Monday, January 17, 2005

Dreary dreary Monday...

Quite an uneventful day... a typical Monday I suppose... the best thing was that it was over really fast... btw, is it me or do Mondays in general go by really fast? Not that I'm complaining! :P

This week is really cool, Friday's a public holiday! Four-day week, yeay! :) Lotsa stuff to do over the weekend! Gotta shop for my vacations, will also try and make a trip to the gym, haven't been my healthy self lately! :O Am gonna make myself a healthy salad tonight, and feel reeeeealll goooood :D (Errr... the slice of pizza that I ate just now does not count! :P

My Internet connection has been a bit bonkers lately, so pple who've had me rudely go offline in the middle of a conversation, I'm not to blame! (Anshuli, if you're reading this, Hiiii! :)

That's pretty much there is to talk about today. I'm now going back to watching my Zee tv soap! :)

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