Monday, January 11, 2010



Sample this conversation between two small children -- my niece baby Aish who is three and a half, and... my Mom!

Mom - O grasshopper!

Baby Aish - You called me a grasshopper???

Mom - Yes, you are a grasshopper!

Baby Aish - No! I am not a grasshopper! You are a grasshopper!

Mom - Okay, you are a small monkey!

Baby Aish - No! I am not a small monkey! You are a small monkey!!

Mom - You are a tiny mouse.

Baby Aish - No! I am not a tiny mouse. You are a tiny mouse!!!

Mom (grinning wickedly) - Okay, you are prachanda sundari ("the supreme beauty").

Baby Aish - NO! I am NOT panchan... YOU are PACHANDA SUNDARI!!!

Mom (grinning still) - OK, agreed! Hehehehe...


mythalez said...



Kanan said...

Silver is mine! ;)

"prachanda sundari" - wow! I haven't heard that before.. reminded me of Vivah film. Funny and cute :D

Nidhi said...

hahaha.....fultoo hilarious!!! hahahaha :D :D

Anonymous said...

hahahaha... well-played aunty well-played

gugun said...

am trying to imagine how a very beautiful monkey + grasshopper + mouse would look like.

lol . maybe Cameron uncle would know ..

crazy said...

hihi .. sweet!

@mythalez: Because you are a complete vella right now and dont have any work other than sitting in front of laptop, your GOLD doesnt count!! :P

Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

:)))) mom is proving that she is ever-cool!

~Lopa said...

Hahaha, Mom is mom, ever-green ;)

Tejal said...

ROFL!! nice trick!

@Crazy- if the gold is not mythalez's .. can i take it? :D

nidhi said...
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nidhi said...

LOL... very cool

Iddy Albatross said...

:D Awesome!

Nataraj said...

Baby Aish is fast becoming the most adored character in your blog (Viv, catch up fast..). Why don't you show her to us?

shweta said...


Sayesha said...


Hahahaha! I only remember "jal" from Vivah! :P


Hahaha! I like the "Well played!" bit. :)

LOL @ Cameron Uncle! :D

Hahaha! Dude, we're ALL complete vellas! :P


Well said! :)

:D So you're at your sona wala resolution eh? ;)



You can click on the 'Tiny Tapori' link under 'Drinks menu'. Tons of pics of the little grasshopper! :)


N said...

Was this during your last visit to India?