Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Chairman of the bored

Last night, Viv had some work to do after dinner, so I brushed Xena's teeth and tried to put her to bed with a story and a song.

Xena - Nooo... Where is Daddy?

Me - Daddy has some work today, so I'll put you to sleep.

Xena - Nooooo... Only Daddyyyy....

Me - But whyyyy?

Xena - Because he's the PUTTER-TO-SLEEPER.

Me - Why? Why is he the PUTTER-TO-SLEEPER??

Xena - Because he puts everyone to sleep!


Arun said...


How do we know said...

She is my dose of positivity!!

Murtaza Ali Khan said...

Quite an interesting read!

Btw, i just crawled over from Indiantopblogs' category-wise listing of best Indian blogs... I have bookmarked your site and would be back for more.

Murtaza Ali Khan