Sunday, July 11, 2010

Waxing lyrical

I have never really followed Indian Idol the way I am following season 5. On Youtube, of course. One of my weekend rituals is to catch up on the proceedings and obviously, hurl abuses at Tia (Guys, will you please just stop voting for her?!).

I am rooting for Sreeram, because of three reasons:

Reasonable reason: He sings very well.
Reasonably reasonable reason: He has a very nice smile.
Unreasonable reason: I have a thing for South Indian guys who speak perfect Hindi (Don't tell Viv I married him for that!)

Jai Sreeram!

Sreeram had always rocked every episode (see his rendition of Breathless and also Khwaja mere khwaja that almost made Sanju Baba cry) but I became an out and out Sreeram fan when after he sang 'Dilbar mere' (video below; see if it doesn't give you goosebumps. Yes, the guys too).

Anyway, I digress. Even though I have been going on and on about him, this post is not about Sreeram, it's about the song. Since I heard him sing this song, I have been obsessed with it and play it on loop all day long and also loudly on the road (when it is sunsaan). I had mentioned in my Facebook status about how well he sang the part 'Main aag dil mein laga doonga woh, ki pal mein pighal jaaoge' and how I am totally pighlo'ed, when a friend reminded me of other lines in the antara like 'Sochoge jab mere baare mein tanhaaiyon mein' which are again super pighlao-material. The lyrics in such songs really do get to you, unlike today's 'Kaindi ponn ponn ponn'.

I started to think of other such songs with lyrics the hero croons with a form of desirable arrogance, which have a tendency to make girls go weak in the knees. Only two came to mind -- 'Is tarah aashiqui ka' from Imtihaan and 'Main yahaan hoon' from Veer-Zaara.

Do you have any such songs in mind? :)


Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

oh sash i know a whole bunch of those songs of diff languages, but for now i just claim the gold and go to sleep! :-D

Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

Jai Sreeram, me too! :-D

Sandwalker said...

Hi from a regular reader of your blog for the past 4 years, who only commented two times :)

I think a para in the song Alvida from Life in a Metro sounds exactly like this.

Sunle bekhabar
Yun aankhen pher kar
Aaj tu chali jaa...
Dhoondhegi nazar
Humko hi magar
Har Jagah.....
Aisi raaton mein
Leke karwaten
Yaad humein karna...
Aur fir haar kar
Kehna kyun magar
Alvida Alvida...
Koi pooche to zara
Kya socha aur kaha

nits said...

there so are many songs with wonderful lyrics from the Golden Era... from Kishore Kumar or Rafi or from Mukhesh....

one of my all time fav is intehaan ho gayee intezaar ki... from sharabi...

Alice said...

He's cute. Don't blame you for getting pighlo'ed. :D

Totally with you on the lyrics part!!

As an aside, why does Anu malik have that weird 'no-reaction' face? And why is Hema M. making all those weird dancy hand motions while having absolutely no expression on her face?? Made me laugh in the midst of pighlo'ing. :D

Raja said...

Nice post, Sayesha. Lovely song, lovely voice, lots of confidence.

Good to see Hemaji too. I don't watch this programme but was happy to see this song.

Another song in this category, though the voice is nowhere in the Kishore league is "mujhko dekhoge jahan tak" from Ram Teri Ganga Maili (1985).

Endless Road.. said... one has claimed i allowed to claim it ...if so..SILVER!!! i loove sreeraam's's going to be really unfair if anyone else wins..there is no comparison...
coming to the song..i think for me the Taal song wins hands down - Nahin Saamne ...doesnt have too much arrogance though but it still makes me go weak in the knees :-)
if u remember tis song was sung by Hemachandra in Sa re ga ma pa and amazingly hemachandra and sreeram are cousins.

Arun said...

"Pighlaoing" makes me think of blast furnaces and pig iron and steel. Sigh, I must be from a different world :)

Tejal said...

hahah oh cmon you expect us to believe that's why you married Viv? we all know you like him coz he's so awesome and sweet and nice. oh wait, that's why *I* like him :P
Anyway, this season of Indian Idol indeed has some brilliant singers. Sreeram is nice but he just seems a lil too like he would probably melt away himself before 'pighlaoin' any
Also, i want to add you on facebook!! :'( plisss?? mail me? *wide eyed pleading expression*

As I write said...

so agree with your thing abt the South Indian guys speaking good English (Alas, I had to compromsie with a north Indian guy speaking not that too good English :-)
The song itself is too good and yes, I loved this singer.
But why did the cameraman keep focussing on Hema Malini time and again? It was her song, but not at this time :-)
And what happened to Anu Malik? did he get some botox injections on his face :-)

nidhi said...

I totally agree with you on Tia...the girl cant sing to save her life. Dunno how she got selected in the first place!!

Arun said...

