Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I have just climbed up the corporate ladder.... err... I mean elevator.

When people find out that your office is in a building that in the daytime looks like this:

and at night like this:

their faces go like this:


and then they ask you which floor you're on, and you sheepishly say "5th", their faces go like this:


So after your office relocates to the 16th floor, and your new desk looks like this:

is it any wonder that you look like this?



tevezmess said...

Gold! I have been following your posts for a long time & have watched people waiting to write their comment first!! I did not intend to win this time, but, I did!!

BTW, Your office looks awesome!!

shub said...

congrats on rapidly ascending the corporate seedi! :D Itni choti umar mein itni tarakki karli, shabaash! :P

Bivas said...

what r those three color code buildings in the background? :D
They look like Lego blocks!
Oh n mubarak ho on the awesome room..errr...desk with a view :-)

aequo animo said...

Can I apply for a job at your place, pleaaase :D,
would you recommend me ??? :)

Raj said...

I'm jealous :P

I hope you have a tripod to take night shots of the amazing view! :)

PizzaDude said...

HOLY COW!!! What a view! Just perfect to take away the day to day stress.
I will be visiting you at office very frequently :) Even if you don't order pizza :P

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Kisi ne silver nahi liya --- to chandi meraaa!!!

Kya baat hai madam... ab to wahin baith ke blog shlog likkha kijiye! ;)

learning the ropes said...

Thats one hell of a office space! I am so jealous of you :|

ken said...

Hey congrats sayesha on the up-gradation :)

Aas said...

Lovvvvve the office! I'd be jealous if I was also working, but me not yet started with the corporate ladder!!

Congrats di...

S said...

sometimes you really need a view like this...i am juz 2 ladders down, in 14th floor :)

Solitaire said...

MAN! Do you get any work done? Or does it pep you to do more work?
Which place is this?

Sanchit said...

1. Bangkok!
2. Banglore
3. Bang! With a brand new desk.. Sahi...

Congratulations :)

Clueless said...

Oh, that is an AWESOME, AWESOME view. Congratulations, yay! :D

Technofun said...

Hey cool view... Must be really nice to work from there :)

Also Congrats for getting into higher floors ... I m waiting for a view from Top floor office of the building .. I m sure you will reach there soon :)

parikrama said...

Ahh but you don't get to see the sea ! Apun kaa offc se (22nd floor) we can see the Sg Flyer, Concourse Bldg, the DHL Baloon, and ofcourse the aforementioned sea with 100s of huge ships anchored neatly.. and yes, I did check just now.. I can see your office bldg aswell along with the Sultan Mosque !! boleh toh ekdum 360 degree view almost.

But anyways Congrats on the floor promotion. I bet you will have some interesting stories to write about the people you meet in the elavator while travelling to 15th floor. How about a post on that ?

VIDYA said...

Woooow...Splendid office!Well,right now,I'm going like this ...

:O :O :O


Maryum said...

congrats sayesha..the view and the buliding both are nice..:D lucky you.. congrats again

realistic dreamer said...

wow! this so awesome!!! good luck! BTW if it was me i wouldnt do any work, except preening and staring out whole day :D...

Stone said...

woo hoo fantastic view!!

But kindaa scarry for short tempered people :-)

Harshi said...

Congrats! That's exciting! Enjoy the view sash!! would be so awesome to see the sky's colors and forms from there :-). This would make me BE there in office eall day haha. And gosh, nighttime from inside would be really awesome.

Anonymous said...

Whoa bhai! kya naya adda mila hai aapko. You've literally reached new heights. :)
congratulations for the promotion.

Sanyukta said...

@ Bhai:


Wow. Sayesha on the 16th! :P :lol:

Congrats. I wouldn't mind knowing the how-to of getting a job at your office. Enjoy :)


the word "parikrama"....360 degree view...the two kinda go together. No :)

sujatha said...

I have only one thing to say. Sayesha, pls click a picture on a rainy day from the same position and post it here. What say?

Abhishek Upadhyay said...


Ekdum raapchik office hai.

jade said...

cute! :)

Deepali said...

Bhai wo ek baat poochna thi....
Aapki company me humko naukari milegi kya :)

Sayesha said...

Welcome to the bar, and thanks for commenting! :)

Hehehe... hum toh pahunche hue log hain! ;)

That's Rochor Centre! Everyone seems to call it the lego building! :)

Hehehe! Kyun nahin kyun nahin! Resume bhej daal... kitne kidnappings, kitne murders... sabka hisaab dekhkar apun hire karega! :D

Hehehe! No tripod but yeah I should take some night shots! :)

Hehehehe! :D

//ab to wahin baith ke blog shlog likkha kijiye! ;)

Shhh! What if my boss is reading this? :P

#Learning the ropes,
Hehe! :)

Thanks! :D

Thanks! May you have a similar office when you start working! :)

True true! It just makes the work so much easier! :D

Hahaha! Yeah I think I get more work done without getting worked up! :)

The building is Parkview Square. :)

Thanks! :D

Hehee! Thanks! >:D<

Haha! I'm quite happy here for now. :)

Arre! So YOU are the liftman of the glass lift in the building opposite! :D :D :D :P

//I bet you will have some interesting stories to write about the people you meet in the elavator while travelling to 15th floor. How about a post on that ?

Haha! So far it's just been a lot of friendly Caucasians. Nice to be smiled at in the lift. :)

Thanks! :D

Thanks! :)

#Realistic dreamer,
Haha! Every now and then I stare out too! :P

//But kindaa scarry for short tempered people :-)

Huh why? When you get angry you jump out the window kya? :P

Thanks! :) Yeah, I once stayed late for a telecon with my Boston office, and the night view was awesome! :)

Haha! Thanks! :D

Thanks! :)

Sounds like a great idea! Will do! :)

Solid na? :D


Arre resumes ki baarish ho rahi hai photo dekhkar... abhi shortlist kar rela hai apun... tu bhi bhej de! :P

parikrama said...

Khud ko promotion aur humko demotion ? Acche khaase aadmi ko liftman banaa daala ? Kheir, I believe in dignity of labour so I will take my new job with all humility & grace. Atleast this job won't have the threat of looming deadlines & stuff like that :)

You couldn't have expressed it any better. Thanks.

Sanchit said...


apke office mein software engineers ki jage khali ho recommend karna.. pulzzz

asha said...


those colorful bldgs look like pastries

Vaijayanta Chattoraj said...

Congrats Sayesha.

Rohit Talwar said...

Damn, I am jealous.