Sunday, May 15, 2011

Have a Bolly good time V

Here's the fifth of the Bollywood A to Z quizzes. The theme for this one is 'Bollywood child artists'. See if you can identify A to Z?

A and B, who starred opposite each other in movie C, were incidentally cast as brother and sister in the movie D as child artists. D was directed by E, who also went on to direct the cult classic F, in which G appeared as a child artist. G, who had also appeared on a tin of baby food, was cast opposite A in H, his debut movie as a grown-up actor. H was directed by I, who used to direct blockbusters such as J, but has gone kind of bonkers lately. J starred A and K in the lead. K was cast as a child actor in the hit movie L, where he went to pee in the middle of the title song. One of K's hit movies had him playing uncle to three kids, one of whom was played by M. M was seen recently in the mindless comedy N, which also starred O. O's uncle P starred as a chubby boy in movie Q as the younger version of his father. As a child, P's wife R was cast in a double role in the movie S. R's uncle-in-law T starred in controversial movie U directed by P's father. In U, V played the young version of the rather scantily clad lead actress (and also Miss Asia Pacific) W. W and X played siblings in a 70s' flick Y. X's son Z starred as a child qawwali artist in a song in his father's movie. To close the loop, Z and A starred in a terrible movie directed by I, where they were on the run, with nothing less than a nuclear bomb in tow.


jijnasha said...

I've been following your blog for a little over a year and it has become one of my favorite reads!
Though I have never commented, I always liked your posts (especially the Bollywood ones).
Here are the names:

B=jugal hansraj
C=aa gale lag jaa
E=shekhar kapoor
F=mr india
L=yaadon ki barat
M=kunal khemu
N=golmaal 3
Q=mera naam joker
R=neetu singh
S=do kaliyan.
T=shashi kappor
U=satyam shivam sundaram directed
V=padmini kolhapri
X=sunil dutt
Z=sanjay dutt

And i guess I can yell GOLD :)

Arun said...

Cannot compete with jijnasha!

So, just greetings, Sayesha!


Geomon said...

there was no way i could have figured out C,S and Y. The rest was simpler.
Silver nevertheless!

Sandwalker said...

sorry bhai. posting after long time. cracked this but someone beat me to it :) here is my answer

a - jugal hansraj
b - urmila
c - aa gale lag ja
d - masoom
e - shekhar kapoor
f - mr india
g - aftab shivdasani
h - mast
i - rgv
j - rangeela
k - aamir khan
l - yaadon ki baaraat
m - kunal khemu
n - golmaal 3
o - kareena kapoor
p - rishi kapoor
q - mera naam joker
r - neetu singh
s - do kailyan
t - shashi kapoor
u - satyam shivam sundaram
v - padimini kolhapure
w - zeenat aman
x - sunil dutt
z - sanjay dutt

Sudeep said...

Wanted to know which actor went to pee in the middle of a title song.

Daud was a terrible movie? Chako ji scene? Paresh Rawal? Kya baat kar rahi hai.. Jaandar baap ka jaandar beta roz use karta hai colgate.

Anees Ahmed Basha said...

Solved in 5 min, but where did u remember movies like paapi?????

Agree with Sudeep. Daud wasn't that bad afterall... Indeed, i liked it more than Rangeela. Daud had some good lighthearted comedy & Paresh Rawal...

yab said...

jugal hansraj
aa gale lag ja
shekhar kapoor
mr india
afatab shivasasani
ramgopal verma
aamir khan
yadon ki barat
kunal khemu
rishi kapoor
neetu singh
do kaliyan
sashi kapoor
satyam shivam sundaram
padmini kolhapure
zeenut aman
sunil datt
sanjay datt

- It started like a breeze...papi n all was a bit crazy though

Spiritual_Flame said...

I like your Bollywood quizes too much, and look forwrd to them. These quizes have become favourite in my family and friends. I assume the role of quizmaster and keep on asking questions in a row.. That is so much fun.. All credit to you!! The deep knowledge of Bollywood you have...
My compliments!!

A= Urmila Matondkar
B= Jugal Hansraj
C= Aa gale lag jaa
D= Maasom
E= Shekhar Kapoor
F= Mr India
G= Aftab
H= Mast
I= Ram Gopal Verma
J= Rangeela
K= Aamir Khan
L= Yaadon ki Baraat
M= Kunal Khemu
N= Golmaal 3
O= Kareena Kapoor
P= Rishi Kapoor
Q= Mera Naam Joker
R= Neetu Singh
S= Do Kaliyan.
T= Shashi Kapoor
U= Satyam Shivam Sundaram
V= Padmini kohlapuri
W= Zeenat Amaan
X= Sunil Dutt
Y= Paapi
Z= Sanjay Dutt

Want To add some information, used in quiz: Aaftab appeared on Farex Baby food, Sanjay Dutt appeared as qawali singer in movie "Reshma Aur Shera", Aamir Khan played uncle to 3 kids in movie "Hum hai Rahi Pyaar ke", Terrible movie with Nuclear Bomb thing obviously is "Daud"

Dhruva Mathur said...

I am lost. Is there anything known as a 'Bollywood GPS'?