Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Catch-up #12

Hello, bewdas and bewdis!

I usually do a catch-up post right after I receive a concerned email from a bewda or two asking why I've fallen off the face of the Earth. So thank you, A G, for your email and getting me back to this page. Sometimes, even the most regular bloggers need a little nudge (or a kick in the ass) to get going.

So I thought I'd do a catch-up on what's been happening.

- We got back from a holiday in the Gold Coast a couple of weeks ago and it's officially my new favourite Aussie holiday destination! I'm currently trying to update my travel blog with the details. However, I'm also inundated with deadlines this month, so everything is in a mess at the moment. I hope to sort it all out soon.

- Speaking of holidays, someone please suggest a nice holiday getaway for (a) Northeast India and (b) Kerala. These two have been in my travel bucket list for too long and I don't know where to start. We will only have 3-4 days, so ideally I'd like to focus on only 1 or 2 cities at the most instead of trying to bhatko firo everywhere with a map and a bag of thumbtacks.

- Like the rest of the world, we had been following the ordeal of the Thai boys stuck in the Chiang Rai cave. Every single day, Xena would come back from school and ask me if there was any update on their situation and I would tell her whatever I'd read. We would then talk about how the kids must have felt in that dark cave with no food and little hope, and how they'd have coped. My head is still reeling at how the whole thing played out. Absolutely mind-blowing. I think I will remember this as one of the significant world events that happened during my lifetime. Something to tell the grandkids.

- I organised a 'back to school' reunion for our batch of university friends as this year, we complete 20 years in Singapore! 16 of my batchmates turned up, and one of them even flew in from India just for this. It was unbelievable walking down memory lane with the same people, but two decades later. Two decades. Man. I can't believe it. Sometimes I wonder if coming to Singapore as a teenager was written in my stars so I could successfully carry out the whole 'do Engineering but don't be an Engineer' thing in peace without getting any Sharmaji ka Engineer-MBA ladka talk from concerned relatives and neighbours and watchman bhaiya and doodhwale chacha. Or maybe it was the kaaynaat plotting for Viv and me to meet. (We'd never have met if we hadn't gotten the same scholarship to come study here.) Or maybe it was just for KK hospital to give me a second life. Whatever it is, these twenty years have been spectacular, full of ups and downs and laughs and madness and I wouldn't change any of it.

- I watched Sanju and was very disappointed. Other than Ranbir nailing Sanju's looks, there wasn't much to the movie. Why do they call these things biopics when they change names, change storylines and totally omit important details of the person's life? Not to mention that I wanted to slap every single female character in the movie. Why are they so badly written? Why didn't Anushka, Sonam and Dia roll their eyes at the script and go, "Thanks, but no thanks"? Also, you expect so much from Rajkumar Hirani that when he starts going down the Imtiaz Ali path, it's very disappointing. I read somewhere that he's writing MunnaBhai 3 now, though a trailer had released some seven years ago! Guess that's abandoned now. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

- I saw the trailer of Dhadak and no, no, no no no and no. Ishaan shows promise, but Jahnvi no no, no, no, no no no. Call me harsh, but no, no, no no no. Maybe the movie will prove me wrong, but if not, Jahnvi should stop herself before she goes down the Abhishek Bachchan path, and do something else with her life that she's good at and that she enjoys. I have been told that the Marathi original Sairat is very good and I'm thrilled that it's on Netflix. Will catch it when I get a breather.

- Meanwhile, we started watching Sacred Games on Netflix on a friend's recommendation, and boy, is it addictive. Kinda like Da Vinci Code meets Game of Thrones. We have watched only a few episodes though, so don't post any spoilers! And I know Radhika Apte is getting rave reviews for her performance, but I don't know why I don't get the RAW agent wali feel from her. (Not that I know any real RAW agents, but still.) I keep thinking of Sushmita Sen in Samay and how she came across as such a strong character and how I'd have loved her or someone with that kind of powerful presence to play this role. But maybe there's a twist somewhere about why she is the way she is, and I'll be a convert once the season ends.

