Saturday, January 16, 2010

Whose year? Results show

The bewdas have voted. The verdict about whom 2010 will belong to is out.

Sharing third place are.... four dudes. Actually, all places have been taken up by the dudes. Where are the women, I ask.

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Of course, King Khan has elbowed his way through. My Name is Khan had better be good. I forgave Karan for KANK, but if MNIK is anything like that... SUPARI! :/

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Aamir will probably roll in the success of 3 Idiots for a year or so before we get to see him again. No Ghajini-kind, please.

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Last I heard, Hrithik was flying Kites with Barbara Mori. Apun ticket counter par kab se baithela hai, Hrithik, teri patang kab udegi re?

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Abhay, please please please, do another movie with Imtiaz Ali. He's falling apart. We need a Socha Na Tha, not a Love Aaj Kal!

At second place is our very own Chikna Kapoor. I didn't like Kaminay *ducks to avoid public ki chappal* but I hope for another Jab We Met.

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And leading the pack is... yet another Chikna Kapoor! I can't wait for Rajneeti. Or whatever else he has for us. It's all pure gold.

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Thisisme said...

oh wow!! i struck gold :D
commenting after ages..more so riven by greed of gold ...hahhaha

yaar aamir wins hands down for me...3 idiots ka impact bahut mast hai!! n me a diehard fan of aamir..cant think any other way!! :))

Thisisme said...

i meant driven!! :)
n oh do i get silver also :D

Anonymous said...

waaa my vote dint make it up thr -sigh-

Anonymous said...

and 'thisisme's silver doesn't count right? the same person nevr gets gold and silver right? :P

How do we know said...

aah... i LOVE the results. Me likes the second place chikna more than the first place chikna - so far. Moral of the story - Chiknas rule!

Srishti said...

SRK IS the King!
My Name Is Khan is gonna be aweeeesome! :D
Definitely, no Ghajini from Aamir.
And I loveee your blog! :)

crazy said...

Totally agree about "Socha na Tha". One of my fave movies, wonder how it "flopped".

Sayesha said...

Hehehe... well, hope to see more of him in 2010! :)

Hahaha! Your vote didn't even make it to the accepted pile. Pehle hi disqualified. :P
PS: Yes, only one medal per bewda. :)

#How do we know,
Yeah! I like the chiknas too. It's awesome when chiknas can act, isn't it? :D

I hope MNIK is good. I'm not a big fan of Kajol, but our darling SRK really needs a good movie like RIGHT NOW 'cos Aamir's kinda getting ahead. :P
ps: Thank you! :D

Sigh... they should just re-release it now. I'm sure it will be a big hit. They'll just need to market it with Imtiaz's and Abhay's names, and the movie itself will do the rest.

VIDYA said...

hey sayesha!
jus wanted to say,comin to your blog is like much needed catharsis for me...Revives the irreverence and all the good cheer :)
I guess I got lucky the day I stumbled across your blog!
Sayesha's bar is a part of my life now...and I hope itstays that way :).Before I get a ticket for bein over sappy,apun patli gali kat lega....cheers Bhai!

N said...

SRK him...hate him....he rules!

This MNIK better be good....all this publicity will be useless otherwise!