Saturday, February 06, 2010

Centre stage

The phone rang. I picked it up.


"Hi, Aishuuuu! What are you doing?"

"I am going to sleep now. Mom said I have to sleep. I have a recital tomorrow."

"Huh??? You have a WHAT?"

"Hi, she has a recital tomorrow." My sister had taken over the phone.

"She has a RECITAL???"


"What do you mean by that? She's barely four!"

"Oh they have this thing in the piano classes. Everyone has a recital, where they perform for the class and the teachers."

I had seen Aish in her piano class when I had visited her. The teacher painted the kids' nails in different colours and the piano keys had stickers corresponding to those colours so the kids knew which key to press with which finger. It was very cute, and the kids seemed more fascinated by the nail colours than the idea of playing the piano. All in fun, I'd thought. But an actual performance? Whoa.

So the next day I called Aish.

"How was your recital, Aish? What did you do?"

"I played the piano.."

"And then what happened?"

"And then everyone did 'clap your hands'."

"Wow, everyone did 'clap your hands'? Great! And then what happened?"

"I bowed..."

"You bowed on stage?? Our little grasshopper has become an elegant young lady! So we can't call you 'grasshopper' anymore! So what did you do after you bowed?"

"I jumped up and down."



witha said...


New bewda! ;)

Dil se said...

Very cute !!

shub said...

:) :) :)

sanketaradhye said...

:) :)

Shaiz said...

lolz mebbe u cn jus call her hopper :P

How do we know said...

he he he.. totally cute!! how can bhai's niece be all lady lady and all? not happening! Go baby Aish.. u r living up to ur pedigree.. awesome!

PizzaDude said...


Geomon said...

pity they all grow up too soon nd bcom 'proper' like adults.may the hopper last longer :)

Divya said...

thts amazingly cute :) :)

~ Lopa said...

Aish is such a cutie pie :)

It's fun seeing kids growing up,they have something new everyday !

~ Lopa said...

Aish is such a cutie pie :)

It's fun seeing kids growing up,they have something new everyday !

~ Lopa said...

Aish is such a cutie pie :)

It's fun seeing kids growing up,they have something new everyday !

Sayesha said...

welcome welcome! :D

#Dil se,



Hahaha! Masi chopper, niece hopper? :D

#How do we know,
Arre she is total gundi! Abhi se! :P


Amen. :)


Hehehe... yeah, she's my one-stop entertainment centre! :)

Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

what the..? everytime i come there's a new post and more than 10 comments oredi?

Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

rotfl.. kids no matter how grown up they seem to be, never fail to give the "aaaaawwwwww" moments :D

Achu said...

I was feeling really low... and this post brought the smile back on my face.. :) thanks bhai... you're the best :)

Taurus Girl said...

Awww... so cute!!!.. :)

Deepa said...

dats so cute and cud see traits of her mausiiii :P

Thousif Raza said...

she is so cute... thx for making me smile again :)

take care and keep writing............

Shaiz said...

Masi chopper, Niece hopper lol
sounds like those Golmal-type comedy movies :P

kkn said...

Always a pleasure to read your posts.

Angelsera said...

hahaha..I think she is doing full justice to her title 'Tiny Tapori'


Aish --- I am fan of you,,,,

I love to see those many expressions in those tiny faces,, it will be always good to see children doing something,,

They always give us that aaaaaaaw moment

Padmashree B said...

Hey... Your Aishu is soooo damn cute :).. Reading through your blog gives a great feeling! Keep up the great work!

Deepa said...

>>"I jumped up and down."
bhai ki training, is it :-?

Iddy Albatross said...

She's really living up to her name. Grasshopper indeed :)


Sayesha said...


Thanks and welcome. :)

#Taurus Girl,

Muahahaha! Thanks. :D

You're welcome. :)


Thanks. :)

She totally is! :)


Thanks. :)

Hahahha! :D

You said it! :)