Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Have a Bolly good time VI

Recently, I came across an old email exchange between one of the bar's bewdas and me. He had mentioned the bar's 'mind-boggling Bollywood quizzes' that he used to try to crack whenever he got together with his other Bolly-crazy friends. My first reaction when I read it was "What quizzes??" And then I suddenly remembered. The Bollywood A to Z quizzes I used to come up with! Gosh, it's been three years since the last one. I'd forgotten all about them. But they were so fun to come up with, that I have decided it's time to revive them.

Here's the sixth of the Bollywood A to Z quizzes. The theme for this one is 'item numbers'. See if you can identify A to Z?

Last year, former beauty queen A, also known for bringing the dead back to life at international beauty pageants, performed an item number in movie B starring reel- and real-life lovebirds C and D. D performed an item number E with actor F in the movie G. The song didn't make much sense, but was apparently about her fitness levels. F's arch-rival H has a relative I who is known more for item numbers than anything else, the most popular of them was perhaps the song J featuring a pain-relief product in H's movie K. L, another relative of H, is often referred to as the undisputed item number queen of all time. L performed an item number M in movie N, co-written by her husband O, starring P in one of the lead roles. P was also part of an item number Q in the movie R, which also featured his son S and daughter-in-law-to-be T. T also performed an item number U about wretched love with F in the movie V, starring P's almost-became-daughter-in-law W in the lead role. W's close relative X was seen in an item number Y (which was performed by L in the original movie) in the remake Z. To close the loop, Z starred F who had been a judge at the national beauty pageant that A won.


Ashma said...

A - Priyanka Chopra, B-Ramleela, C-Ranveer, D-Deepika, E-Love mera hit hit, F/G-SRK/ billu, H-Salman, I- Malaika, J- Munni badnam, K- Dabangg, L-Helen, M- Mehbooba, N-Sholay, O-Salim, P- Amitabh, Q-kajrare, R- Bunty aur babli, S- Abhishek, T- Aishwarya, U- Ishq kamina, V- Shakti, W- Karishma, X- Kareena, Y- yeh mera dil, Z- Don

phew!!!!!! 😊

Anonymous said...

"daughter-in-law-to-be T"?? Aishwarya married Abhishek right?

Sri said...

Took me about 10 minutes and a little bit of help from Wikipedia!!

Completely forgot the Billu song...

F and G have been interchanged in the quiz...

Thisisme said...

A - Priyanka Chopra

B - Ramleela

C - Ranveer

D - Deepika

E- love mera hit hit


g - Billu

H - Sallu

I - Malaika

J - Munni Badnaam

K - Dabang

L - Helen ( Sallu's step mom)

M - Mehbooba

N - Sholay

O - salim Khan (sallu's dad)

P - Amitabh Bachhan

Q - Kajrare

R - Bunty & Babli

S- Abhishek

T - Aishwarya

U - Ishq Kameena


V - Shakti

W - KArishma Kapoor

X - Kareena Kapoor

Y - yeh Mera dil

Z - Don

Closing the loop, DOn had SRK as lead, who was a judge at the contest when Priyanka Chopra won miss india

Whewwwwwwwwwwwww!! Was fun! N i did this while i m in a customer meeting! LOL!!

Sheetal said...

a priynaka chopra
b ram leela
c ranveer singh
d deepika padukone
e dekha tujhe dekha maine kudi hai tu sexy
f shahrukh khan
g billu
h salman khan
i maliaka arora khan
j zandu baam
k dabaang
l helen
m mehbooba o meehbooba
n sholay
o salim khan
p amitabh bachchan
q kajrare
r bunty aur babli
s abhishek bachchan
t aishwarya rai
u ishq kamina
v shakti
w karishma kapoor
x kareena kapoor
y yeh mera dil
z don

Arun said...

My easy A-Z puzzle: S is the compleat A-Zer, having published A-Z blogs and puzzles, among other things.


Technofun said...

Sabaash !!! Lage Raho Mamu !!!

DeeJ said...

Super Saash :) good to see frequent posts even after A-Z challenge, Love to visit your blog everyday!

Ketaki... said...

AN A-Z quiz after a long time.. Loved it and cracked it in record 6 minutes.. hehe

Anonymous said...

J= Munni Badnaam Hui
K= Dabang
I= Malaika Arora Khan
H= Salmaan Khan
L= Helen
O= Salim Khan
P= Amitabh Bachchan
Q= Kajraare Kajraare
R= Bunty aur Bubli
S= Abhishek Bachchan
T= Aishwarya Rai
U= Ishq Kameena
F= Shahrukh Khan
V= Shakti
W= Karishma Kapoor
X= Kareena Kapoor
Y= Ye mera dil pyaar ka deewana
Z= Don
C= Ranveer Singh
D= Deepika Padukone
A= Priyanka Chopra
G= Billu Barber
E= Love mera hit hit
B= Raam Leela

Anonymous said...

i simply loved this...:)