I figured the whole ball of wax.
Wax lyrical - triple pun?
a. to talk about something with a lot of interest and excitement
b. talking about lyrics
c. pighaloing like wax

Angelsera said...

my personal fav 2 songs
1) Pachai Nirame -- Alaipayuthey (Tamil version of Saathiya...I do not like the hindi version oft he song)

2) Nahin Samene -- Taal

vineet said...

Wonder why do these good singers dont land up in top 3 ever

Rajdeep last year was claerly the best

Chang was great couple of years back

This year Shriram might meet a similar fate

Incidentally, after hearing Tia Kar sing the "Aisa lagta na hua from refugee i am still reminded of Bhavya pandit...i have not heard someone more meoldious than her

Anonymous said...

hey, those kinda songs for me are:
1) nahii samne ye alsg baat (taal)
2) aise na mujhe tum dekho(some old movie movie. one of our senior sang it on college annual function, that was the first time i heard it..)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love the song!!!

Get totally pighlao'ed on hearing it each time on the ipod..

My favourite such song is Dil to Baccha hai jee

Sudeep said...

One of my teammates from the earlier company had sung this song in company idol competition and I actually started liking the song after listening to him. Haven't seen the Sreeram video for the same yet.

Even then my favourite Indian Idol contestant will be the same one from my mail. Your Sreeram toh kuch nahi uske saamne.

Sudeep said...

Bas ek pal ka ek gaana tha.. I can't remember the lyrics though. Kaafi time ho gaya sune hue.

Anees Ahmed Basha said...

I thought most of the qawwali type songs were like that.. no??? take for instance this from "parda hai parda - Amar Akbar Antony"

Zara Apni Surat Dikha De, Sama Khoobsurat Bana De
Nahin To Tera Nam Leke, Tujhe Koi Ilzaam Deke
Tujhako Is Mehfil Men Rusava Na Kar Dun Toh toh toh toh..
Akbar Mera Nam Nahin Hai....
Parda Hai Parda...

Anees Ahmed Basha said...

or when Rafi goes...

choo laney do nazuk honton ko
kuch aur nahi hay jaam hay yeh
qudrat nay jo hum ko bakhsha hay
wo sab se haseen inaam hay yeh
choo laney do nazuk honton ko..

Anees Ahmed Basha said...

and wait... another rafi... i can't think of any other singer in this category now...

dil ke jharokhe mein tujhko bithaakar....
where he goes...

Kal tere jalwe paraaye bhi honge
lekin jhalak mere khawabon mein hogi
phoolon ki doli mein hogi tu rukhsat
lekin mahek meri saanson mein hogi…..

and the song goes on & on with great lyrics & rafi's voice ufff...

Piggy Little said...

pal pal dil ke paas. :)

ND said...

Take any of Kailash kher's song. (of that category where Pighaloing is considered)

Arun said...

Was thinking of the other way around, women singing and men's reactions. My observations:

a. Males don't pighalo. Rather blood and brain gets set on fire.

b. Lyrics don't matter as much as quality of voice. E.g., there is one (of several) Noor Jehan renditions of "Hamare sanson mein aaj tak wo henna ki khushboo" that is quite "inflammatory". :)

Similarly a Runa Laila rendition of "Ranjish hi sahi" that invariably blows the fuse.

How do we know said...

tum mujhe yun bhula na paoge...

Ashwin said...

Hurl abuses at Tia??

Jaane do naa bhai.. Bachchi hai. Maaf kar do. Even Bhumi isnt much better.

Sreeram definitely is head and shoulders above the rest. But II has a tradition of voting out the best guys. He might make it to the top three but winning looks difficult.

Anonymous said...

[做人難,人難做,難做人] 人.事的艱困與磨難,是一種考驗!要以樂觀歡喜之心,很珍惜地過每一天!^^............................................................

Sayesha said...

Aha, naya profile picture? :D
Jai Sreeram back to you!

Oh yeah, the lyrics have it, but the way the guy sings Alvida has more pain than attitude I think. :)

Oh yeah that's an awesome song and great picturisation too! :D

Hehehehe! Yeah Hema is hilarious in the video! :D

Thanks! I'm listening to 'Mujhko dekhoge' right now. Awesome, but Suresh Wadkar sounds too 'polite' and not at all 'arrogant'! :P

#Endless Road,
My mom-in-law also mentioned this Hemachandra dude, I must have missed him when I stopped following Saregamapa.

Sheesh! :D

Pass me your ID and I'll add you. But I know you only wanna add me so you can look at your hero's photos! :/

#Dil se,
//so agree with your thing abt the South Indian guys speaking good English

English??? OMG no!!!! Hindiiiiiii!!!!

Cameraman was focusing on Hema cos of her random hand movements! :D

Looks looks... :/

Wah shabash! One balti of pani puri ka pani for you. On the house. :D

Hmmm... the nahin saamne track sounds to have pighlaoed quite a few girls! ;)
ps: Viv says the same thing about Pachai nirame vs. Saathiya. :)

I am hoping the judges will use the lifeline option if Sreeram is voted out!!!

