Saturday, May 26, 2018

Happy Meal

We were having breakfast at McDonald's by the beach.

Viv (to Xena) - When you're in secondary school, you can work here during your holidays.

Xena (excited) - Really??

Viv - Yes. And Mummy and I will come here and you can serve us food.

Xena (thinking) - Oh, I cannot serve you food.

Viv - Why not??

Xena - You will have to give me a kiss and a hug first.

Amen to that. 😃😍


How do we know said...

:) Amen to that.

Charan Deep Singh said...

that is cute

Charan Deep Singh said...

Today I wrote about the Third Room in our lives, where I re-visited few places from my childhood.

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Charan Deep Singh said...

Hi Sayesha

It is the longest period without seeing your post...

Meanwhile i finished another book and wrote about it...
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