Wednesday, December 02, 2009

It's in the air

We had an overnight stopover at Kolkata during our recent India trip. Here are some airport and airplane snapshots:

  • The Hindi signboard listing the items prohibited as cabin baggage included 'gada' (mace)!!! LOL! The gada would be checked in and returned to the passenger at the destination. I was reminded of the Mahabharata scene from Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron.

  • The signboard listing the people exempt from security checks (e.g. Prime Minister, President, Dalai Lama, etc.) has Robert Vadra's name at the end. Hmmm...

  • The Bengali announcements in the plane are too cute. The "ladies and gentlemen" part starts with "Bhodro mohila..." I don't think I have ever been called a bhodro mohila before! Mogambo khush hua.

  • Another one. "Doya kori seat belt..." puts visions of the poor cabin crew going down on their knees and literally begging the passengers, "Take pity on us and put on your seat belts."

  • There was a lady who was directing JetLite passengers to wherever they were supposed to go. At first I thought she was saying, "Jet-lagged passengers this way please." I started imagining the tired passengers being led to a huge room with comfortable beds and satin sheets.

  • I cannot believe the two chaps in the domestic flight who were trying to flirt with the air hostess. If I had been in her place, I'd have rolled up the airlines magazine and thwacked the hell out of them.

  • There was a large beautiful butterfly inside the airport. I was looking at it in amazement when -- believe it or not -- a cat walked past! Yes, a cat! Inside the airport. A clean one though. Walking around like it owned the place.

I suppose what they say is really true -- it happens only in India!


smalltown_girl said...


yup!! it is!! incredible india!

sandya said...

:) nice one...

~Lopa said...

hehehehe Yes, that happenes only in India...

and btw gold, silver, bronze jo bhi do... :D

Amey said...

items prohibited as cabin baggage included 'gada'

Now you know why Hanumaan learnt to fly ;)

Swathy said...

•There was a large beautiful butterfly ... a cat walked past!
Hahaha.. Where the hell did that come from?
When I went this time, I saw the flight attendents literally making multiple announcments trying to get hold of a family to board the plane,then personally catching hold of people with kids to check if they are them..
Haha,If it was them would nt they be rushing to get the flight, instead of say er.. eating muffins from the cake shop.:P
And price of an espresso shot @ bangalore international - 550freakinf rupees..what the!
u wont even pack so much at hyatts, I think!

Tejal said...

Nomoshkaar Bhodro Dada (a respectful way of sayin 'hey Bhai' i guess).. whenever you write about your visits to India, i keep thinking, ok now, which city will she visit this time? :P
AND btw, if and when u come to visit your ancestral home next time, u HAVE to meet me. Please? :) Okay. Enough said.

moi said...

this is damn funny!! specially the jet lite thing, cant stop laughing still!!



you only saw cat in airport

only normal peoples cant enter the airport without boarding pass, all others can enter,

Really hilarious post, I like the jet lag thing

How do we know said...

ha ha ha.. u make me want to visit Cal airport just to hear all this!! ROTFL! Super!

Shoba said...

On our flight to Andamans,there were these two morons who repeatedly asked the pretty air hostess to teach them how to wear a seat belt.They changed seats often and asked her to help them.Poor lady got embarrased after a couple of times.I just felt like pushing them out of the plane right there :(

Sorcerer said...


Its not just a cat..Its for security..a black cat may be undercover..
who knows..!!

Deepa said...

Good post Sayesha. Had fun reading it.

Sayesha said...

#smalltown girl,
Incredible India it is! :)

Thanks. :)

All yours! Hahaha! :D

HAHAHAHAHA! Dude you rock! :D :D :D

Yeah, some of the stuff at the airports is very expensive! :O

Yikes and double yikes! Next time, I promise!!! :O


Thanks. :)

#How do we know,

Eeeeks! Disgusting morons! :/

Hahahahaha! :D :D :D

Thanks! :))

The Mad Girl said...

Hii.'Doya koriya' would translate literally as kindly.:)
And yes!! I saw that cat too!!It does seem to own the place!

N said...

Where do you come with that stuff from? Daya kori!!!!! :D

And then the cat!!!! Cats, dogs all come to the airport like owners of these airports!!!!

Keep up the good work :)