Friday, June 24, 2016

Food for thought

So my sister-in-law asked a very deep, philosophical question at dinner last night.

"If you could choose ONLY ONE food item which you would have to eat for every meal for an entire month, what would it be?"

My knee jerk reaction was pani puri (of course), but then I love it too much to put it in my 'I can't stand it anymore' list at the end of that month, so that's out. Besides, I'm not sure my tummy can take pani puri three times a day for 30 days without revolting.

Other options I thought of included dosa (she said condiments are allowed, but they have to be the same all the way), stuffed parathas, chow mein, chaat and Calcutta egg rolls, but something doesn't feel right, especially if you think about the nutrition quotient. I'm still pondering over what that food item would be for me. Something that would be tasty and filling (and non-boring!), and won't screw up my health over that month.

What would you choose?


Anonymous said...

Curd rice (if summer month), and dal khichdi (if winter)!

Bubblegum.... said...

Most of the people do not like oats but I can eat them every single day, without getting bored! (Yes,otherise they are not boring!)

Recipe for justifying the choice:

Take a cup of water and half a cup of oats. Boil them, when cooked take the pan down from the stove. Add a bit of milk or more- as per your choice. Add honey,cinnamon and stir. Now 'Garnish' with 5-6 blueberries, strawberries, banana slices, slivered almond slices(only a bit). I love this 'boring' dish like nobody's business. When I used to share an apartment in Pune,before wedding this was my to-go dish. Never got tired of it.


Shubha said...

Veg pulao . provided we get to change the vegetables that go into it each day.

Beena Venugopal said...

Boiled egg (protein) sandwich (carbs), with a bit of pepper, salt (flavor) with lettuce (for greens) with a little salad dressing / butter (fat, and removes the dryness of the whole thing)

Sayesha said...

Haha! I love the winter/summer differentiation! :D

The only think I make with oats is uttapam, so thanks for this new recipe. I'll try it out. :)

LOL nice try! I said something similar to my sis-in-law ("stuffed paratha with a different stuffing each day") and said NO CAN DO. Hahaha! :D

This sounds great for maybe once a day, but three times a day, day after day? You must be one health freak if you can do it. I feel like whatever I pick will lean towards something unhealthy-ish, just to keep me going. Like maybe samosa-chana chaat. :P

mad hatter said...

Momos with mushroom filling (and teekha sauce, please). That will marry the two loves of my not particularly foodie life for a whole month. I lurve that thought!

mad hatter said...

That's as good as those months when your blog has a post everyday, seriously :-)

Ranjani said...

Rice and spicy tangy Rasam... any day any number of times.. :)

Shraddha said...

Dosa... that'd be my choice... with potato masala, 2 types of chutneys (pudina coconut, chutney podi) and sambar. One day you make podi masala dosa and eat it with sambar n pudina chutney, one day you make regular masala dosa with both chutneys n samabar as sides, one day you mix the chutney podi with the potato masala, one day you spread pudina chutney on the dosa, options are limitless.... yumm... and if we can use the batter any which way, then we make potato masala uttappa, gulliappa and the works with the same batter...

okie.. i'm drooling now...


Anonymous said...

Good question! There are three conditions for the choice:
(1) you should like it enough to eat it for a month
(2) it cannot be a food you can get sick of, or if you get sick of it, no big deal, so it cannot be your absolute favourite dish
(3) it should be nutritious
I'll go with rice and the buttermilk kadhi with besan balls (pakoda kadhi).

shell said...

Salad - ( Spinach, Lettuce, Carrots, Peppers, Cheese for Calcium, Guacamole for healthy fat)
Theoretical answer mein I aam always good :) Reality I might have chosen rasam rice with homemade ghee.

Mo said...

Plain paratha, egg bhurji with vegetables, curd,and pickle

pr said...

I think a meal consisting of the following would work for me - khichadi, kadhi, tindora-potato sabji (tindora is one of my favourite vegetables), and roti. Some source of protein would be preferred, so perhaps would consider adding some spinach leaves or tofu as a side item.
Does Xena like khichadi (gujarati style in case there are regional variations) with some home-made ghee added to it? Most of my nephews and nieces liked it.