Monday, April 16, 2007

Kumbh ka mela

Three incidents led to this post.

Incident #1
Sometime ago, I read somewhere that Charlie Chaplin once cheekily entered a 'Charlie Chaplin' look-alike contest. But this is not the funny part. The funny part is that he lost. Someone else made a better Charlie Chaplin than Charlie Chaplin himself!

Incident #2
Recently, I read that people are so angry at the Indian cricketers they're not even sparing the look-alikes. Neighbours of Yogendra Shah, Sehwag's look-alike, threw stones at him after India made an exit from the World Cup. Sheesh.

Incident #3
I saw a picture of Mithunda's son Mimoh.

So I decided, in a moment of absolute vellaness, that I will write a post about pairs of celebrities that have fooled me at one point in time or another by looking like each other.

Parveen Babi and Zeenat Aman

When I was a little kid, I actually thought for the longest time that these two iconic beauties from the 70s were the same person! Now I think Zeenie baby was the sexier of the two.

Kabir Bedi and Shekhar Kapoor

I guess facial hair makes a lot of people look like each other. I used to often get confused between these two till they started doing completely different things altogether.

Farheen and Shilpa Shirodkar

I'm not sure if a lot of people remember Farheen. She starred in over a dozen movies in the early 90s, but the only one I saw was 'Jaan tere naam'. And there was Shilpa Shirodkar, Miss India 1993 Namrata Shirodkar's not so well-known sibling. There was actually a movie with both Farheen and Shilpa, and Dad and I were watching it in bits and pieces. Both of us thought that there was only one heroine in the movie till the last few scenes where one of them died or something, and yet she was there, as if refusing to leave the sets. And it was then that both Dad and I realised that there were actually two heroines in the movie!

Jojo and Lindsay Lohan

When I first saw Jojo, I'd never heard of her and thought she was Lindsay. It does not help that both teen icons sing. Thankfully, now I can differentiate between the two. Jojo is way prettier than Lindsay.

Aishwarya Rai and Sneha Ullal

When I saw the trailer for 'Lucky', it was like watching 'Hum dil de chuke sanam' all over again. Rediff christened Sneha 'Aish Lite'. Although Aishwarya is a zillion times more beautiful than Sneha (honestly speaking, I don't even find Sneha beautiful at all) but the look they had given her in Lucky was totally reminiscent of the former Miss World's look in 'Hum dil de chuke sanam'. The fact that Sallu was eeriely lurking around both of them made them look all the more similar.

Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg

I'd never seen Mark Wahlberg till I watched 'The Italian Job' a couple of years ago. I totally flipped for who I thought was Matt Damon. Now I can't stand Matt Damon (mainly for agreeing to act in a senseless movie like 'Stuck on you') but I still like Mark. And even though I can easily tell them apart now, I still think they have very similar smiles.

Suniel Shetty and Mimoh Chakraborty

Though Mimoh looks like a mix of Suniel Shetty and Ashmit Patel, the picture I found of him really reminds me of Suniel Shetty in some movie where he played this psycho who walked around in a black overcoat.

Hrithik Roshan and Atma Rao

Even though I know that almost every celebrity has tons of look-alikes, I've only used Hrithik's double Atma Rao (I found his picture while surfing for the rest on the post) in the post for a reason even though he is not a celebrity himself. Most "good" look-alikes are those of guys with facial hair as it's easy to duplicate the hair. But for a clean-shaven guy to look so much like a clean-shaven celebrity is really a wonder.

Any celebrity pairs who had you confused?


Confused Soul said...

OMG!! I can't believe this.. for a second you were trying to fool us [I know it's 15 days late, but you never know :P] by putting pictures of the same person twice! Haha.. Especially the first two celebrity pairs - they resemble each other way too much!

PizzaDude said...

Oh boy!! You are "Ms. Bollywood Encyclopedia". You will be the first person I will think of if I have any questions abt apna Bollywood :D

Tejal said...

oh nobody claimed their medals???!!!! can i take all threee????
now for da readin part :)

Tejal said...

heheh..ya even i thought as a kid..dat praveen babi n zeenat wer same..sheesh! an insult to zeenat! :(
n u kno..sneha WAS chosen Bcoz ahe was an aish-lookalike.. hehehe.. she's sallu's sis's fren.. shucks! silly reason!
nice ensemble btw!

Lalit Singh said...

Atma Rao??? HAHAHAH
who the hell is Atma Rao??

I admit to being confused about Zeenat and Parveen at some point in my life(read pre-puberty):)

Rebellion said...

Many used to confuse me too Sash but right now I remember just the first one! Yepp, Parveen & Zeenat.
Btw, with all that vellagiri, mind to log on for a word dear? :P

piyu said...

Looks like Parveen and Zeenat befuddled many. :D I later started identifying Zeenat's famous pout to differentiate between the two. It was more like a killer glance, I suppose.. ;)

And I think Sneha was made to look like Aishwarya, especially in that song from which you have posted the pic.. Creepy... :D

Smi said...

