Thursday, July 22, 2010

Exchange of words

Pre-script - Before I get to the post, I need to go into a totally unrelated subject and apologise. Okay, basically whenever I get a friend request on Facebook and the name seems unfamiliar, I straightaway hit 'ignore'. (Could be a result of my terrible Orkut experience -- too many people wanting to do frand shib with honest and lovely total stranger you see). Recently, I saw an email alert from FB about a friendship request from a person called D who had also appended a message to tell me she was a purani bewdi from the bar. Thing is, I had probably already ignored all friend requests on FB and the link in the email alert also did not let me go to D's profile. It just took me to the 'Confirm requests' page and she's not there anymore. I searched for her name and there were two and I sent an email to the first one and she ignored me. Haha! Basically, I would like to send a big apology to D and any other bewdas/bewdis whom I may have ignored on FB.


Okay, now let's get to today's post.

So this happened when 'Hothon se chhoo lo tum' was playing on the radio while I was cooking. I know almost all oldies by heart so I started singing along. When I came to this part:

Na umra ki seema ho
Na janma ka ho bandhan
Jab pyaar karey koi
Toh dekhe kewal mann

I knew the lyrics, I heard it right, but I had a strong evil desire to sing:

Na umra ki seema ho
Na janma ka ho bandhan
Jab pyaar karey koi
Toh dekhe kewal dhan!

This reminded me of the time Viv and I used to be obsessed with this song from Drona:

Teri bandgi
Jeena na de
Teri bandgi
Jeene na de

One saturday I woke up to find that Viv had opened his cricket kit (which is so big it can fit a grown man) and spread out all his mud-splattered cricket stuff in the middle of the dining room! I was so annoyed at the dirty mess I told him I wanted to sing this:

Teri gandgi
Jeena na de
Teri gandgi
Jeene na de

Do you have any songs in mind where you substitute one word with another (rhyming) word on purpose, because it completely changes the meaning of the song, and yet makes perfect sense (albeit in a twisted manner)?


Boundless Eccentricity said...

ummm Gold!!!!
First time here. :)

mad hatter said...

err well, each time i listen to a fave ghazal (Baat Niklegi Toh Phir..), there's this strong desire to misinterpret a certain line -

ungliyaan uthengi sookhe huye baalon ki taraf
ek nazar dekhenge guzre huye "saalon" ki taraf

Btw, do u know of the site, it fits perfectly with this post:

Sayesha said...

#Boundless Eccentricity,
Welcome welcome! Aate hi gold? :)

#mad hatter,
LOL @ saalon ki taraf. :D

Hmm... I know about the man-bol site but that's more for 'how people hear a certain word' in a song or mondegreens. This is for people who just feel like changing a word because the substitute is more fun. :P

Revs said...

I can instantly think of "Aap jaisa koi meri zindagi mein aaye toh baat ban jaaye" and my sister and i sang "Aap jaisa koi meri zindagi mein aaye toh 'baap' jaaye" for the longest time until we realised that it didnt sound quite right! :P

Meenakshy said...

Na umra ki seema ho
Na janma ka ho bandhan
Jab pyaar karey koi
Toh dekhe kewal tan (;))!

Nishu said...

whenever me and my friends get to our room late in the night..we sing, 'samjho na..kutto samjho na..' requesting the dogs in the street to leave us alone.. :)

Revs said...

Oh! and heh. I remember in college we used to sing for the profs "Jaati nahi, jaati nahi. Saamne hai woh magar jaati nahi.." :P.

Unknown said...

So, when i was in college, 'yuh hi chala' from Swades was very popular. very notoriously, we changed the line 'jaise barson mein koi ganga nahaye'to 'jaise barson mein koi NANGA nahaye'!
oh and I love your blog!

nidhi said...

what nobody has claimed silver yet???
its mine, and bronze too.
am wrapping up for the day and cant think of any songs right now let alone songs with a twist :O

Stone said...

Alright, I'll take the risk of sounding 'vulgar' but...

