Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Don'ts and don'ts

When I was a kid, Mom, in a bid to master written Hindi (she'd picked up spoken Hindi when Dad was posted in UP), had subscribed to almost every Hindi magazine there was. Manorama, Manohar Kahaniyan, Sarita, Sarika, and what not. Every now and then, I'd give them a read too. Of all, I remember Sarita very clearly, a Reader's Digest-sized magazine, which had the crappiest Bollywood section of all magazines, and yet I devoured it with gusto.

The magazine also had a feature called "Mujhe shikaayat hai..." ("I have a complaint...") where people wrote in to complain about other people's habits that annoyed them. It was very interesting to read that feature because every now and then I'd read something and go, "Oh, me too!" or "Oh oh oh I know someone who does this!" or "Oh no, I do this! You mean this annoys people??"

I have a few too. Here are the top five things people sometimes do that annoy me:

- People rubbing birthday cake all over someone's face
- People not telling their kids off when they misbehave
- People turning up late with no good reason
- People talking while they're brushing their teeth
- People scraping the cutting board with the sharp end of the knife

Contributions from bewdas are most welcome. Perhaps together we can put together a list of don'ts to follow, and in the process become better people (aka less annoying to others). :P


Thousif Raza M.B said...

Gold yes for the first time yeah

hmm 1 things that annoys me is people changing tv channels for every 5 seconds, same is with the cake rubbing too

others i will think and tell

take care and keep writing......

Meira said...

People sliding down the windows of the sedans they're driving and spitting on the roads.
People who talk and talk without caring whether others are listening
People who boss others around for no good reason.
People who forget to say thanks
and...oops , got to finish a ppt. now:D

anamika....... said...

oh that scraping the cutting board with the sharp end of the knife thing, just reading it made me get goosebumps!! ewwww!

wordsndreamz said...

I just have to say 'Me too' to everything you listed :) All these annoy me too.

Plus people who think that being polite is 'being angrez', who think that they are the authority in every topic possible :) to list a few :)

Me said...

and do you remember shrimatijee!! waise mujhey shikayat hai un logon se jo sadkon per thooktey hai!

~Lopa said...

Aah...second post in a consecutive day... i had to rub my eyes to believe it ... :)

Ok so about post
- People rubbing birthday cake all over someone's face
Aaah... I don't like that someone doing to me... but i dont mind helping someone in doing at to someone ;)

- People not telling their kids off when they misbehave
Definite Yes... and even
--- when all they talk is about their kids, without giving it a thought that may be kids is not a subject others want to discuss in their phase of life where they r either not married or still not planning for kids !!
--- they are so indulged in their gossiping dont care what their kids are doing... and specially when kids are misbehaving !

- People turning up late with no good reason
yes, atleast they shall inform beforhand, so we also can be late ( and can be a bit earlier than them)isn't it??

- People talking while they're brushing their teeth
yes and even where their mouth is full with food !

- People scraping the cutting board with the sharp end of the knife
Aah i dont do that, but sometimes it happens when u r in hurry and knife is really sharp...better board than ur finger !!

-- I hate the sound which comes from scrapping either plate or knife or nail and wall....arrrrr

~Lopa said...

Ohh i am so sorry, didn't realise its such a long comment until i posted it...
Better it would have fitted in my blog with a link to your post ;)
but anyway... won't delete now... sorry for the length :)

ramya said...

Girls always looking at their nails..
the voice of chalk when you write with it on the black board..
people with bad food habits...
oh-my-god.. kitne saare! I think i should stop here. Lest, I'll occupy the whole comment space ;-)

t said...

Oh here are mine:

1. People making nose whilst eating (chomp chomp chomp - how annoying!). This one had to be number 1
2. People who "shh" other people. (Have some decency; he's a person, not a dog to be shh-ed at!)
3. Not informing if they're running late. I can make-do with the crappy excuse with gritted teeth; at least tell me how long.
4. NRIs who badmouth India. "India mein yeh kaha, India mein wo kaha". WTF, you've taken so much from India. If not be stationed at LoC, be nice to/about her at least!
5. Those people who use "shorthand" for writing emails, sms; - "u mean itz rong 2 ryte lyk dis?" Hell ya!
6. People who do not keep in touch, and call when they need something, or want to share some real awesome news. I'll help you anytime, and be happy for you anytime - not only after certain months have passed. Seasonal friends, bah!
7. Racist jokes. A friend asked my hubby (he's Sikh) - "So, you are a sardar. Do you know any sardar jokes?". It angered me.
8. Co-workers who pretend to be busy whilst looking at Hollywood gossip online.
9. People who like rock music just for the heck of it, to be cool. Don't even get me started on this!

Whoa thats long! :D

And I agree with all your points too!

t said...

Yikes! I meant 'noise' *grin*

Sanket said...

I too hate rubbing cake and birthday bumps too. Whoever invented that concept is an idiot! The birthday-boy/girl is supposed to have fun on that day, not get kicked in the butt (literally).

People who think being arrogant is cool.

People who barge uninvited in a conversation.

sumgum said...

Oh...I got a yucky one...

Nose Digger and a Booger Eater at work..during Meetings...

manju said...

Agree with your points. Also, agree with points of t.

My colleague keeps eating something or the other from morning to evening, sitting next to me in the office. Eating is fine, but he makes annoying noise.. I get so irritated.

The sms lingo is highly annoying..

I have a habit of cracking my knuckles. One of my colleague told me that its annoying her. Trying not to do it..

