Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Mid-week crisis

It's an early Wednesday morning, and I am getting my daily dose of orange juice and 'Friends' and at the same time, creating this post. Talk about multi-tasking! :P

It's three days to my book submission and I am not sure if I feel the jitters yet. Today's gonna be a long hard day... the only thing I'm looking forward to is the Malay chicken rice which is a regular Wednesday feature at the Malay stall in the hawker centre behind my office building, a place we call 'No Choice Place' (for obvious reasons). Last week, the old man at the stall gave me his number so I could pre-order my lunch. The first time a guy gives me his number, he's 60! :)

Apart from submission, there's a lot of other stuff happening around me, which I'm trying not to think about too much till I submit my book. The other stuff is so exciting that I may get distracted! My friends are planning a trip to Cambodia in the Chinese New Year weekend. These are people who're leaving Singapore in July for their MBAs and I do wanna spend all the time I can with them before they leave. Besides, Cambodia sounds exciting!

My cousin is getting married in March, and I'll get to go home! :) I'll also get to meet my cousins from the UK, whom I miss terribly ever since we went for the Goa trip last year. The fellowship of the cousins, we call it. Don't ask me why just because I came up with the name! :) Guess it was one of my wildly uncreative moments! :P

That's all for today!

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