Thursday, May 08, 2014

A flying start

On my way to go pick up Xena from school yesterday, as I crossed the garden area downstairs, I skidded to a halt. Was it what I thought it was? My heart skipped a beat. I could have sworn it was Lydia. It fluttered past me merrily, heading straight for the flowers, where the other smaller butterflies were. I'm dead sure it was Lydia because Xena and I are in the garden area all the time spotting tons of butterflies and we'd never seen Lydia's species there before. I felt a rush of relief and joy to know that it was doing okay, and had apparently, in Revolver Rani's words, phound phood, phriends and phun.

Too bad Xena missed it. She does remember Lydia, and just yesterday she was trying to sing 'Lydia rani' to the tune of 'Gudiya rani' from Lamhe (a very regressive song, but with a very soothing tune that I heavily rely on when Xena refuses to take her afternoon nap).

Later in the evening, I asked her about Lydia to see what she remembered. Here's the video, with subtitles.


Thisisme said...

OMG!! Thats so sweeet! and i love her hairs ..they r soo nice...i jhave poker straight hairs n have always wished for something like this :-) n thats a cute hair band - flower like thing she has!!

n it is soo sweet the way she is recounting her memories of lydia :) love kids yaar!

Thisisme said...

n i m glad ur posting regularly :) so much fun and great to read all this!

Prathima said...

She talks so cute...I get excited when I see it's a Xena video post :-)