Remember Chandrachur 'Maachis' Singh? Sans the beard, I think he looks a lot like Sanjay Dutt..It's probably the dopey eyes!
And yes, like pizzadude says you are Ms. Bollywood Encyclopaedia! Now I can't think of anyone who would remember watching a movie with Farheen and Shilpa Shirodkar together!!:)

Sakshi said...

I was confused by parveen and Zeenie baby too..

But you confused Matt and Markie..Whaaaaaaaat! I love both of them.. Markie Mark has come a long way!
I had confused Penelope Cruz once to the dyed brunette Diaz. I guess I really dont pay that much attention to the women in the film ;)

vineet said...

i cudnt differentiate between madhuri dixit and meenakshi sheshadri earlier.

when i grew up enuf to understand the language of eyes, i figured that the former is far prettier.

btw doesent priyanka chopra copy madhuri at times?

Neihal said...

If anyone remembers Bindiya Goswami (Mrs. J P Dutta now). Her and Parveen Babi, they did Shaan together.....was very confused for longest time...and now I think Bindiya was prettier.

And yeah Kabir Bedi and Shekar Kapoor.

Thisisme said...

hahahaha..i was/m majorly confused between zeenie n much so ki till date cant differentiate btwn the two properly! :-s
n i lurrrvv hrithik..who is this atma rao ???
this one na?
he luks like quite a copy .. :)
n mimoh..luks even worse than suniel n ashmit patel combined :(( n sneha n aish..real life mein sneha doesnt really luk that much like aish..but in that song from lucky..they made her luk like that..the 1st time i saw was sooo freaky..scared me completely ki aish n sallu together :O..only later i came to knw ki yeh toh sallu ki behen ki dostich hai!!!!
n farheen n shilpa...errr..i think i have also seen that movie *ppl..dont luk at me like that* :D:D!!!
all in all..gud post :)

Thisisme said...

n also surprisingly..i used to get confused between govinda n mithun as both were dancing actors..this was when govinda was still struggling ..darya dil n all those movies :D:D

Thisisme said...
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Bivas said...

yeah...zeenat n parveen babi were so similar...n I liked Parveen a lot better :-)
know what...just 2 days back we were watching 'Shooter' n discussing how similar Mark Wahlberg, Matt Damon n Leo Di-Caprio look...sometimes it does get confusing...

Bivas said...

even Ash n Diya Mirza confuse me at times...

soleil said...

Hmm... I've only seen Jojo once in a music video and she didn't remind me of Lindsay... Maybe I don't see enough of Jojo cos I don't have cable :p

As for Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg, I think Matt Damon is cuter and he was awesome in The Bourne Identity and Supremacy :) I haven't seen the Italian Job yet...

satish said...

parvin baaby was more maal yaar.

I always had trouble identifying sadhana and will name her vajyanti mala, nanda etc etc.

Garam Bheja Fry said...

hehehe!! google ka gala ghota gaya hai berehami se iss post ke liye!!

for the amount of khoon=paseena=1 you have done for this post!!!! a mighty round of applause for sayesha bhaai...and "seeti" bhi maaro yaaro!!

Shreemoyee said...

Kiran Kumar and Anil Kapoor confused me a lot when I was quite young. I could never tell the difference

sunshine said...

Well, I guess Mimoh looks more like the male Jogita Bali, who happens to be his mom. And in case you wanna see a crappy look alike of Dhoni, do watch this video-

sunshine said...

2 other pairs that always had me confused were-

1. Satish Shah-Tiku Talsania.
2. Reema Lagoo-Tanvi Azmi.

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

Madhuri Dxit and Mahima (in the beginning)
Shilpa Shetty and Pooja Batra

Sayesha said...

#Confused Soul,
Hey, reading one post of yours is all it took for me to identify you! :P Welcome to my space! :)

Hehehe! :P

Hahah! Chal saare medals tere! :D

Ufff... post toh padhte nahin ho, chillana shuru kar dete ho! Atma Rao is Hrithik's dubbal re! :D

I was online twice yesterday meri jaan, tum nazar hi nahin aayi! :O

Hehehe... yeah Zeenat had more killer looks than Parveen. :)

Hahaha! Oh yeah, I forgot his dopey eyes! :P

//can't think of anyone who would remember watching a movie with Farheen and Shilpa Shirodkar together!!:)

Hahaha! If I had a dollar for every crappy movie I've watched... :P

Have you watched 'Stuck on you'?? Watch it - you won't love Matt anymore! :P

I think Madhuri, Meenakshi and Priyanka are all very beautiful women in their own ways... but I do know some people who can't tell Madhuri and Meenakshi apart - I think my Dad would be one of them! :P

