Monday, April 05, 2010

Honey I took your money

So I was mad at Viv for something and did what any mature grown-up would do in such a situation -- clanged some pots and pans in the kitchen as loudly as I could and stormed off to lock myself in a room away from the computer room where he was. I had my phone on me and I eyed it every few minutes, waiting for a note of apology.

And then came an sms message. I opened it, ready to forgive him at once, and what do I see in the message?

From: DBS (my bank)
Message: "You have completed an immediate funds transfer of S$XXXX to Viv on 02/04/10."


(Yes, I know every few months he does an internet transfer from my account to his because our house loan installments are deducted from his account, but this was SO not the time to do it.)

Where were you, men, when tact was being handed out? :)


Viky said...


Arun said...

Bhai asks:

Where were you, men, when tact was being handed out?

We left all the good things for the ladies :)

varshaac said...

They were right there Bhai, ask them how tactfully they deal with their boss and colleagues at work. They are the tops. With a spouse, it is all "dey maafi". ;)

VIDYA said...


Arun said...

Seriously, clanging pots and pans in the kitchen is very 20th century. Something more modern is called for. Unfortunately, I couldn't think of anything better than suddenly deciding to learn how to juggle with cricket balls.....

starbreez said...

tsk tsk tsk.

well, maybe it's his way of making 'contact'? :/

indianhomemaker said...

QED : Clanging pots and pans doesn't work :)

aequo animo said...

That was lots of tact, if you think about it. :D. ( Telling you very tactfully , well we own the same house, lets make it a home .. so come out ;) )

rt said...

too bad!! Viv (and ppl of similar nature) need a tact at home class :)

rt said...

@aequo animo: I really doubt that cud be the intention or even a flash of thought that crossed his mind!

Geomon said...

haha!Viv rocks! :)
When Tact was being handed out, men were at the 'Sardonic humor to get back at your spouse section'; which obviously the women missed out on due to a sale at Tact's, which quite explains the pots n pans. :P

Sylvia said...

maybe clanging the pots and pans on his head would get a bit more attention? ;)

Pujya said...

hey you are not giving any more suprise party to any of your friends anymore?

i needed some tips for a friend's surprise birthday party.

i dont think i can come up with the brilliant ideas that you do :)

Alice said...

hahahah. Viv's fun. :D

Tejal said...

hahahahah..cmon Bhai, this was complete 'belan' situation! phir kuch kiya ya nahi?!

Sayesha said...


Haha... nice try. :)

Hahahaha! True! :D


Juggle with cricket balls? That won't inflict much damage. I was thinking -- maybe use the cricket ball as a hammer? :P

Hahahaha! I doubt it. I think he didn't even think about the bad timing. :P


#aequo animo,
Nice ass-saving technique! Hahaha! :D
PS: Hey you're back! :)

Hehehehe... true! :P

Sheeeeeeeeeeeesh! :/

Hahahaha! I like the way you think, sistah! :D

Oh I retired from the business. :) See this:

PS: Almost typed 'Alica' again! You'd have killed me! :O

Hahahaha! I need to wear a sari first, then tuck the end of the pallu and then pick up the belan. Fultu stereotype na! Yeh shorts and T-shirt ke saath belan ka combo thoda ajeeb hai... :P

Arun said...

Bhai, flying cricket balls can be quite lethal!

Sayesha said...

Hey are you insulting my juggling skills?? Huh huh huh? :/

perplexed said...


Sayesha said...


bluejay said...

:) Tell me about it!!!.. I would have definitely followed sylvia's suggestion if that sms wasn't a note of apology!! :P

Alice said...

# Bhai - Oh yeah. I would most definitely have. Do you love that name or what!?

Shaiz said...

minus five points to Viv :P

Prady said...

Where were you ladies when "don't-get-mad-at-minor-things" was being handed out? :P

Sayesha said...


Hahahaha! :D


We were in the brain queue. Didn't see you guys there either. :P

N said...

3 things:

1 - maybe he was trying to connect with you in some way

2 - mayne he dint know u are so mad at him, and did some bank transactions, not realizing that u will get the notification of it, and that u might further get mad

3 - maybe he did it intentionally :D just to cheeze u off a lil more!