Swathy said...

what about people who think thier co-passengers should be listening to "thier kind of music" whether you like it or not blaring from your headphones..
dudes and dudettes:Kindly check once in a while by taking that ear phones off your resounding ears to ensure you are not torturing me and others with your music while I am trying to snooze/read.!! ouch!!
and oh oh, also people who talk to you to only crib about thier life or worst to sympathize with any situation of yours.. people: life is "beautiful" if you look at it the right way!!
and ofcousr: seosonal friends like someone has mentioned earlier make me feel like tearing "their hair off" !!why trouble myself anyway for these useless creatures. :D
oh, *lambiii saaas!! I ll stop here.

wishes galore said...

'sarita' and other women magazines!! my mother did not allow me to read those magazines and i alwayz read it chupke se;)..
haha i remember that section..'mujhe shikayat hain'..lol,
ok, mujhe shikayat hain..
1) people who talk on their mobiles while driving...
** aur sochne parenge**

here i 'm said...

oh oh...i also have long list of 'i hate when they do it :P '

#people picking their nose in public...ewww...that's gross :/
#talking about something gross while having food
#talking with their mouth full
#sneezing or coughing on your face
#Talking on mobile while driving
#dialing your number and then asking 'who are you'
#spoil your day and instead of saying 'sorry' ... some people will just give most annoying laugh and say 'he he he...what's the big deal' :/
# a total strange (sweaty and smelly) co-pessanger leaning on my shoulder
# constantly changing the channels

gheee...i guess my list has already become pretty long
shouldn't stress it more..or else i'll be also on someone's 'annoys me' list

Nidhi said...

First of all .... I have to say Me Too the list you ve put down... and then comes few more from my side..

1) I hate it when people make that chomp chomp sound while eating... I HATE that
2) I hate it when people litter around... What are DUSTBINS for ?
3) I hate it when people seek for sympathy.. I can't stand people who keep CRIBBING all the time...
And the list goes on :D

For now, I will just stop here :D

Sumit Bakshi said...

hehe ... there used to be a section 'hay main sharm se laal hui' ... hehehahaha ... that was one really funny awessome memory u reminded me ... thanks :)

prathi said...

i really really hate people smoking in public places..if u have chose to die an early death why are you forcing others for the same?

another one..people shouting on mobile fones, nobody else is interested in hearing what u r saying except the person on the end of the line..

prathi said...

bhai...can we have a poll on the most annoying things people (should not) do...?

rt said...

hey..just posted a similar one on my blog- about mujhe shikayat hai..my contirbution...girls/guys who flaunt their Bfs/Gfs

Neha said...

1) People using sms lingo in mails. I even hate it when i get a message with the shortforms of words written! use correct spellings!!
2) those who drink beer just to "fit in" and because its so-called cool, when they cant even bear a sip of the bitter liquid!
3) when someone interrupts a person who is talking! hell i hate it. Fell like strangling the person if anyone does that to me!
4) birthday cake thingy for me too. Use the cake for what it is meant! dont waste it!!
phew! felt better :D

udtahaathi said...

Very subjective topic.
One person's cool quotient is other people's annoyance.
I get pissed of when I see young girls showing off their dirty bra-strap or elastic of the old undie above the ultra low waist denim. To top it all they try to achieve the impossible goal of stretching the short tank top to cover the gap-skin.
However, some habits are typically Indian and just as gross as possible.
1. Scratching the part of the body publicly where the legs named Tom & harry meet. Then extending the same hand for a shake.
2. While sitting in a public place, lifting one ass up and releasing a loud fart and trying to cover the sound by coughing.
1. Making a coil of loose hair strands from the comb and throwing it out of the window.
2. Talking on phone for hours while eating (*duh*)
I can write more , but that will fall under 'to annoy people by writing horrible things people do without knowing that it would annoy people'.

Enigma said...

I have so many!!!
# using a put-on accent while speaking...
# digging nose in full public view! yuck!
# eating loud (making chomp chomp noises while eating)...
# talking in native tongue when between ppl of different regions! this happens so often at my workplace and it definately puts me off...
# talking in movies! and ppl who forget to put their cell phones on silent in theaters
# loud cell phones in office! irritates me most...
# messy eating habits... i had a terrible experience with my new team the first day i went on a team lunch... should i say tat was my last too? i hav not visited tat restaurant since, i feel so embarrased...

and many more...

Innocent Warrior said...

Just Awesome!!!

zostonasoshio said...

#People pretending to be so sweet, and seeking-sympathy types.
#People who go chomp chomp while eating.
#People who don't mean what they say, speak just for the sake of speaking.

Santhosh said...

I have many but this one tops my personal list -"Auto drivers in Bangalore". Never in my life have I come across a set of people so annoying and so loathsome.Maybe other long-suffering Bangaloreans here can back me up. They are extremely rude,never ready to take you anywhere,lounge and loaf around when they could be earning a honest rupee. Well..that's it.It does feel good to vent!

Stupidosaur said...

People overly worried about not annoying people.

Somya said...

Me too for everything you listed plus
* ppl digging their nose, playing with their balckberry/fancy mobiles during the meetings
* ppl spitting on the road(I just hate it).
* ppl who dont have guts to say things on faces as in they'd be so sweet to you on face and crib with choicest of words abt you when u r not around
* ppl who dont have guts to stand up to words they said themselves. As in keep life simple dont say things you dont mean.