Monday, January 18, 2010

Scratch that!

Channel 96.3 plays Bollywood songs from 5 pm to 8 pm, which is just nice as that's when I am cooking dinner and need some good music. It also serves as a good alarm clock to ensure Viv gets home from work at a decent time on the nights we go to the gym. If the Hindi songs are still playing when he gets home, he's in the 'safe zone'. But if the 8 pm Korean songs have started and he's still not home (aka most days), oh boy... let's just say the Korean music would not be the only music he would face.

So back to the Bollywood channel. I especially like this section called 'Time machine' where they play oldies from the 90s and before. The other day, they were playing 'Dil deewana' from 'Maine Pyaar Kiya'. I had not heard that song in at least a decade. To my utter surprise, I found myself singing along not only to the mukhda but the antara as well! I was amazed that I remembered every single word! (By the way, "Jee yeh chaahe banaake aanchal tumko lapetun tann pe" just sounds WRONG.)

So impressed was I with my own memory that I decided I would sing along to whatever they played that evening. I just hoped there wouldn't be songs I didn't know. (Oh the horror!)

To my utter delight, I heard the sounds of "Oye oye! Oye-o-o-aa!"

"I know the lyrics to this song too! Yeay!" I thought as I waited for the music to get over so I could start singing.

The song started. And guess what I found myself singing? Really loudly and confidently at that?

"Khujli karne waale! O-o-o-o-o-o! B-Tex lagaa le!"



rabi said...

Ha Ha Ha..
Good One!

nits said...

Gold... :)

nits said...

lol... ha ha ha...

and yep... first time gold... its mine... its mine... :)

Wordsmith said...

lol fantastic! love your blog!

Buls said...

This ad has a high recall... I can never forget it...

Revs said...

Ha ha ha!!
I can so relate to this!!
The EXACT same thing happened to me with "Yeh shaam mastani madhhosh kiye jaaye, mujhe dor koi kheenche teri aur liye jaaye.." and after that i sang "Badshah masala. swaad aur sugandh ka raja.. badshah masala" :D :D

Iddy Albatross said...

Did you remember the obnoxious video of that ad as well? You know which one I'm talking about... the one with that man scratching himself all over... I get a feeling I shouldn't go on :P :D

Hehehe... Cheers

Sree said...


Dil se said...

Oh my god !! that is so hilarious . i do remember that ad. However, the way I remember this song is " Bichoo topi wale ..." because my 3 yr old brother used to sing it that way:-)

Varish said...

ha ha ! :)

How do we know said...

u know what? my top recall for that tune is also this ad.. the other day, i was actually scratching my head to get the words in the REAL song, but Btex it had to be.. i have been laughing out loud for 5 minutes now!

Taurus Girl said...

LOL.. good one!!
And i call silver!!... :)

Anonymous said...

Thrs that other ad where the 'Shriman Shrimati' actors go...

Sardi khasi na malaria hua,
Yeh gaya yaaro isko...
Khujeria hua

Khujli karne wale, B-Tex lagale

Sonia Sunny Thomas said...

You are HILARIOUS!!! I love this post..

Suhel said...

This is so damn hilarious...
I was very young when these ads use to come...but I remember them.
My personal Fav was Hamara Bajaj, But I don't think it had any bollywood songs in that ad.

Anonymous said...


rt said...

Its more popular than the original song ? ;)

Sanchit said...

LOL... wtf... awesome...
am LOL'ing... ROFLing...

Tejal said...

//let's just say the Korean music would not be the only music he would face.
hahahha..i'm imagining u with a Belan in hand threatening Viv not be be late next time.. hahahhahaha

B-tex lagaale?? lol.. hilarous!

Sayesha said...


Congrats! :P

Thank you1 :)

Hehehe... me neither! :)

LOL @ Badshah masala! Another one that plays in my head sometimes is Hawkins ki seeti baji khushbu hi khushbu udi! :D

Oh no no no no, stop describing!! I can only remember Archana Joglekar in a sari and that dude from Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron. :D


#Dil se,
Hahahahaha! Bichoo topi wale! :D :D


#How do we know,
Hahahaha! Yeah after I realised what the heck I was singing, I had to shut up and listen to the original to remember. :D

#Taurus Girl,

Yikes! What was with all the khujli ads in those days eh? :D

Thank you. :D

Yeah Hamara Bajaj was nice, and so was Asian paints! :)

Oye ya toh tu Angrezi mein bak ya hindi mein. :/

I think so! :P

Arre! Yeh ad suna bhi hai ya ainwain hans raha hai? :D

Ahahahaha! I should do the belan pose sometime! :D

Sanchit said...

i still have the video lingering in my mind... :-/

S said...

Like the pun in the post's title. :)

Happy New Year, Sash!

iyer-the-gr8 said...


ROTFL!!! haa haa haa !!! ROTFL

Anonymous said...

Oye ya toh tu Angrezi mein bak ya hindi mein. :/"


Srishti said...

Lol, B-tex lagaale!
Some ads air so many times on TV that they just don't leave you ever. Like the Benedril ad;
One Benedril hame de, zukaam se aaram
Two Benedril hame de, khaansi se aaram
And so on...
Some songs are just etched in our minds.
Nice post :)

Sayesha said...

Hahaha! Toh tu bhi hum logon jaisa buddha hai! I was worried for a second... :P

Thank you and happy new year to you too!
PS: You seem like someone who knows me but when I click on the 'S' I get nowhere. :(

Thanks. :D

Kya karein yaar, karna padta hai. Kahan kahan se aa jate hain bar mein... :)

Thanks. :)

Bivas said...

Am sure you wud hv chkd already, googles translation of this
" 連絡 said...

"Contact said ...
Do not see life, serious, and anyway we will not leave alive."

sorry but WT* was that person trying...

Sayesha said...

I can only hope it's spam!

N said...

O my god!! You always make my colleagues turn their heads towards me whenever I read your posts and laugh out loud!!!!

Akshay said...

hahaha.. damn.. i read ur blog for d first time.. think i'll always be reading it now.. :D cheers..