Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The ultimate couple(t)

Most couples make me sick with their couply ways, especially when they act all coochie-coo romantic and what not. But thankfully, there are some couples that just give you a very good feeling each time you see them together. I think Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi are one such couple and I was lucky to catch them on an episode of 'Koffee with Karan' (one more time - Youtube ki jai ho!). Whether it was him teasing her about all her activist stuff, or her teasing him about his bad memory with appointments, it was a pleasure to watch them interact. I have written about them in the past, but here's another post dedicated to not just the most talented couple in Bollywood, but one of the most ideal as well. It's amazing how both being incredibly serious people, are also incredibly funny people at the same time.

Javed really stole the show when Karan asked him to recite a couplet for Shabana and he said:

ush-shakal bhi hai woh
Yeh alag baat hai magar
Humko zaheen log hamesha aziz they.

("She is beautiful but that is besides the point...
The fact is that I have always loved intelligent people.")

Man, I was totally bowled over. Now this is the kind of couplet a girl would like to hear. Heh heh!

Darn, if only Viv wasn't so Urdu-challenged! :P



satish said...

yesssssssssss! i so truly deserved it!

Illuminatus said...

Silver......... :)

satish said...

aah! thak gaya bhai! aadhe ghante se google bhagwaan ke dar ki thokarein kha raha tha. toh arz kiya hai ki,

taa phir na intezaar mein neend aaye umr bhar,
aane ka aahad kar gaye aaye joh Khwaab mein.

waa-wah! waa-wah!

ek aur hai -

socha tha ki apna dil jala dalein, phir khayal aaya ki dil main tu bi hai.


aah! is this what i do to get paid for??!

Illuminatus said...

I just watched those videos...(again Youtube ki jai ho!) Bappida part was too good.........ROLF

Aapko?? Aapko???

Dinesh said...

Bronze!! *goes back to being the silent reader*

Joy said...

I always loved them as a couple. They seem so perfect for each other. There seems to be so much "thaharaav" in them and in their relationship.

The Mad Girl said...

Yes! I watched that episode too.I've always been fond of both Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi.Their brilliance seems to radiate and light up the surroundings.
I've been extremely lucky to have attended a talk-session by Javed akhtar in my university where he recited a few of his poems from QUIVER before the enthralled audience.

Kay said...
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Kay said...

erm...copper?iron?aluminium???whatever the 6th metal is,I claim it.Nice to be a single digit bewdi instead of the gazzilionth one so here's me amongst the top 10 *bows down n doffs hat to the applause n whistles* n now I shall read the post!!! :-D

mythalez said...

yep .. they r truly a 'wah wah' couple

Sanchit said...


hey i happned to read that other post about javed akhtar and shabana azmi.. u heard the other sufi song by rekha bhardwaj, teri ishq mein.....

if not, buzz.. i'll mail ya

PizzaDude said...

You can now watch "Koffee with Karan" on StarWorld starting on the coming Sunday at 10.00 pm

Say thank you :)

PizzaDude said...
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PizzaDude said...
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Vijay said...

I watched this one. I am glad he is writing scripts again albeit for his son.
I also remember him recounting a story where he wooed Shabhana with flowers and another couplet.
He also mentioned the poets name, don't recollect the name or the couplet :(
That to me is greatness, he being such a famous lyricist he quoting someone else and making sure he took his name on television :)

I also happened to catch his interview on CNBC with anuradha sengupta. It was a very insightful interview...

Rays Of Sun said...

I love the couple too...And you are right...Urdu is such a beautiful language...:)
Waise, I am accused of being a bore when I express my reservations about PDA;)

Rays Of Sun said...

Hahaha...This couplet makes me come to your blog all the time:P

dharmu said...

me buffering youtube right now, my reports can wait....

but thank your stars, your viv can rhyme something...look at me, sniff sniff..

Vaijayanta Chattoraj said...

yesterday i was travelling by a share auto rickshaw and on the back seat saw a couple sitting. i sat beside them. as i looked at my right hand side, i saw the girl wearing a burqua looking at the boy in such a manner which seemed like she wanted the boy to do something naughty to made me look on the other side without thinking twice. i was ao surprised.

Sayesha said...

Haha! Bahut dinon baad sona! :D

Congrats! :P

Haha! Google bhagwan bhi thode selective ho gaye hain darshan dene mein... tujh jaise paapiyon ka toh chance hi nahin! :P

I like the second sher you dhaapoed (kiska hai?), but first wale mein kahin koi typo hai shaayad.

//aah! is this what i do to get paid for??!

Paid?? Abbe teri kismat achhi hai ki Bhai ka haath hai tere khokhle sar par! Apun ke paas kitne applications aate hain circuitgiri ke, pata hai? Sabko reject karke tujhko chuna and you want payment?? :/

Yeah, BappiDa is hilarious! :D

Oh man! The silent reader broke his silence only to claim a medal?? :(

Couldn't agree more! :)

#The Mad Girl,
He's awesome. I like his style even though Gulzar is the more creative one and uses very unusual comparisons. Javed Akhtar tends to use very 'earthy' words so they are more relatable. :)

Single-digit bewdi? Hahaah! Nice nick! :D

Indeed! :)


Thank you. :) But the first episode was the Kajol one which I have already seen on Youtube! :( They're not showing new ones! :(

//That to me is greatness, he being such a famous lyricist he quoting someone else and making sure he took his name on television :)

Totally agree!! :)

#Rays of Sun,

//Hahaha...This couplet makes me come to your blog all the time:P


Training se sab kuchh ho sakta hai! ;)

I'm not quite sure what to say to your comment. :D

workhard said...

i watched that video. They my favorite couple, they carry their relationship off with a lot of elegance

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