Monday, May 12, 2014

Break-ing research

Groundbreaking research in medical science must be shared with the world immediately, if not sooner.

A friend of mine fractured her fifth metatarsal. Xena and I went to see her and I simplified it for Xena by telling her that 'Aunty had bumped and broken her toe, and had a cast on'. She asked if she could touch the cast. I told her she could, and if she wanted, she could even put some stickers on it to cheer Aunty up. She was thrilled. She went through her sticker book and picked some of her favourite animal stickers.

Xena examining the cast, or as I like to call it - calf-high peep-toes. 

Xena's handiwork on the cast

Later at home, I asked her about it and she was ready with a mind-blowing, path-breaking, home remedy for fractures. 

I strongly suggest all of you try it the next time you break a bone. 


Sowmya said...
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Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

rofl.. so cute! I didn't even know Mexican rice existed until I was 21. Sigh, kids these days!! (omg I am sounding old..)

Thisisme said...

Lol! That's so cuten such a simple remedy !!

satish said...

Xena is so big now! Got to catch up on a lot of things.

Arun said...

Mexican rice, not Scotch tape?


Sayesha said...

I know what you mean. I too, discovered Mexican rice, only after I got here. :/

This stunt was performed in the presence of experts. Don't try this at home! :P

Welcome back, purana bewda! :D

LOL!!!! That does make more sense! :D