Sunday, April 06, 2008

Home productions

When Viv and I get really bugged of playing the normal version of dumb charades, we like to come up with all sorts of variations. After exhausting the IMDB top 250 movies list, we switched to the '100 worst movies of all time' page (sample these names: The Tony Blair Witch Project, Die Hard Dracula, The Hottie and the Nottie, Who's Your Caddie, Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace) and use that to play DC. Over time, we really got good with even these names and had to discontinue.

Recently, we decided to mime 'sequels' to existing hindi movies - sequels we came up with ourselves. The guesser had to guess both the sequel well as the prequel. We were playing in the bus once, and Viv mimed a sequel which I decoded as 'Magar main bhool gaya', but I could not think of what the prequel could be. Finally he gave me the answer. It was 'Phir teri kahani yaad aayi'. :

During our recent Bangkok trip with Shub and Pizzadude (yes, yes, that's coming up on Hopscotch soon!), we played another variation. Three-word fictional hindi movie names where the first and the last word rhymed. We only came up with a few during the trip (Titanic Mein Panic, Nappy Mein Happy, Jannat Ki Mannat, Aulaad ka Faulaad were some of them) but I've been thinking of more since I came back. I figured it would be fun to get all bewdas to contribute to this mindless game and see how many crappy movie names we can come up with to play DC some day.

So here's what I have so far:

  • Titanic Mein Panic
  • Nappy Mein Happy
  • Jannat Ki Mannat
  • Aulaad Ka Faulaad
  • Nakhoon Mein Khoon
  • Nurse Ka Purse
  • Darzi Ki Marzi
  • Ret Mein Khet
  • Mausam Hai Awesome
  • Jaam Ka Anjaam
  • Bai Ki Tanhaai
  • Aayi Phir Mehengaayi
  • Shakeela Ka Tequila
  • Zinda Hai Parinda
  • Tum Ho Gum
  • Aap Ka Baap
  • Kadki Mein Ladki
  • Ismail Ki Smile
  • Lara Ne Mara
  • Joshi Ki Khamoshi
  • Gutter Mein Matar
  • Laash Ka Vinaash
  • Aag Se Bhaag
  • Mem Ka Prem
  • Pardes Mein Case
  • Kameeni Ki Cheeni
  • Picture Ka Lecture
  • Mamta Ki Kshamta
  • Shaadi Ki Waadi
  • Sardaar Ka Kirdaar

Taking a break from work? Feeling vella? Generally bored? Want to do something totally mindless? Hop to the bar and add on to the list! English and Hindi words only, and if you can use words typically used in Hindi movie names, even better! :D


Bivas said...

Gold...that too within 5 mins of posting... :D
Okay...some really bakwaas titles:
Til Kaa Dil
Ram Kaa Pram

Shashikant said...

Honi, Anhoni aur Dhoni

Sayesha said...

Hehehe! I really like Ram Ka Pram! :P

Ack! Disqualified! Read the rules! Three words, first and last rhyming! :D

Sayesha said...

Sorry yaar, one of the entries you wrote had to be censored for language. Here's the 'safe version'. :)

Abhishek Upadhyay said...

Haseena ka Paseena
Laloo ka bhaloo
Bhai ki ladai

I wont input any more otherwise Bhai will kick me from Bar forever.

One in a Billion said...

Slightly tangential, but one was wondering how many actual phillums have such names. Ram Aur Shyam and Seeta Aur Geeta are the only ones that come to mind.

And the obligatory contribution: Roadie ki Body. ('Body' to be pronounced with fetching Gujju accent if perfect rhyme is wanted.)

Shashikant said...

Come on, Sayesha. You can't restrict creativity with arbitrary rules.

Anyway, here is the new entry.

Honi Anhoni Dhoni

Sayesha said...

#One in a Billion,
Hmm... yeah now that I think about it, there aren't too many movies. What say we send the list above to David Dhawan? :P

//Roadie ki Body. ('Body' to be pronounced with fetching Gujju accent if perfect rhyme is wanted.)

Oh my goodness! LOL at your pronounciation guide! :D

Hahaha! But the phrase doesn't make any sense no? I know I know - like the ones above do! Hehe! :P

Sheesh! I shall tag your entry as a non-conforming entity. :P :P Maybe "Dhoni Karey Anhoni"?

shub said...

pardes mein chase sounds better! will make for a killer thriller! hey! that's one more :D

ummm....footpath pe bloodbath! muhahaha! GORY!

