Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Loopy Room

So a friend of ours from ye olde university days was in Singapore and decided to catch up with us on a few years' worth of data.

Of all places in the world, he chose The Rupee Room. Now it may sound like a place where beggars would gather to count the earnings of the day, but Singapore has no beggars - so it's just a place that plays Bollywood music and serves drinks. A place where apparently the ladies gotta be 20 and the men 22. (Why oh why the funny numbers?)

Now I haven't been to an Indian club since I was in the second-year. In those days, we'd go to Mohammad Sultan road for the annual Bhangra night, which was actually the alternative of shaadi.com for many a bachelor looking to net a hot punjabi kudi. After a while, I started getting sick of it - not to mention how much I hate remixes, especially the kind where you can barely hear the words above the dhik-chik anymore.

So I thought - okay let's check out what The Rupee Room is like. I wasn't particularly pleased with the venue. But then I guess I wasn't in the mood for it that Friday night. It had been a crazy week at work (every time a new editor is hired for my team, weird-hour teleconferences are held with the Boston office) and I was sleepy and tired and in no mood to drink or dance. So we entered The Rupee Room around 11-ish and looked around. The curtained sections had empty seats with the 'Reserved' tag on them. We were told later that no one really reserves the seats, it's probably just a ploy by the management to make the place seem 'happening'. So basically everyone is standing and but the seats are empty. We grabbed one of the small tables with the tall stools and instantly snooty waiter popped over.

"I'm sorry, how many of you?" He asked.

"Right now three, but we have more coming." I said.

"I'm sorry, ma'am. You can't occupy the table unless there are four of you."


I can't bat my eyelashes coyly and get myself a seat in a situation like this, but I can errr... bat... that's it. If only Viv had carried his cricket kit like he does to everywhere else we go, snooty waiter would have gone flying out the window, I'd have raised my bat and the very high people around me would have raised their bottles and glasses and paused to yell "Chhakka!"

(I'm forgiving of waiters and waitresses but I do have high expectations of them too - after all, I'm one myself.)

"So where do I sit?" I glared at the waiter.

"You could hang out at the bar..."

I looked at the bar. There were many many many people 'hanging out' at the bar, possibly waiting for the fourth person to turn up and complete their lives, including a bachelorette party of three which was soon joined by *surprise surprise* the groom himself. Sheesh. Either the guy was really insecure or the girls called him at the last minute to use him as a 'filler' and get a table of four.

Anyway, our filler guys soon arrived and we deposited ourselves back at the same table we had been outed from.

Reminiscing in a crowded and loud place like that is nothing but a nightmare. After the hugs and the "Man, it's been years!", when we decided to try our hand at conversation, this is what resulted.

"Hey, do you remember the time when..."


"I said - remember the..."





After a while when you realise that your ears are getting an earful of saliva every time someone leans over to yell something to you, and covering your ear with your hair doesn't help (you don't want that kinda 'conditioner', do you?), you just shut up and learn that this is not the best place to sit down and talk with an old friend about the 'good old' days.

So our reminiscing session consisted of sporadic dancing, generally shaking, looking at the people on the dance floor (which had suddenly been occupied by the entire Indian population of Singapore), and looking at the TV screens which were playing songs from the 90s on mute. It was actually quite hilarious to see a video of Manisha Koirala doing her signature "O yara dil lagana" move and the audio going "Kaindi ponnn ponnn ponnn!" Though I must admit that the remixes were well done with audible lyrics, and were extremely danceable to.

My executive summary of the Rupee Room - very good music, but limited playlist, snooty waiters and ho-hum drinks.

Go only if all you want to do is dance, cos there literally is no room for conversation.



dipti said...

Gold! :)
Dinka chika dinka chika

dipti said...

silver! Some more dance urrmmm you shud know ....have been reading your blog for more than a year now.Had no intention of delurking ...but then gold was too good to pass up...so was silver ! :) :)

aequo animo said...

Silver or a Bronze :D.
LoL.. is it you that makes the places humorous? ;)

Bivas said...

bronze! ;-)
The last time u wrote abt a restaurant, u got a crateful...looks like a barrel is due this time!!!

satish said...

BHAI..i can totally see u hitting boundary defying sixes!!

waise achchha hua aapne rampuri nahi nikali, poora-ka-poora rupee room khali ho jata!

too gud! :D

and yes sodium!

Harshi said...

wow am near the top here today!
so funny reading the post Sash
:-))). yeah, seriously, I feel exactly the same. conversation is next to impossible in a place like that. and that's one of the reasons I can't fully enjoy either, unless one is with regular friends and we go there just for the music and the atmosphere and to just hang out. kind of a wrong place if one wants to catch up with each other. but you had a memorable time nonetheless :-).

Joy said...

We have a RupeeRoom in New Jersey too only difference, not that crowded. Nice post.

Amey said...

Either the guy was really insecure or the girls called him at the last minute to use him as a 'filler' and get a table of four.

Given your description, I am leaning towards option 2.

Which would also explain why the dance floor was so crowded. If you don't have tables to seat at, you dance ;)

Janefield said...

hahaha!! kya filler bar hai :P instead of them filling up yr glasses, looks like they want ppl to fill up their tables first! interesting it sounds, we must go..whenever! ;)

Sanchit said...

burp.. burp...
goodie bar.. goodie music..
and i feel an urge to shake and dancie dancie

pg said...

nice blog

Vaijayanta Chattoraj said...

I think this is not the best place to visit in Singapore.