Friday, December 04, 2009

A matter of time

Dearest Aishu baby,

I am SO sorry I lied to you. I had to. You clung on to me like a little monkey and said, "No, don't go. Don't go back, Mausi." I had no choice but to lie and tell you that I am going to see the doctor, hoping that would deter you. But you said you wanted to come along. It was only when your Mom said, "Mausi is going to get an injection! She'll come back soon." that you finally let go, but still giving me that half-believing look.

"I'll see you soon." I said. And I came back. Back to Singapore. Back to my crazy life. Your Mom told me you kept waiting for me and asking about me every day. Every time I look at this picture I'd taken on the toy train in the zoo that day, my heart breaks as I think about how I lied to you and made you wait.

Your Mom tells me that a few days later, you finally gave up on me and said, "Mausi went back to Singapore."

When I called you, you were not angry. I asked you, "When will you come to Singapore, Aishu?" and just like the many random things you say, you said, "I'll come at 3:30."

I don't know what that means. But whatever it does, I do know one thing.

I cannot wait for 3:30.

Lots of love,


Tejal said...

Makes me wanna come ther and give u a 'Jadoo ki jhappi'.

But, I'm still extremely shocked.
And very sad.

Sayesha said...

//Makes me wanna come ther and give u a 'Jadoo ki jhappi'.

Thank you!!! :)

//But, I'm still extremely shocked.
And very sad. :(

I am sooooooooo sorry yaar. If I had known you're there, I'd have surely met you! Sorry!!! :'( Next time, promise! My folks are there now so I will be back!! :)

Tejal said...

Arre Bhai stop apologizin.. its okk.. what will other bewdas think? :P
yeaa i'm totally waiting for the next time u are here.. god, its so weird ya, being in the same city at the same time and having no idea about it.. hehe.. next time sirf Urv se milne se nahi chalega :P

Sanket said...


:( :(

TMaYaD said...

sniff! :'(

smalltown_girl said...

this made me cry.
may be i was a bit emo.


u r too good!

Prithi Shetty said...

Maybe she meant 3/30 i.e. 30-March !?!?!?!?!

Kalpana said...

Very touching. I can relate to your experience as I have a niece too.

Divya said...

Aww that's adorable

Thousif Raza said...

so sweet as always, i hope that 3.30 comes soooooooooooon

take care and keep writing..............

Nataraj said...

I can relate to it as I myself have a little 'Aishu' and used to say the same every damn week I had to fly to another city for work. It didn't take me long to say enough is enough.

I am one of those 'lurkers' in Shub's dictionary and wanted to comment a lot of times (like to the Shub's wedding post, the Family drama post) but somehow didn't. With this post, I have to.

I can say just one thing. You are the 'Chetan Bhagat' of the blogosphere. Seriously, you have it in you. Why don't you write a book?

Sayesha said...

Meet you next time then!! :)


Hope to see her soon!! :(

#smalltown girl,
Counting down to 3:30. :)

Welcome back!!! Long time no see! :) I love your optimism! :D

They just take over your world, don't they? These nieces... :)


Me toooooooooo! :)

I saw your 'Aishu' in the thumbnail of your profile pic, clicked to see a bigger view. She's adorable! :)

Thanks for the mega-compliment! I do write Science books for primary school kids, but a real 'book' book? Wow. Find me a publisher! ;)

Stupidosaur said...

Chetan Bhagat? Bhai ki insulate?
Anyways it was done with best intentions, and I guess bhai didn't seem to object, so I am the troll here :P