit said...


aequo animo said...

Well, its easy to decide at once, if your mother deletes a blog post she thinks is trash :D

Sayesha said...

Yeah... poor baby... and poor Mommy...

I am pretty sure she drew a Stupidosaur. No wonder my sis threw it in the trash. Hahahahahahaha! :D

//Maybe she could have disposed the drawings off when Aishu was not looking!

Yeah that's what she did. But Aishu saw them later. :(

Welcome to the bar! :)

Bewda! :P

#aequo animo,
Aish made one critical error you see. Gave her mom the password! ;)

Yamini said...

Amazing blog and lovely lovely imagery of li'l Aish. I totally love your writing style.. Glad i visite your blog. Spent the entire day reading it :) :)
Keep posting!

Sayesha said...

Welcome to the bar and thanks for your kind words! :)