Monday, March 24, 2008

Another Big Bang

Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! Off to Bangalore! :D


Urv said...

I, on behalf of the Pub city, welcome the Bartender :)

Bivas said...

Hamare Sheher mein aapka swagat hai :-)

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Blore. When can we catch up?

Wunderyearz said...
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Wunderyearz said...

Wow !!! Time again to look forward to your Hopscotch updates.....btw, you will be updating Hopscotch with your Bangkok and Bangalore travels na??!!

Sanchit said...

ahem... happy journey again

Sayesha said...

Thank you. :)

Thanks! Now quickly recommend where I can OD on pani puri! :P :P :P

Oh et tu? Whoa everyone is from Bangalore!

Bangkok will absolutely be on Hopscotch. Will update once I get back from India. :)

Thank you! :)

asha said...

bangalore tak aaye ho, mumbai nahi??


Sanchit said...

why not pune ??? pass mein hij to hain

Bivas said...

Frankly, I think nuthin beats the taste of Pani Puri we get near RD (back home)...
Bengaluroo mein its just Pani Puri...really dont ever get the 'Achhi' waali

Urv said...

Very true. In Bengaluru, you get South Indian pani puri. The chatpata-ness is not there.

Pinky said...

bhai tum bolo to is gustakh ko tapka daale??

Sanchit said...

# pinky

leave him, he suffers from some serious lingual and lexical disorders. I wonder he ever did text messagin' in his lyfe or nt.. n i srously dout wat he'll do to his kids if he finds dem using slang or reading stuff against his likes


Sayesha said...

No Mumbai yet... December perhaps? :)

Haha! Aise toh sabhi paas hi hain! :)

The Calcutta ones man... slurp! :P

Darn! Okay I'll have whatever Bangalore is famous for then! :D

Haha! I saw this yesterday and left a comment too.
Kuchh toh log kahenge
Logon ka kaam hai kehnaaaaaa
Chhodo bekaar ki baaton mein
Kahin beet na jaaaaaye rainaaa

Seriously, I will just take it as a compliment. Never thought someone could be so vella to actually write a post on my blog and the comments. :)

Hehe... ignore karne ka bas, hai na? :D

Urv said...

That dude needs to go get a LIFE.

mythalez said...

bangalore! me will be goin there too .. this weekend!! :D
incredible, but I have been living in hyd for more than 10 yrs but never been to blore :D

KP said...

welcome to bangalore

ferret said...

hey bangalore does have good pani-puri to offer too, you just have to explore, therez this gr8 place in malleshwaram where you shud have the bun-nippat, pani puri and the masala pepsi,, RT Nagar has a gr8 place for pani puri and then rammaiah 80 ft road, sanjay nagar. and these are just close to my place. there are so many more.

Anonymous said...

You not meeting me? :( And don't go by what others say, Blore does have good pani puri.

Vijay said...

:) Welcome to Bangalore.
quick kannada lesson:
Enjoy maadi - Have Fun
Thanksu - Thanks
Pani Puri yelli sigutthe - Where can i get Pani Puri?

For the best chaats and pani puri try a place called food street in VV Puram.

Harshi said...

wow, you are in bangalore! kab tak sash? i was there few months ago, and totally 'get' your experience :-)). Couldn't help laughing at the 'self-appointed' part. Somehow, they always materialize from somewhere!! Haha.

Harshi said...

Enjoy your stay!!