Friday, February 29, 2008


So lately I have been hanging out at the cricket ground every weekend. The main reason was of course the T20 championship that Viv was playing, and T20 is the only kind of cricket I seem to have the patience for nowadays. However, knowing how restless I can get when I'm jobless and how much I hate being useless, I have found myself a multitude of things to do.

I'm a one-person cheering squad.

Cricket is not a very popular sport in Singapore and not a lot of people turn up to watch the matches. Often, it's just the players and if they're lucky, a member or two of their families. I have often found myself to be the only supporter in the pavillion when Viv's team is fielding. But that doesn't deter me. I sit with the mushtandas of the other team and clap and cheer for mine ignoring their "How dare you?" looks.

I help the scorer.

By now, I know almost all the players in Viv's team, even the 12th man. So when the scorer yells out "Bowler's name, please!" I am usually able to help, together with confirmation from the 12th man.

I help out in the training.

I can bowl at the speed of 65 miles per hour. Erm, using the bowling machine I mean. Yup, I can operate the bowling machine and even adjust the speed and what not. Ha! (By the way, that machine is one dangerous piece of shit.) So I have helped Viv train at the nets. Viv and I have also been having a ball with this shapeless ball he ordered from some Australian cricket website. Check it out, the ball bounces in the most unexpected ways and is used by wicket-keepers for practice. I also prefer it as it hurts my hands less than helping in the training with a regular cricket ball.

I take care of Viv's team's valuables.

These valuables can include anything from kits to kids. There was this time one of his teammates got his fancy digital SLR camera and tripod to the ground. Before going in to field, he put me in charge of the camera. And oh, his five-year-old son too. I'm proud to say that although I had a real blast with the zoom feature of the camera, and got a beautiful shot of every wicket taken and every 'wicket almost taken', I did not - I repeat - I did not lose the kid. *proud grin*

Then there was the time some random team was going to flick one of our team's bats which was lying there. This bat is black on one side and has a really cool logo. I've never seen a cricket bat look so cool. In fact, if Batman was indeed "Bat"man, he'd be carrying this bat. So this bloke was examining it and then asking around if they knew whose bat it was. Then he asked his teammate if there was space in his kit for the bat. I glared at him so hard he quietly put the bat down and left.

I am the official eavesdropper.

When Viv's team is fielding, I listen out for all the things that the opposition says and tell him everything during the break, including strategies, comments, gossip (of course guys gossip!) and what not.

I build relationships.

I am the official behen/bhabhi of his team. Recently one of the guys came up to me ask me, "Didi, aap mera ring rakhoge?" The best part was how he sought Viv's permission before he approached me with the job. :)) Then there was the guy who went and complained to Viv that "Yaar, bhabhi ne mujhe pehchana nahin!" the day I was so busy with the camera I had no time to wave to any of my devars!


It was probably because of my presence at the ground the last few weekends that caused a sudden spur in my interest in cricket. And it also brought a cool piece of news my way. Viv told me that I had got an invitation to join the Singapore women's cricket team. The jaw-dropping factor was not that Singapore has a women's cricket team - of course they do! I've often seen them train when I go to the ground on saturday mornings. The jaw-dropping factor was that they invited me of all girls to join the team.

"Hahahahahaha!" I finished the laughter bit first, before continuing. "That would be awesome. Do they know that I have no idea what the difference between a bye and leg bye is?" I asked Viv.

But then Viv said something really simple but really cool. He said I could learn all the things I don't know. Suddenly I felt all geared up. I could train hard and become really good. It would also be a way to stay really fit. I could travel with the team to other countries and represent Singapore. Even Viv's cheeky warning "You'll of course have to cut those long fingernails if you want to play cricket." did not deter me. (I'm a seasonal bimbo, not a perennial one.)

But then, like all sudden good things, this one came with a catch. Training and matches would take up entire weekends, and I'm not ready to sacrifice my book-writing.

Ah well.

Looks like it's true - one lifetime is not enough to do all the things you want to do.

Next life mein Batwoman chhudaayegi sabke chhakke!



Nidhi said...


Dhara said...

Silver !!!!!

