Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Now you're talking!

So baby Aish has graduated. From merely repeating what she hears to remembering stuff and reacting to what she hears. Honestly, nothing is as awesome as hearing her talk, even though she doesn't really process everything I tell her, and even though I make her say the same things again and again. She's growing up so fast I feel like I can't even keep up with her. Sometimes I get sad about missing watching her grow up, but I also feel thankful that at least I get to see her on webcam and hear her voice every now and then.

So lately, Aish and I have been having a lot of conversations over the phone. In fact, I don't even speak to my sister anymore. The moment she says "Hello!" I go "Okay fine whatever. Give the phone to Aish."

Here are some sample conversations that have happened recently.

Me (aka AB in Sholay) - Aish, what’s your name?
Baby Aish - Aish!!
Me - And what’s your mom’s name?
Baby Aish - Aish!!
Me - And what’s your dad’s name?
Baby Aish - Aish!!
Me - And what’s your mausi’s name?
Baby Aish - Aish!!
Me - And what’s your mausa’s name?
Baby Aish - Aish!!

Me - Aishu, hai na?
Baby Aish - Bolo bolo! (My mom had taught her this song.)
Me - Papa?
Baby Aish - Bolo bolo!
Me - Mummy?
Baby Aish - Bolo bolo!
Me - Mausa?
Baby Aish - Bolo bolo!
Me -Mausi?
Baby Aish - Bolo bolo!

Me - Aishu, what are you doing?
Baby Aish - I’m dawing.
Me - You’re “dawing?” Hahaha! What are you “dawing”, baby?
Baby Aish - Circle.
Me - Circle? Wow! And?
Baby Aish - And tangle.
Me - She can draw circles and triangles??
Sis - You’d think! She just draws crooked lines all over the place and calls them “circle” and “tangle”.
Me - I wanna seeeeeeeee the circles and tangles!!!! Waaaaaa! :'(

Me - Aishu, twinkle twinkle?
Baby Aish - Little star!
Me - How I wonder?
Baby Aish - What you are!
Me - And then?
Baby Aish - And then??

Me - Aishu, where is your dad?
Baby Aish - Office!
Me - Wow! And where is your mom?
Baby Aish - Office!
Me - And where is your grandpa?
Baby Aish - Office!
Me - And where is your grandma?
Baby Aish - Office!
Me - And where is your mausi?
Baby Aish - Office!
Me - And where is your mausa?
Baby Aish - Office!

Then the other day, my sis and Aish were in the kitchen. My sis put the phone on speaker mode.

Me - Aishu, what are you doing?
Baby Aish - I’m cutting brinjals.
Me - WHAT? Hahahaha! Sis, look your daughter just said some gibberish that sounded EXACTLY like “I’m cutting brinjals.” Hahahaha!
Sis - Erm no. That’s actually what she said.
Me - WHAT? She’s cutting brinjals?? She’s barely TWO! What's wrong with you??
Sis – Offo! She’s not actually cutting brinjals! I just told her what I'm doing and now she likes to say it when I ask her what she's doing.
Me - Oh! Hahaha! Aishu, what are you doing?
Baby Aish - I’m cutting brinjals.
Me - Hahaha! Awesome! I still can't believe she's saying that! Aish, what else are you cutting? What about potato?
Baby Aish - I’m cutting potato.
Me - Arre shabash! And onions?
Baby Aish - I’m cutting onions.
Me - Hahaha! And carrots?
Baby Aish - I’m cutting carrots.
Me - Hahaha! And broccoli?
Baby Aish - I’m cutting broccoli.
Me - Hahaha! And celery?
Baby Aish - I’m cutting celery.
Me (to Viv) - What else? What else? I'm running out of vegetables! Quick, gimme ideas! What else can she cut?
Viv (stressed) - Uhh... cake?
Me - Cake! Awesome! Aish, what about cake?
Baby Aish - I'm cutting cake.

I'm looking forward to the day she's old enough to read all this and go "Sheesh, Mausi! You sure made me play some really boring games when I was a kid!"


Sanchit said...

and..... its my pleasure again...
I too miss such similar conversations with ma nephew... cool post hai..

Sanchit said...

OMG... i thought someone else will comment by the time i actually read and post a comment...

thanks mom.. thanks dad...
love u all who helped me reach this pinnacle... :)

PizzaDude said...

Dawing and tangle :D
So cute lah!!

PizzaDude said...


shub said...

I want to talk to herrrrrrrrrr! so cute! :D

Bivas said...

since shub didnt claim...I take Bronze :D
and oh yeah...really dumb games ;-)...kidding...actually thats pretty smart of Aish...she's just 2 and can speak broccoli & celery!!! Amazingly cute :D

V said...

If you really want her to read this when she grows up, get a backup of all your posts somewhere. Never know when this might tank.

aequo animo said...

Bhai makes a boring mausi! hmm , thats news!

the basu said...

hehe.how very cute!but tapori baby growing up :( from blechyu to so many words!why do babies have to grow up!

shweta said...

That's so cute..!!
I bet Baby Aish will play loadsa pranks on u, once she grows up.

Adorable Pancreas said...

I do the same with my niece. She's only 3 months old and has already learnt to say the first letter of my name, no matter whether she's crying or laughing. ;)

Rays Of Sun said...

Hehe..wait for the day when she turns 5 and ask you questions which you wont have an answer for;)
For example, on my recent visit, my nephew asked me,"Why do you live in US'
I said "For my studies"
He asks "Why? I go to school here. You dont have schools here':|
Kids are kids---Marvellous:)

The Mad Girl said...


Sanyukta said...

Haha....sweet! Baby Aish at least sounds like a seedhi-saada sweet bachcha. My three year old sis is like already....crooked. Mom asks her to repeat the alphabet after her and she goes : "Main abhi aati hoon, jab tak aap bolo. " :D

Harshi said...

hahah hilarious :-). She has started speaking wow...she sure is growing up fast. Oh she will surely enjoy these records one day.