Saturday, January 15, 2005


I submitted the Food and Nutrition book today. After all the mad rush of last minute changes, finally phase I of the project is over! I feel a strange sensation, as if I'm not sure whether I am happy or sad... maybe because until Thursday night, the book had dominated my thoughts and dreams, and now poof! it's gone on Friday morning! Suddenly it's just not there anymore!

A lot of colleagues helped us out in the last minute, alleviating some of the tension. It was quite funny, as we all sat down together on Thursday night to stick the pages, to give the pages a 'double-sided' look (I still wonder why we don't have a printer that can print double sided pages! That would reduce the weight of the books by half!) When we looked at the full colour bound copy of the book, my co-editor and I could not help but suddenly realise how pretty our book looked! :P

On Friday morning, we went to the MOE, and submitted the book. The same admin guy I had seen when I had tagged along with my senior editor two years ago was there to receive the books! The MOE sure has a lower turnover rate than we do! Five copies of 288 pages of a book were sure heavy, and after we passed it on, it was literally a load off! :)

On Friday night, I went to watch 'The Aviator' which turned out to be the biggest mistake I made this entire week! The movie was not only a terribly made documentary, it was made worse by its sheer length! I wonder how some Hollywood directors just assume they can pull off a 3-hour movie! That's totally Bollywood's forte!! Anyway, I had an enlightenment today, as I imagined what some of my friends endure when they sit thru a painful Bollywood movie. I had not realised that a movie can kill you just by its length! But 'the aviator' did that to me and more! I will think twice before asking my friends to go for Hindi movies with me now! :P

I was sleeping thru most of the movie and so I can't sleep now! It's 2:12 in the morning, and I have my Mandarin lessons and a hell lot of other stuff to do. But I can't sleep! So here I am, blogging away!

Oh, this morning, we had our first Friday Faze meeting. The name for the meeting was coined by yours truly, dedicated to such meetings which truly faze you, i.e. interrupt your work because they are confusing, irritating or amazing! But we had real fun today. First we played the 'burst the balloons' game, which our team won (hey, what happened to our prize??)! Then we got to write out all the complaints we have against the company... hee hee :P I, of course, included my favourite 'Paint Times Centre, please!' complaint. :P I volunteered to organise the next one, and I hope I can make it both fun and useful! I need ideas! :O

That's all for now! I will go read/write a book now.

Good night (or as my Mandarin teacher taught me "Wan an!")!


cubicle said...

Hiya Mani! Nice to see u've started blogging too! Nice to hear that you guys have finally completed F&N... it had been a really long and ardous journey eh?

Shucks, I really miss all the fun I had in Times. And the amazing colleagues as well. Over here in sch, everyone's just too busy with their own stuff to interact much. I just hope I can get past 6 months of this... if they dun put me in NIE by then I'll seriously consider my career.

Congrats once again! :) Keep those blogs coming in!


Starbreez said...

Hey I saw your prize - it was sitting at the pantry high table right after the meeting! I thought you guys wanted to share the joy or something. I Hated the Balloon-popping madness man, it was cruueelll!!!

Sayesha said...

Hehehe... I agree about the cruelty... Arch and I both thought that the balloons were too pretty to be burst beneath our shoes!! Any ideas for non-cruel fun activities for the next Friday Faze?

Siddhu said...

Hey about double sided printing... U cld always print the even numbered pages first, load the paper back in, and print teh odd numbered pages out. Dats wat i did for my project report.

Acrobat has dat feature (so does reader), if i remember right