Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Weird lyrics

Went out with colleagues last night for dinner, it was really fun! Over coffee sponsored by my editor-turned-teacher friend, we started talking about weird song lyrics. Starbreez suggested we start a thread about them on our blogs, and here it is!

1. Shakira's 'Whenever Whatever' - The weirdest I've ever seen! If you can figure the random mix of rhyming words out, let me know what on earth they mean!

2. Richard Marx's 'Hazard' - Would not consider it technically weird, since I'm quite taken in by the song. It has a certain quality to it that haunts you long after you've heard it. Incidentally it happens to be one of my favourite songs. But somehow, I feel that I haven't been able to fully figure the song out. I am sure it has a deep dark meaning beneath the words on the surface.

Will add on to the list as and when I think of more.

Added on the morning of Feb 11, 2005.

This one
(courtesy my friend Ro) makes me wanna pull out all my hair and go "The song is in my head, the song is my head, I can't get it out, the song is in my head!" I hate it!

Added on the morning of Feb 12, 2005.

Ro is a genius. His collection of songs-that-make-no-sense... ahem, I mean songs-that-make-sense-only-to-him is inexhaustible! I suspect that he is the ghostwriter for some of the songs he sings every now and then. These are songs that will make you stop in your tracks, do a double take and say, "What??" Take this, for example! Or even this! You don't expect the guy who listens to Jazz on 99.5 FM to do such a switcheroo! :) You go, Ro!


Ro said...

Your link to the "Book is on the table" lyrics is not quite the version of the song that I alluded to (and made you listen to).

These lyrics are probably from the original song - part of whose lyrics have been taken for the remix that plays on dance floors worldwide.

By the way you did not mention other classics like "Smoke Machine" or "I cant remember what happened last night"

raghu said...

yup book on table has diff lyrics 4 sure