Thursday, September 04, 2008

You are the dancing queen

The results of the poll dance at the bar (okay that didn't sound good) are out!

The third spot is shared by two dances:

Main aisa kyun hoon

Dola re

The second spot goes to:

Dance of envy

And the top spot goes to... none other than the dancing queen of Bollywood!

Que sera sera


Unknown said...

Waiting for these results from last 1 hour...My selection made it to the top!!!
And Gold!!!!
No one can beat Madhuri when dancing comes.. But, later on I remembered beautiful dance of Madhubala in Mughal-e-Azam... Jab Pyaar kiya to Darna kya..Ohhh I dont know how I missed it!!!

Reef by any other name said...

i checked the blog twice before for results!

my next choice was main aisa kyun hoon!

glad both are on the list!


btw Bhai,
Whats your fav?


~anu~ said...

missed the poll :( but not disappointed with the outcome :)
my vote though would have gone to ik pal ka jeena!

Thoughts said...

hic hic....!! talli hone ke karaan...poll miss kiya tha...but no disappointment...on the result...need some strong coffe though

Amey said...

I am pretty sure the name of the post influenced the results. Or am I the only one thinking all these songs would be good as a background for pole dance? ;)

Anonymous said...

Madhuri Dixit never fails to be awesome! The best dancers are always able to tell the story with their bodies.

Which reminds me! I really like the Choli Ke Peeche dance from Khal Nayak! It's hilarious and full of charm!

Prats said...

Wow both of my choices made to the top....

I love it....

Aislin said...

I would also have given "hoton pe aisi baat" from jewel theif.
Also "Mera piya ghar aaya" from yaarana

BTW this is my first comment in this blog. I suppose you already know it by now, but u've a great blog and i love to read it esp after a hard day :)

Stone said...

Yeah...I'm late...but my favorite choreographed song is 'Nigahen milane ko jee chahata ha' from movie 'Dil hi to hai'

Unknown said...

NO wonder the diva is present to grace all the three songs...

Kanan said...

Thanks, Sash. That was a fun poll! I was surprised with the voting though, pratically no one mentioned old songs, majority of them are new ones. I agree with Trinaa's comment though, that tango number from Honeymoon Travels was awesome, other than that a few more that I get reminded of now are...

Old ones:

mehbooba mehbooba (Sholay) for Helen's belly dancing

koi matwala aaya mere (Love in Tokyo) for Asha Parekh's classical dancing skills

dekho bijli doli (PWDLH) again for Asha Parekh's dance

laga chunari mein daag (Dil hi to hai) one of the best dances I've ever seen in Hindi Film songs

muqabala hum se na karo (Prince) for Vyjayantimala and Helen's dancing

kahe tarsaaye (Chitralekha) I don't know whether this is Odissi or a mix of few kinds of dances, but it's beautiful

New ones:

kathak piece (DTPH) for Madhuri's kathak skills AWESOME!! (I think it starts somewhere at 3 mins 30 seconds in this clip)

maar dala (Devdas) again for Kathak skills of Madhuri

chhalak chhalak (Devdas) for Madhuri's dance

hum ko aaj kal hai (Sailaab) Madhuri's koli dance skills

chane ke khet mein (Anjaam) Simply Mads! and the way she does that move with her hands in form of fists stretched out and lachaks of kamariya... oooh la la!

idhar chala main (KMG) for HR's dancing

ek pal ka jeena (KNPH) again for HR's dancing skills

aaja mahiya (Fiza) love HR's dancing here too

mehboob mere (Fiza) Sush's dance

And there's one more dance of Madhuri where she is wearing black saari/black blouse, and no jewelry against a yellowish orange studio background and dancing away. I think almost same background was used for that silly number "daiya daiya daiya" of Aishwarya. I'm thinking could this be dhak dhak karne laga from Beta? I'll have to watch the video again to refresh my memory.

Too bad I can't think of any good dance songs of Sridevi right now, she's a cool dancer too along with Hema Malini. Our directors never gave them any good dance numbers that would utilize their skills. Such a waste!

Prats said...

I also liked the Western dance sequence Madhuri did in Aaja Nachle in the start of the movie...
But I couldn't find it on youtube...

If u wus have seen the movie. You would know what i am talking about.

sunshine said...

Isn't it amazing that Madhuri features in all 3 of them? :)

Unknown said...

cool! two of my three choices made it :)
Kudos to Madhuri!

Ramkumar said...

kindly watch this

Two of the best dancers film industry has ever produced.