Thursday, May 17, 2018

You drive me crazy

You know how some people enter your lives and change it forever? I had that happen to me recently.

So a bewdi of the bar emailed me sometime ago with the subject 'Not a stalker'.

I found it and the rest of her email hilarious. After exchanging a few emails, we met in person a few weeks ago and bonded over Bollywood crap and motherhood woes. I wasn't even all that surprised to know that she's from Bangalore. My blog and Bangalore really do have some pichhle janam ka nata, even though I have never lived in the city. In fact, the majority of my inner circle in Singapore is comprised of Bangalore folks that I met through my blog.

I was fascinated to discover that her store of random Bollywood trivia far surpasses mine. And then I found out that it's not just limited to Bollywood. She also sent me a video, which has changed my life forever. Which, if not shared here immediately, would be a grave injustice to inhumanity.

I am proud and honoured to present the life-altering song 'You are a doctor; I am a driver'. I can assure you that Vennu 'It's my life whatever I wanna do' Mallesh can't hold a candle to 'legendary producer, director, musician and singer Mr. Rajkumar'. (Not my words; this is exactly what the YouTube description says.) However, it may come close to the 'If you come today it's too yearly' song by the other legendary Rajkumar (who, btw, is definitely a doctor and not a driver).

Here you go. This kind of driver a day can really keep the doctor forever away.


Meena Chatty said...

This is officially the WORST song (can't call it a song!) I have EVER seen. The quarter (or even lesser) hearted-dance the fellow is doing is so intolerable! Don't even get me started on his hair! I guess he is using it to cover his face! (kisiko muh dikhane layak nahin hai!)

BTW who is this Mr. Rajkumar? I know the other Dr.Raj you are talking about. I also know the song "If you come today". You guessed it! another banglorean for you!! :D

Varsha said...

Is this for real? They are such pea brains that they cannot comprehend the horror of releasing such a production. I mean Raja Harishchandra (the first Indian mute production) is way better.
Coming to Dr. Raj, yeah he has acted in 2 songs "if you come"and "Love me or hate me". Classic example of putting a round peg in a square hole. Such a misfit as English speaking guy. There are numerous other Kannada songs though that feature him and can be termed as classics.
Oh yeah, another Bengalurean for you. ☺️

Charan Deep Singh said...

I have seen so many cringe videos like this now that I have become immune.