- In completely unrelated news, Xena and I have joined inline skating lessons and there is so much to say about it that it will need a whole other post. Soon soon!

Until then, be good. But not too much, ok?


How do we know said...

About the North East - one word - Sikkim.

Bubblegum inherhappyplace said...

Yeyeyeyeyye!!! You blogged!!!

About Dhadak. Marathi Dhadak is BRILLIANT. Please watch it. By the way, I am watching amazing Bong movies on Prime and Netflix!- Totally loving them. Phew, Bollywood dont show normal human beings now a days! (Example: Dhadak- Sorry but Karan Johar needs to go back to KKHH days only!)

I love Ranbir's acting but I am not going to watch Sanju. Trailer and reviews are so so so so not good enough to watch it. If they would use the word 'Inspired by Sanjay Dutt's life', I would have watched it.

Prathima said...

Sayesha, if north east Sikkim is the paradise on earth you're looking for. Especially a place like Gurudongmar Lake. If Kerala, stick to Munnar and Alappey as you have a limited number of days.

Meena Chatty said...

So nice to read from you after a long time. Cheers! I am just glad someone agrees with me on Jhanvi! :)


Argentyne said...

I second (or third) both Sikkim and Munnar. But I've heard that there are some crazy landslides going on in Kerala and we narrowly missed one when we were in Sikkim for our honeymoon some 8 years ago and or family had gone crazy because we were stuck in a remote location with no cellphone access.

Chengiz said...

Well blogger dropped OpenID support so this is chengiz.

Radhika Apte getting rave reviews? She was practically the ONLY one who I felt was miscast. She looks like a jholiwali communist MA student who talks back to her professor. I loved Sacred Games overall, despite Kashyap's excess. Saif is amazing along with the rest of the cast even like the policeman's wife is good. And I'd expected the season to peter out but it got better towards the end.

Sairat is great and I felt his Fandry which is also on Netflix is even better. Superb director.

Charan Deep Singh said...

You do lot of fun things Sayesha...

By the way I was also worried about your absence on this blog for so long, mentioned in comments on one of the previous posts.

Today I wrote about things that are fun but never happen to me. You definitely are on the other side.

Read Fun Things that never happen to me

Beena Venugopal said...

You might want to consider Munnar, Kerala in late August / September, when the rains peter out - keep a look out for the Boat races (which happen post Onam - which is 25 Aug) in the area. In Munnar, a once in 12 year event- the flowering of the Neelakurinji is happening. But it would bloom again in later part of August / September in full glory (post rains).

Do NOT miss out Varkala, Allapuzha (the backwater overnight boats). Or Fort Kochi - graffiti art, cafes Dutch heritage and the Oldest Synagogue in India (Jew town) - home to the fables Muziris.

Check out the road trip post as well here :

Charan Deep Singh said...

By your benchmarks Sayesha, again the gap between your posts is long. Meanwhile I wrote about two books I just read: Maximum City and Train To Pakistan. Both were on my wish list for long. Read my views on Wish-List Books

wildflower said...

And thank you for catching us up :)

wildflower said...

Also, go to Shillong, it's a must see in the North East

Sayesha said...

How do we know,
Thanks, that seems to the top choice! :)

I still haven't had a chance to watch Sairat! :(

Thanks! It looks like somewhere in the region of Alleppey at the moment. Of course, right now just hoping the situation gets better. Can't believe so many people died. :(

Well, she still got "great reviews" so.....

Wow, that sounds scary. Reading about the floods now... terrible. :(

Hehhe yayyy someone agrees! I read at least 3 reviews where she was praised. :/

Thank you. :)
PS: You don't need to leave links on every one of my posts yaar.

Thanks for all the details. Hope the situation gets better there.

Read my reply above lol!

Thanks! Hope to make the northeast trip next year!