Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tuned out

I am really REALLY annoyed. As they say, aaj toh hadd hi ho gayi.

You know how when you're listening to the radio and the RJ asks a question and you're scrambling for the phone so you can sms the answer before anyone else can? Well, I don't. Because there is no point. The questions asked on the channel that I listen to for my daily dose of Bollywood songs are so dumb and easy that by the time you unlock your phone, one of the 38475900283746483 gen-sms kids would have already walked away with the prize.

At least that's what I thought.

So today, the RJ asks, "Name the movie in which Shah Rukh Khan plays a guy who directs musical plays."

My first reaction was rather tame: ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME??

Come on, if you're going to ask a question that's supposed to identify a real Bollywood fan, ask something like 'How many actresses can you name who have acted opposite all the three Khans - Shah Rukh, Salman and Aamir?' Give the prize to the one who can name the most.

Anyway, so that was her question. SRK as a musical play director. Ugh. Sanjay Dutt's unborn twins could answer it.

Oh wait, it got worse. She then proceeded to say, "As a clue, I'll play a song from that movie." And she played 'Bholi si soorat'. Man. She might as well have played the title song!

Why was she doing it??? Well, I had my answer half an hour later.

It turns out she had not received any answers.


Finally she got an sms, which she shamelessly read out loud. The sms-er had asked, "Can you give another clue?"


So she gave another clue -- that the movie featured one of the prominent dancing stars of Bollywood.

I was cooking, so as I flitted in and out of the kitchen, I would catch snatches of what she was saying. At last count, her exact words were, "The movie featured Shah Rukh Khan and Madhuri Dixit. You can sms me your answer at..."


Seriously, what is the world coming to????

Is this the matrix?


Obscure Optimist said...

Damn...DTPH...that easy....and still the caller couldnt get it....

Shhaayyy...shame shame...

Obscure Optimist said...
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Obscure Optimist said...
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Obscure Optimist said...
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Obscure Optimist said...
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Maryum said...

and i get GOLD.. hayeee...
enjoyed the postt ... but enjoyed my gold more.. and thank u for deleting the last four comments.. and thanks to the first person who commenting for not yelling gold:)

aequo animo said...

I haven't watched a complete Bollywood movie in 10 years , and I could answer that too :D.
I can understand how that feels to you. :D :D

Ashwin said...

(SMS gen kid's thought bubble)

I no it... I no it... LOL ROFL LMAO!!!!

Da ansR iz....

Lage Raho Munnabhai!!!

Wow.. Me so smart... Cant believe!!!!

Neha said...

and the next clue is: it starts with "dil to" and ends with "pagal hai"

Revs said...

WHAT? This is a question? :O
No self respecting bollywood fan would answer that. It would be beneath them.
And the answer to your question is 4? juhi,madhuri,kajol,karisma kapoor?
I am sure there are a few more par naam yaad nahi aa raha!

Unknown said...

Probably goes on to show how many of those sms-trigger-happy teens know about Madhuri Dixit, or a movie that came out "during the last ice age"...

Now apply the same logic to India, citizenship, etc, and u'll get an idea about how an "obvious concept" like "being Indian" can fade away, if not for you, but by the next generation... and that in one way puts in words my feeling about your last post about citizenship ;)

Sandwalker said...

'How many actresses can you name who have acted opposite all the three Khans - Shah Rukh, Salman and Aamir?' - Challenge accepted.

Read as: Actress - Movie with Aamir, Movie with SRK, Movie with Salman

Madhuri Dixit - Dil, Anjaam, Saajan
Kajol - Fanaa, DDLJ, Pyaar kiya to darna kya
Rani Mukherji - Ghulam, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Hello Brother
Preity Zinta - Dil Chahta Hai, Kal Ho na ho, Chori Chori Chupke Chupke
Karishma Kapoor - Raja Hindustani, Dil to Pagal Hai, Judwaa
Manisha Koirala - Mann, Dil Se, Khamoshi
Kareena Kapoor - 3 Idiots, Asoka, Kyon ki
Sonali Bendre - Sarfarosh, English Babu Desi Mem, Hum saath saath hai
Urmila Matondkar - Rangeela, Chamatkaar, Jaanam Samjha Karo
Raveena Tandon - Andaz Apna Apna, Zamaana deewana, Pathar ke phool
Twinkle Khanna - Mela, Baadshah, Jab Pyaar Kisise hota hai

Special Mention:
Juhi Chawla - Ishq, Raju Bangaya gentleman, Deewana Mastana(Special appearance but they end up together :))

Revs said...


*Jaw Drops Open*


G2 said...

Ghor kalyug!!! :O

Geomon said...

@Sandwalker: Respect!!!! Drinks for the next one year on the house!And I give 2 u the gold I earned last time in ur honor.

Arun said...

Hum hi to paagal hain!

The Soul of Alec Smart said...

Hahahaha.. poor RJ.. now that's a job that must suck! :)

And Sandwalker, respect! You should probably consider RJing in Singapore :D

How do we know said...

and you STILL did not participate because????? Bollywood ka naam dubaane par tule ho?? BHai.. ab Bollywood ki laaj aapke haathon mein hai..Bollywood pukaar pukkar kar keh raha hai - meri izzat ki raksha karo...

