Thursday, July 29, 2010

In search of the truth - II

As I mentioned in this post, yup, it's indeed going to be a regular feature. Here's the July list of keywords people were searching for when they landed at the bar. I have, of course, compiled the 'best' ones, and by 'best' I obviously mean the most random/funny/weird/disturbing ones.
  • tumhari shawl
  • funny dumb charade ideas
  • aamir chicken
  • meaning of shamme faroza
  • scratch that
  • tol mol ke bol dialogue
  • how much is the taipan dinner at PC karachi
  • helicopter accident of bihar jharkhand leaders
  • agar tu mera acha chahti hai to mujhe jaane de dialogue of wich film
  • remix sayad meri saadi ka khayal
  • bhaigiri lines
  • dhoni fiancee sakshi singh picture
  • the saris on indian tv serials
  • Chad gaya upar re atariya meaning
  • how many uncles does lily have sayesha
  • Muhaaaa t-shirt
  • Na ma na signal dekha na tu na signal dekha accident ho gaya o permanent ho gaya Rabba Rabba
  • Manjeshwar lovely girls
  • madhuri duplicate farheen
  • sayesha rocks
  • sayesha dhakkan
  • clerk gunda jaani dushman
  • baingan bharta kids
  • hota hai hota hai ab hum jaake sota hai
  • warning
  • tumhara naam simran hai dialog
  • blogs I might enjoy
  • rohit mian
  • zindagi hai behne
  • samosa recipes indian video in hindi for sanjiv kumar
  • frand ship
  • horlicks based mocktails
  • hasti rahe tu hasti rahe translation
  • manaofy
  • you could've gone places "i am going places" swades
  • khoka peti
  • sexy kahaniii
  • tamil dirty
  • cuttack ka maal
  • dude meaning in tamil
  • who put the goat in there
  • dialogue of bhaigiri
  • baigan bhartha after peeling brinjal
  • soni de nakhre lyrics kaindi
  • sayesha frand
  • fardeen khan on crutches
  • ab game main hi khelunga aur patte
  • timbacktoo
  • cool things to write on a goodbye card
  • kabir ke dohe non veg
  • Tu premi aha main premi aha tu raazi aha tu raazi aha
  • salaam namaste ghost of the foot's not listening to the talks


Nandini said...

I'll admit it... "Sayesha dhakkan" was my doing.

Nidhi said...

"Gold","Silver" and "Bronze" lemme read all your findings :D

Nidhi said...

tamil dirty ??? lololololol. Please temme whr can i find it tamil dirty stores on your blog ;D

Revs said...

I think you are blessed to have people search for "clerk gunda jaani dushman" and land on your blog. these are some of the EPIC movies ever made in Hindi cinema. I would advise u to search in youtube for "clerk heart attack scene" and just revel in the awesomeness of the scene!

The Soul of Alec Smart said...

That's SOME list :D "madhuri duplicate farheen"??? What the...!

Deepu said...

Liking the dhakkan wala comment. :D

Arun said...

"blogs I might enjoy" - I confess it was me.

Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

bhai!! where the hell are my search terms??? this is not fair you know, putting only interesting terms and all!

Kanan said...

Hahahahaha! These are great..
what in the world is " warning" ??? makes me wanna go LMAO... and who is searching for tamma tamma loge song? Do people still remember that kind of junk? :P I know I do. ;)

Btw, I take responsibility for "tumhari shawl". :D

Some from my statcounter:

The most shocking search I've ever got is "r madhavan naked scenes" and I went WHAT? I don't keep that kind of stuff on my blog.

The funniest one was "yasomati natural park carlifonia" car-li-fonia?? and yasomati? hehehe

And on my songs blog there was one that said "sayyaan din main ana re" and made me think.. he must be coming in only at nights then.

And last but not least "tumko hamari nazar lag jaye" made me just go OH MAN! people wish that also?

Statcounter rocks!

ps. where's stupidosaur when you need him? He loves this stuff.

pRasad said...

The most funniest was-

'agar tu mera acha chahti hai to mujhe jaane de dialogue of wich film'

As if, google is some human being & this person is asking question to him. :)

nidhi said...

tamil dirty
what have you been upto bhai....getting into a new LOB?

Arun said...

:( Desi daru links (on the right of bhai's page) still don't work :(

Sayesha said...

Hawwwww! :O

You tell me when you find out! Hahahaha! :D

Yes I have seen that... Ashok Kumar is rocking eh? :D

#The Soul of Alec Smart,
Hahahahaha... actually Farheen did look a leeeetle like Madhuri :)

Sheesh! :D

Oh! What on earth were you trying to find??

I have filtered out all the XXX terms and what not that you keep searching for all day. This is a family bar, ok??? :P :P :P

Why were you looking for tumhari shawl??? Hahahahah! :D

LOL @ Tumko hamari nazar lag jaaye! The actual song is 'Tumko hamari umar lag jaaye' yes? :D
PS: Yeah where's Stupido???

//As if, google is some human being & this person is asking question to him. :)

Exactly! Couldn't agree with you more. LOL! :D


Yeah Desipundit closed down a few weeks ago so these links became invalid. :( I'll update them to their direct links soon.

V said...

Offtopic, but when did desipundit shut down? had no idea.

Rahul Katarey said...

I didn't knew Kabir wrote any Non veg dohe's :P

謝翁穎翰毓珍 said...


Srishti said...

Horlicks based mocktails? :|

Sudeep said...

sayesha rocks ke baad sayesha dhakkan.. he he he
Kabir ke non-veg dohe? Kya kya dhund sakte hai log baapre!

Sanchit said...

sayesha dhakkan...
:P :P :P

Neha said...

What is this?

scratch that
Manjeshwar lovely warning
sexy kahaniii
tamil dirty
kabir ke dohe non veg

Where is this stuff? Now I am interested :D

Sayesha said...

Links updated. :)

Yep, few weeks ago. :(

Tell me about it1 :D

I went yuck too! :P

Hahahahaha! :D