PizzaDude said...

LOL @ "I am the official eavesdropper" and "I build relationships" sections :))

Sandew said...

Hey when's the next match and where is it played. Total zero about cricket in Singapore :D
I bought a new DSLR so waana use it to try capture action photos.

Already going to the Malaysian F1 for this reason.

Shekhar said...

~looks around discreetly~ (Err... nobody's claimed the BRONZE yet, is it mine then??!!)




Hmm.. for a moment there I was like, "Wow!! Sayesha Bhai will become Sayesha 'Tendulkar' Bhai of Singapore Women's Cricket."

Par koi na.. aapko hum Sayesha 'Christie' Bhai hi bula lenge...

Swathy said...

sahi hai bhai... sahai kaha aapne..
par ha.. agle janam me "bat-woman" banegi to...
hume jarror team mai aaneka..
bole to..
abhi se bol dala theek hai na??

Ziah said...

hey! congrats! That must be something!!:) Pity no ballebaazi for you this season:)
But all the best for your book:)

Anonymous said...

Wow Sash bhai!!! Offered to join Singapore women's cricket team. Huh! bechaare bahut unlucky hai ki agle janam tak intezaar karna padega. But cricket team or not, you ARE a "bat"(saving)woman (as you saved the bat that belongs to your team (eh? your hubby's i mean)).

sd said...

Sahi post bhai.

"These valuables can include anything from kits to kids"

"I am the official behen/bhabhi of his team."

"Next life mein Batwoman chhudaayegi sabke chhakke!"

Wah wah wah!!!

I wish we had a super-bhabhi like you around with our team!

Stone said...

Cheerleader/Relationship Manager/Support Staff/Strategy Builder/Trainer/Part-time record keeper/Team Photographer and audience all rolled into one :-)

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Awesome, awesome!

Waise aap haath mein ek chhata bhi leke jaaya kijiye... duusre team ke supporters ko *thwack* laga dena ;)

anshuj said...

Hi Sayesha,

Congratulations for the selection, even though you rejected the ..err..offer.

mythalez said...

arre ... u rejected the offer !!
what if they had an IPL thing goin and had offered u dhoni's 'millions' :P wud u still have refused? :P

Amey said...

Oh well... so a friend who went to same school, is still as close as I can get to knowing an international cricketer ;)

Adorable Pancreas said...

Besides, being batwoman would mean you'd have to bat in a spandex suit. :P

Pravin said...

:P Building relationships indeed. Ha ha.

aequo animo said...

BatWoman and the Bodyline series, ;)hmmm that would be a DVD set I would save money for ;)

Sayesha said...


Ufff... everyone is after the medals! :P


You live in Singapore?? Next match is at IA on Sunday, but it's not a spectator-friendly ground. I usually go for the ones at Kallang. :)

Hehehe! Tu aur tera bronze! :P

Theek hai! Tu 12th (wo)man hai. Team mein sabko pani pilaane ka. Chalega? :D

Hehehe! Thanks! :P

Sheesh! :P

Hehehe! Come here and play - super-bhabhi will be there to support! :)

I am getting myself a namecard with all that you wrote! :P

Chhata?? Arre I have my rolled-up newspaper na! :D

Haha! Thanks! :D

Hehehe! I would have said YES but after a couple of ducks, they'd have kicked me out! :P

What what what? Now I am confused! :? Who went to same school as whom? :?

#Adorable Pancreas,
EEEEEEEeeeeeeeeekkkssssssss! :/

:P :P :P

#Aequo animo,
Hahahaha! DVD indeed! :D

chanakya said...

Really busy this Sunday.
So when is the next in Kallang. Long time since I saw a live cricket match.
Not really living here just passing by.
Looks like my stay is going to come to an end soon

chanakya said...

oh chanakya and sandew both are the same :D

Sayesha said...

Oh there are matches at Kallang all the time! Every weekend. Just that Viv's team may not be playing at that ground. You can go and take a look sometime.

//oh chanakya and sandew both are the same :D

Haha! No wonder! I was wondering how come one guy asks a question and another one does the follow-up! :)

Sandew said...

thanks will do :D