Wednesday, June 15, 2016


They don't call it an epic saga for nothing.

In our household at least, the saga continues. There is no stopping Xena's obsession with the Ramayana book.

Today, my mom-in-law was reading to her the chapter where Vibhishana joins Rama. She told Xena how useful Vibhishana was to Rama's army.

"But why was he so useful to Rama's army?"

"Because he had all the information. He knew everything."

"He knew everything?"


Xena turned to look at me.

"Mama, you know... Vibhishana is just like Google uncle!"


Shraddha said...

Xena never fails to make me smile... much love to the sweetheart...


Arun said...


preetiprasad said...

And Raama used Google maps to find Seeta's location.. LOL.. Kids :)

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