Tanmay said...

i am a big fan of your blog, but you have got it all wrong here!
of course, as you said, lots of ppl msg instantly (i messaged within 2 secs i think!), but all she wants is more and more messages (it costs 30 cents per msg and this is the way the radio stations make money!), if she asks difficult ones, less and less messages are going to come and eben though the contest is interesting, the buck is missing.

Obscure Optimist said...

@Maryum: If i comment first, it obviously means GOLD, if that's how things work here ;) ;)
But you keep GOLD...Am ok with a step above it :D :D

@Sandwalker: Woah!! KUDOS!

Unknown said...

Honestly, Sash... until the 'Bholi Si Surat' thing came up, I had no idea what movie this was. I am worse than Sanjay Dutt's unborn kids!

Nicely done post.

Sandwalker... one word: That was awesome! Yeah, I lose count of my numbers!

Sayesha said...

Yeah man! Shame shame poppy shame!
PS: You posted 5 comments and then deleted them?? :D

I didn't delete any comments! Yamini did it herself. :P

#aequo animo,

Hahaha! "Da ansR iz" was priceless! :D

LOL!!!!! Brilliant! :D

//No self respecting bollywood fan would answer that. It would be beneath them.

Precisely! :|

#Reghu lazybum,
Why are you hijacking this post to comment on the last post? Huh huh huh? :P

Secondly, I'm confused about what you're saying. Are you saying that "being Indian" is such a vague concept that it doesn't matter whether you're an Indian citizen in Singapore or a Singapore citizen? Or are you saying that the only way kids will know what is "being Indian" is if their parents stay Indian citizens? :?

HOLY CRAP!! I was so happy at my 8 and here you have 11??? *RESPECT*

I second that! :D


Drinks on the house? Mere bar se drinks chori karke on the house?? :O Arre Sandwalker has earned the non-chori stuff! :D

I second that. :P

#The Soul of Alec Smart,
I don't know if the RJ is forced to say these things or she thinks of them herself! :/

#How do we know,
//and you STILL did not participate because?????

Because apun ko apni nazar se nahin girne ka tha, kya? :P

I know I know... the whole business aspect and all that... BUT thodi si toh izzat do listeners ko? Might as well ask "What is Shah Rukh's surname?" next if all they want is many sms messages. :(

And did they give you a prize for sending the correct answer in 2 seconds? :/

I like how every bewda makes his/her own GOLD rule. :P

//I am worse than Sanjay Dutt's unborn kids!

LOL!!! :D

Raja said...

Ha ha. Loved the post.

The cynical side of me (which seems to be getting more and more powerful everyday inspite of my efforts to dumb it down) tells me that they had already got plenty of SMSs for the question.

But they wanted to rake in as much as they could, so they continued to keep the lines open, cooking up this excuse of "not got an answer yet". Who are they kidding?

Anyway, it did make for an interesting blogpost by you. So I, for one, am happy. :-)

Arun said...

Sayesha : be aware that the Hum in "Hum hi to paagal hain" is definitely more than "mein" even if it less than "hum sab" :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, man! Even I got that one!
And that really was awesome, @Sandwalker!

humblog said...

the answer is hum tumhare hain sanam.

btw to your other questions add saif to the mix and see how many drop out of the 11.

Vidya said...

Hi Sayesha,
Really have fun reading and re reading your blog..
Hope you dont mind asking you this quesion - I am visiting Singapore for a short vacation with my family.
I am a lil confused about which hotel to stay in..
Could you suggest some decent ones..I have looked at some 3 star hotels. I am looking for some place that is close to the city, is clean, decent and has basic amenities.

Arun said...

Yes, as my multiple comments prove, your blog is eminently visitable :)

And yes, Sandwalker is awesome.

Sayesha said...

Yep, it's true. Sad, but true. :(

Jeez. You and me, eh? Thanks, man! :|

Sandwalker is the hero! Or heroine? :)

Erm, it's DTPH. :)

Welcome to Singapore! Any 3-star hotel in the city area will be decent and clean (Singapore is obsessed with being clean anyway!) and will have basic amenities. I have heard good stuff about Ibis, Landmark and Parkroyal, but you can check this link for more:

Thank you. :)

Obscure Optimist said...

@sayesha, maryum: yeah.... i did it....:P coz the same comment got published 5 times :P :P... ideally that wud mean I get platinum, gold, silver, bronze, and...umm.... iron???:P

vijayaraghavan said...

Good going. But frequency of posts are coming down. Your posts are a cheerful motivation for persons like me who has to work for another eight hours staring at the stupid monitor. Another thing, variety in subjects is also coming down.

Sudeep said...

ok I know that I will get that hypothetical paper thwack, but the moment I read SRK and music, the movie Mohobattein came to my mind. *stops the paper mid-way like Neo does to bullets* Lekin agli hi line tak yaad aa gaya ki plays hai so DTPH so chill. *paper falls, dusts off hands in style, walks away*

Btw Sandwalker is awesome for that answer.

Neha said...

OK, i have to confess this! When the RJ gave musical plays as the clue, i started thinking of Mohabbat :D
Then the song 'bholi si' gave the right clue *embarrassed*