I haven't heard Tia sing 'Aisa lagta hai' but she has murdered every song that I have heard her sing. :(

#wishes galore,
Oooh yeah aise na mujhe is a good one! :D


Watch the Sreeram video!!!! :O
PS: Your mail wala idol was the best. Uska toh muqabla hi nahin! :P
ps: Which song from Bas Ek Pal? Which song which song???

Hahaha... in a way I guess. But qawwalis have a spirit of 'fun' which takes away the pighlao factor. :)
ps: Thanks for the many recos! I am going to listen to all of them. :)

#Piggy Little,
Oooh yeah! :)

Hahahaha the moment I read your comment the first song that came to mind was 'Allah ke bande'. So not girl-pighlao! Hahahaha! :D

Oh interesting! I really wouldn't know what kind of song would pighlao a guy's [cavity where the heart is supposed to be]. :P
ps: sorry for that pathetic sexist remark; just couldn't resist! :P

#How do we know,
Among the oldies that one ranks very high in this category! :)

AHA! So you're the one smsing day and night to keep her in the show???? :/

If Sreeram is eliminated, the judges had better use the lifeline option!!!! :/

Somya said...

oh even I completely love this song...and picturisation of this number is also pretty "pighlaoing types" with AB looking dapper as always and Hema Malini looking very pretty..
Another song...
"jadoo teri nazar
khushboo tera badan
tu haan kar naa kar tu hai meri Kiran"
now this is

Neha said...

I have never followed indian idol after the first one...but man, this fellow is AWESOME!!! his voice is so 'powerful' ..
How about Pal Pal dil ke paas?! I find that pighloa material too! and i find singer Mohit chauhan's voice pighloa material too!!

Arun said...

...a guy's [cavity where the heart is supposed to be]...

I was going to exclaim, "dil dukha diya" and then I looked, and hey, you're right!

Bring along the pani puri pani balti when you come to claim your pani puri treat. :)

Anees Ahmed Basha said...

what abt 'zara tasveer se tum..' from pardes

& a few sad ones like

'ae ajnabee..' from dil se

'kya hua tera vaada..' from hum kisi se kum nahi

'meri bheegi bheegi si..' from anamika

Mommyinme said...

I love Sriram too! And I am so glad that little annoying cute Tia is out!

Songs that are a combo of arrogance and romance have to be
- dilbar mere from satte pe satta
- o mere dil ke chain (rajesh khanna dont know the movie)

Anonymous said...

One such song is ' Dard-e-dil' from original Karz. I love the way Rafi sang and Rishi enacted :). My fav is "Aapko dhoondoga kaise raaste kho jayenge ... Naam tak bhi to nahi apna bataya aapne".

Keep writing. We love it!

Sudeep said...

Bas ek pal ka tu ek baar jo pyar se..

Bivas said...

Finally Tia is out of the contest...
Sigh...what a relief!

~anu~ said...

arre re re nahi nahi aise kaise.. there are umpteen good lyrics today also.. some in the category you are talking about

~ Main koi aisa geet gaaoon
ki aarzoo jagaoon agar tum kaho
tumko bulaaoon ki palke bichhaaoon
kadam tum jahan jahan rakho
zameen ko aasmaan banaaoon
sitaron se sajaoon
agar tum kaho..

~ mere haath mein tera haath ho..
~ chupke se lag ja gale (from saathiya.. utterly romantic but its the girl singing)
~ ek din teri raahon mein..
~ tum se hi din hota hai surmayee shaam aati hai..

an oldie that is just swesome:
~ jalte hain jiske liye
meri aankhon ke diye

Anonymous said...


rt said...

there are many...but yes i cant list them and mostly from 70s era(coz i dont remember them on top of my mind :))
and abt dilbar always giev me goose bumps..i have watched the movie on tv so many times to watch/hear this song..
one of the closest ones to my heart...
imtihaan too was once my fav and so was salami for songs...
list is endless...but we hum them less so they go into oblivion sooner :(

Achu said...

I agree... Jai Sreeram!!
My top 3 are Sreeram, Rakesh and Shivam...

Bhai!! please ask the people to stop voting for Swaroop as well.. i.e if you agree with me ;)

Aap bolte ho toh ho jata hai.. See tia's out :D

bluejay said...

kya yahi pyaar hai .. from rocky ;)

Unknown said...

Mujhe raat din bas mujhe chahte ho... I think every time I listen to this one I get goose bump :)

Neha said...

oho...i love sreeram and rakesh both for different reasons...sreeram sings way to well, but then he himself is a professional singer, he knows how to throw his voice...the others don't have this he is south Indian, and i am totally a strictly north Indian are the best ppl kind of offense to anyone...all are good creatures of the Almighty!

Then e have Rakesh...he is from Agra,and so am I, so there you go...

I hate that Bhump girl...cannot take high notes at all..she suck!

So any of the boys win...I am happy :)

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