Saturday, September 05, 2009

And this is how you bowl a maiden over!

Celebrations in the bar -- Singapore makes it to Division 5 in the World Cup League!

6 matches. 6 wins. 6 years to the World Cup.


bluejay said...

GOLD!!! yaaay :)

PizzaDude said...


Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

Bronze! yaaay!

Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

Is Viv the one holding the shield with goggles up?! :-/

Mayur said...

haha. awesome way to deliver it, no puns intended :p

virdi said...

You mean to say Singapore finally found 11 guys who can understand the rules of cricket? ;-)
b.t.w can you tell us the other participating nations?
1. Vatican City - Pope said don't participate because its not a Christian thing to hug 11 guys on a field
2. Greenland - Could't practice because of the snow
3. Iceland - Same reason
4. Uganda - They are still building the boat which will bring people from Uganda to Singapore for the matches.
Ok I need to stop now... Pitega...

stupidosaur said...

Good punny title :).

However you could have explained the technicalities better

6 matches. 6 wins. 6 years to the World Cup....err?

Thousif Raza said...

i agree with stupidosaur, its 4 yrs not 6 ya

take care and keep writing........

Sayesha said...


Yeah!! :D

Hehe... naah, guess again? ;)

Thanks. :)

Abbe chup! Tu jab bhi bar mein aata hai, hello-hi se pehle bakwaas hi karta hai! :P

The other teams were Bahrain, Norwary, Malaysia, Botswana and Guernsey. We beat all the teams and then beat Bahrain in the finals too. :D

Toh kissa yeh hai ki Singapore was in division 6 of the world cup league. They beat the crap out of the 5 countries in the same division and have moved to division 5. If they continue this performance every year, they will quality for the 2015 World Cup. :)

#Thousif Raza,
It is 6 years indeed. See reply to Stupidosaur.

Meira said...

hey cool!

anamika said...
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Stupidosaur said...

Call me Stupid, but I still didn't understand :(.

6 years to the world cup you explained.

But 6 matches, 6 wins? Is that something already happened? Or is that what needs to happen?

If it has already happened, then they played 5 teams for 5 wins isn't it? Or it wasn't one win with each team?

If it is needed to happen to qualify for 2015 world cup, then are 6 matches and 6 wins needed in 6 years ( 1 per year ;) )

Or are 6 matched 6 wins needed per year for next 6 years?

Yes I know the spelling of cricket.

Sayesha said...

Thanks. :)

Sorry, I didn't elaborate in the last comment. Of the 6 teams in division 6, the bottom 2 moved to division 7, the middle 2 remained in division 6 and the top 2 (Singapore and Bahrain) moved to division 5. In the recent tournament, Singapore played 5 countries and then the finals against Bahrain, hence 6 matches. We have to stay in the top 2 for the next 6 years so we keep moving up and eventually play the 2015 World Cup. :)

Tejal said...

omgg..Viv is lookin awesommeee!
red is totally his colour! :D

Sayesha said...

So you spotted him in the pictures? Batao which one?? :)

Tejal said...

ok seriously, i'm so surprised u're even askin me this..i mean.. ME?? not recognising Viv.. haha..very funny. NOT.
hmm so he's :
first pic mein seventh from the left-no cap
n second pic mein peeche mein, with no cap again(seventh from left again!)[Viv, where's your cap dude?]
hmph. happy bhai? :P
psst. Viv, i think she's jealous of us :P