We used to sing that Pankaj Udas's "Chhithi aaye hai..." with our own pauses and repeatations...

'Main to baap hoon...mera kya hai.
Teri ma ka...endless loop here ...haal burra hai' ;-)

Correction-- I still sing it that way in my mind at certain situations and at certain people.

Arun said...
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Atulaniya said...

aap jaisa koi meri zindagi mein aaye... toh 'baap' ban jaaye ....

always used to think it was 'baap' only till the time my Mom corrected me on it :|

mythalez said...

as usual ... the title is so amazingly befitting!! :)

Anonymous said...

與人相處不妨多用眼睛說話,多用嘴巴思考. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

pRasad said...

Hahaa..another nice post from you..
There was one drunker guy in my class during college days.., Once, we were sitting in campus & this song came on radio..

'Tum Mile Dil Khile
Aur jine Ko Kya Chahiye'

I told him , you should sing like this -
'Tum Mile Dil Khile
Aur Pine Ko Kya Chahiye' :))

Sudeep said...

Baat ban jaaye ka baap ban jaaye is the most common one..

Ek sunday brkfast mein pohe thik nahi bane mere se so i started,
give me some sunshine
give me some brain
give me another chance
i wanna make pohe again

Woh alag baat hai ki 'me' ke jagah pe 'her' daal deta hu jab aur logo ko batata hu :D

Sudeep said...

Btw, unfamiliar name wale familiar log jab FB pe add karte hai toh jyada surprising hota hai :P

Raja Swaminathan said...

Jab pyar karey koi, toh dekhe kewal dhan!!! ROFL.
Good one!!!

I keep coming up with this type of thing every other day. Must be my twisted mind. :-)

Just the other day I was at a friend's place for dinner. He is a fantastic cook of S.Indian food - and as expecte, there it was on the table. I went, totally spontaneously, "haathon pe tere bharosa hai, khaane ko mast idli dosa hai". :-) (from "sun sahiba sun").

Geomon said...

'Aye mere pichhade watan aye mere ujadey chaman tujh pe dil kurbaan'

Sayesha said...

Haha! Yeah that's the most common one. I was telling Viv that I'm sure many people will comment about that song. :)

LOL! But true yeah? :D :D :D

Hahahaha! :D

Hehehehe... Poor profs! :D

ROFL at nanga nahaaye! HAHAHAHAHA! :D
PS: Thanks! :)

Disqualified! :P


Hehehe! :)

Thanks! :)

Hahahaha! :D Did he sing back "Peena yahan, marna yahan, iske siwa jana kahan?" :P

Hahahaha! Good one! Brain ki tujhe sakht zaroorat hai. :P

Oooh I gotta go back and listen to Sun sahiba sun to see which line you messed with! Love that song! :)

LOL! What a deep song. On many levels! :)

Arun said...

No need to elaborate on the circumstances when "toast toast na rahaa".

jinxed said...

Dil DEHEL ta hai mera
aapke aa jaane se :)

satish said...

i had to fart to lose it the end it doesnt even matter

Sayesha said...

LOL!! You get the second prize!! :D
ps: The first prize HAS to go to Kamya for 'nanga nahaaye'! :D

Hahahahahaha!!!! :D


Aditya Khurana said...

There was this very popular song "Aaja ve maahi tera rasta udeek di haan" which was quite popular around the time I was 6-7.

I always remembered this song as "aaja ve maayi tera rasta udeek di haan". In punjabi, Maayi= Domestic Help. I was quite impressed with the song-writers thinking there was a song dedicated exclusively to the domestic helps till I was about 11. :P

Sindhu said...

I remember my friends singing this line
"Changi kudi koi dikhla de" from the song amma dekh as
"Nangi Kudi koi dikhla de" . The shocked expression on my parents face when they heard them sing was priceless.

Ketaki... said...

I remember my niece once sang the koi Kahe kehta rahe song as " Duniya ruthe ruthne do, bartan tute tutne do..." now we all sing it the same way :)