Monday, March 03, 2008

Special of the day


  • End of a hard day at work

  • A looming deadline for a writing project

  • An impatient publisher

  • An understanding and cooperative Viv

  • Express inability to make dinner due to looming deadline.

  • Try to suppress look of horror when Viv suggests that he would cook instead.

  • Get on the computer and start work on the project.

  • Try to ignore clanging noises from the kitchen.

  • Finish writing.

  • Send to publisher.

  • Breeeeaathe.

  • Hey... wait a minute... what's that yummy smell?

  • Follow the direction of the smell.


  • :O :O :O

  • :P ~ ~ ~


aequo animo said...

Am I getting promoted or what! :d
Looks Delicious, I guess more looming deadlines are on the way! ( May I gate crash :D)

Mary said...

awww yum! :) that looks great! you are one lucky girl :)

shub said...

oooooooooh! nice :)

Tejal said...

:O :O :O
Titanium Man Strikes Again!
:D :D :D

Maryum said...

hey... i cant beleive my luck that i m in top 5.. wow.. i havent read teh post yet.. i didnt want to be late.... so i will read the post which i m sure will be great as always.. and then comment

Maryum said...

awwww...such love.... we devoted viv fans always knew that he was a superman.. he can do anything.. it was only you who didnt beleive in him or us.. neways the dish looks yummy..

starbreez said...

Wah! Did he learn this by osmosis (i.e. did you cook this before) or did he create this or what? Anyway, I hope it tasted as good as it looks! Well done Sayesha for completing the book, and well done Viv for the culinary work of art!

Thisisme said...

ur one luckyy girlllll! the dish luks yummy :D

Pravin said...

That looks delicious! You sure are lucky

A G said...

does viv have any brothers?



anshuj said...

I can understand how you feel. My hubby can cook delicious daal chawal but cliams ignorance about any other recipe on the earth. I had to practically shout "Anything but dal chawal" to have him fry okra for dinner once. But yeah, a husband cooking dinner, around looming deadlines, Godsend!!!

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

See... there is always hope!

Adorable Pancreas said...

Wait. Very important question. What did the kitchen look like after he'd finished?

Ekta said...

oh wow!
That looks yummy!!!
But i agree with Adorable..what was the state of the kitchen??:-)

Joy said...

Enjoy the yummy dish... Maybe deadline are not that bad, afterall eh?

mythalez said...

this is one deli-cious viv-acious!

soleil said...

Good job Viv! :) Never underestimate a guy's cooking skills, especially an Indian guy haha! I heard Macho's dad cooks a mean pasta.

Anonymous said...

You are one helluva lucky woman. Know what? I'm fasting today and that pic made my mouth water. I hopw it was as delicious as it looks.
BTW what dish is that? Pulav/veg-biryani?

Ziah said...

That was one helluva well presented dish... was that raita with pulav?:) I think AP's spot on.. so err... how did the kitchen look after the war scene?:)

Clueless said...

Don't feed his ego, woman! ;)

But yeah, that does look yum. *applauds* Although, Viv? Can you try something other than tomato rice now? *ducks* :D

~vagabond~ said...

Ooooh! *drooling all over my keyboard* That looks good. Waiter, I'll have what she's having. What'd'you mean it's a special order? As if the rest of us dont have looming deadlines. Sashbhai, I demand a plate of that for everyone in the bar crunching deadlines. Viv bhai ki jai ho! :P LOL.

Sayesha said...

#Aequo animo,
Hahaha! I wonder if Viv will believe me, but I do have a couple more deadlines headed my way! Really! Really! :P

I know! ;)

Hehehe... let's get him to make this for our next party, yeah? :D

Hahaha! Viv was grinning when he read your comment! :D

Hiii! How have you been? I still owe you an email! :O Heheh.. yeah he is superman who can cook only one dish! :P

Well, I modified his original recipe last year, but this attempt of his was totally unsupervised!
ps: Yes, this dish is the same one that he makes every time! :P

Hehehe! It was really yummy! :P ~

Thanks! :D

#A G,
Sadly, no. Hehe! :)

I can TOTALLY understand! Maybe I should have mentioned in the post that this is the only dish he can make without supervision! :D

Hehehe! :P

Hahahahahahaha! Tolerable is the word. :)

He's actually a very neat guy so it wasn't disastrous! :)

Yeah this kind of thing makes crazy deadlines much easier to handle! :)

Hehehe! :D

Hahahaha! You should come home some time and try it out. :)

It's tomato-rice and raita. :)

Hey! I take full credit for teaching him the importance of presentation! :P
ps: Kitchen looked okay. :)

Hehehe! As long as he feeds me dinner on deadline days, I don't find feeding his ego! :P

//Can you try something other than tomato rice now? *ducks* :D

You said it, girl! :D
*ducks along*

//Waiter, I'll have what she's having.


Ghar aao, everyone will get a taste of the dish! :D

soleil said...

Sure thing! I'll be home in July! Is there anything my Indian family would like from the City of Love? :)

Rays Of Sun said...

And what exactly is that delicious looking dish???
P.S- I have not read the comments:)
Lucky Sash!!