Angelsera said... abt these

gori ki tijori
face karo race
chiller hoya thriller
bun khaneki fun
baffoon ka khoon
poker main joker
dil aur bill
khroad ke viroodh
kamala ki mala
chance per dance


Abhishek Upadhyay said...

Yaar which of my entry you deleted?
I seriously forgot.

Sanchit said...

masti hain sasti
kela hua akela
naukri aur chokri
gulab ka jhulab
santra ka mantra
akbar ki kabar
shaan ki pehachan
cindrella ka umbrella
chaddar ki gadar (prnced as gaddar)
farishta aya ahista
himmesh aur jignesh (the happy (gay) lovestory)
himmesh ka pravesh
madam ka adam
adam ka modem
malai ki silai
dhakkan ka makkhan
cupid bana stupid
chana aur archana
laat ki baat
tayal ki payal
maya ki chaaya
sayesha ki asha

aaa.. i know i gonaa get brownie points for the last creation.. haina tai ???

Sayesha said...

Hehehe! Title mast hai lekin Pardes doesn't rhyme with Chase re! :P But Footpath Pe Bloodbath is hilarious! :D

Whoa! Long list! My fav is Chiller Hua Thriller! :D Also Buffoon Ka Khoon!
ps: Why are the gory movies the most funny? :P

The one about the ghost. Too much that was!

I love Himesh Aur Jignesh! Hahahaha! :D Also Cupid Bana Stupid! Kya long list hai Sanchit! Tuney toh phod dala! :D

//aaa.. i know i gonaa get brownie points for the last creation.. haina tai ???

CHHEH! Since when did Sayesha rhyme with Asha? Huh huh huh? Deduction of points for mispronouncing Bhai's name! :/

Sanchit said...

@ sayesha...

ummm.. mereko to laga sayesha asha match hoing.. nyways.. another one i thought was

sayesha ki aicha.. (that outlandish song, remember? remember?)

now if u think this doesnt match, den am catching the next flight and getting the pronunciation right..

Sanchit said...

errr... jyada ho gaya, flight is not possible today, lots of work in office :D

okie, lot said.. awesome post..

GuNs said...

"Ret Mein Khet" sounds SO WRONG. "Khet Mein Ret" is more logical.

Plus, I've heard "Paap Ka Baap" in a movie or a movie spoof, I think. It was in Naseeruddin Shah's voice. He was saying "Yeh paap hai...nahi, balke yeh toh paap ka baap hai".

Disco Mein Khisko
Raat Kii Baat
Baap Ka Shraap
Jungle Mein Dangal
Dillagi Kii Bill Lagii (4 words, I know)
Dard E Sard (Hypothermia)


Nemo said...

Hello Sayesha,

I have been a regular reader of your blog. I really enjoy reading it. I have never posted a comment so far...but this post is great and something where I can contribute...

Here is my list:

srushti ki kusti (imagine some natural disaster)
alarm ko salaam (thank the alarm clock every morning you get up)
lucky ki cookie (umm..nothing specific)
sharam aur bharam
sutta ya bhutta
yaar ka pyaar
kano ka kanoon ( law of ears)...hee hee
This was fun. :)

Abhinav said...

cheeta mera pita
sali nahi mani
sarkar ki car
banti bajaaye ghanti

V said...

About the Footpath Pe Bloodbath....its actually apt for a real life incident here in Bombay.

not so funny now is it :-)

V said...

kutta khaata bhutta

(ek) fool ki bhool

mani shah bangaya funny shah
(abt a mani shah turning into a standup comedian...and also could be smthng else ;-))

mera dil tera

tera bill mera (clinton anyone?)

Vaijayanta Chattoraj said...

Esha ki Sayesha.
Farookh ka Shahrukh.
Pup ka Cup.
Pardes mein Swades.


Hope u like it Sash.


LuckyKabutar said...

oh I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. you guys are funny. I esp. liked the "himmesh aur jignesh (the happy (gay) lovestory)"

anshuj said...

This is cool- My 2 cents
Amrood me barood
Riya ka piya
Kkkaun rahega Maun
Keher ka shahar
Zinda hai Darinda
Darinda pahuncha Bathinda
Heart ke part

Man! I can go on and on

Sanchit said...

@ lucky kabutar..

thanks for appreciating my home production, himmesh aur jignesh.. time hua to kabhi hum milke yeh movie direct karenge :D

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hi there,
I am delurking for the first time.. I love your blog!

I loved the post... I was sitting in office and was ROFL reading Nappy may Happy, Kadki mein Ladki.. these are awesome :D :D

Stone said...

little late here but so what :-)

How about

"Yuvi aur Kim" :-)