Ohhh Bindiya! She was wayyyy thinner than Parveen, wasn't she? I think that's how I identified her. :)

Yeah, it's the same Atma Rao! :D

//n farheen n shilpa...errr..i think i have also seen that movie *

YIPPEEEEEEEE I'm not the only one! Dhakki tiki! :D

Govinda and Mithun? :O Hahahaha! :D

Oh yeah, Zeenie and Parveen have their own fan clubs and both are equally matched huh? :)
ps: Yeah, even I think Diya looks a lot like Aish at times! :)

Watch 'Stuck on you'. :P :P :P

Parveen was more maal? Nahin re, I think Zeenie was maaler than Parveen! :D

Sadhana and Vaijayantimala? Hahahaha! Size dekha hai dono ka? :D I could always identify Nanda by her lips - very unique.

#Garam Bheja Fry,
Hahaha! Thank you thank you! Sahi bola re... Bhai ki waat lag gayi photu dhoond dhoondkar. Ufff! :|

Wow, that's a first! :)

Hahahahaha! My gawd, what a crappy crappy video! :D :D :D

Hahahahah... I remember being confused between Shilpa and Pooja, long leggy beauties with wide smiles! :D

Manchus said...

Good post.
I still get confused with Saif Ali Khan and Sharmila Tagore!! Thatz eerie..

piyu said...

//I still get confused with Saif Ali Khan and Sharmila Tagore!!

LOL!!! Now I will have to rein in my imagination before it wanders loose.. ;)

But that certainly has set me wondering how the kids of yesteryear stars are made to look like their parents by the directors to cash in on their parents popularity..
eg- Sharmila Tagore and Soha, Hema Malini & Esha
Though I think the copy-paste works only in the 1st film due to curiosity.. :)

ze zombie said...

shucks i so agree with u! i used to keep mixing up mark wahlberg and matt damon.. and all my friends used to tell me im blind!.. im so glad im not the only confused soul :D

Amit Panhale said...

what do you have to sat about

1. Upen Patel and Irfan Pathan
2. Steve Waugh and Gary Sinise
3. Vladmir Putin and Nasser Hussain

Vijay said...

Your compilation looked almost exhaustive until i put my idle brain to work.
Here is my list - although i can not substantiate them with photos like you did.

1. shruthi seth; tara sharma nauheed cyrusi; sandali sinha
2. meryl streep and julianne moore
3. sylvester stallone and hrithik roshan
4. tupur and tapur chatterjee
5. jill hennessey Debra Messing
6. amisha patel and meghana kothari
7. Amrita Rao and trisha

Always thought shruthi seth and tara sharma were the same - nauheed also looks similar....
with stallone and hrithik i just want to see the similarity - I think Hrithik will be the perfect Rambo!!!

Vijay said...

oh i missed out one more
Sandali Sinha and Prachi Desai :)
Thanks Google and IMDB for the names :)


Vijay said...


As long as the Nawab can distinguish between the two we dont have much to worry :D

Thisisme said...


aila..all the combinations that u have given..dont match each other least i dont think so at all :-s !! n tupur n tapur r they have to match na :P:P
n when did hrithik start lukin like rambo :O ..that ways all Hot bods guys luk like rambo :P:P
all those combos above might have some common features but not common enuff to confuse any1!

Vijay said...


Clarification - The only ones who confused me were Shruthi seth and Tara sharma. The rest i mentioned have a lot of similarities...

Sayesha said...

You can't tell mother and son apart?? ROFFFFLOLLLLL! :D

//how the kids of yesteryear stars are made to look like their parents by the directors to cash in on their parents popularity.. ...the copy-paste works only in the 1st film due to curiosity

True, couldn't agree more!

#Ze Zombie,
Hehehe! Join the club! :)

Hahaha! Actually I have to agree with you on Waugh-Sinise and Putin-Hussain! But I can easily tell Irfan and Upen apart! :)

Baap re baap! I dunno if I should be more alarmed at the length of your list or the fact that I dunno who some of these chicks (Shruthi, Tupur-Tapur, Prachi, Meghana) are! :O :O

Manchus said...

I forgot to mention, I can tell them apart now that Saif has started showing up his biceps.
But remember the 'Jab bhi koi ladki dekhoon....Ole Ole' song, he really looked feminine :))

Tarun said...

Bhai u got the right list going.

I get confused about all the Jeenifers and Kates.

PSV said...

I am also one of those who always thought Parveen babi and Zeenat Amaan was one person!
u dont like Matt Damon, watch Bourne Identity and Good Will Hunting, u will love him...
I feel sorry for Atma Rao, the guy has to spend hours at the gym to continue being a lookalike...

Sayesha said...

Hahaha! Yeah, he used to be quite feminine, but I'm still LOL-ing at you confusing him with Sharmila Tagore! :D

Ah the Kates! Meee tooo! :P

I've seen Good Will Hunting. Thought it was okay. I do wanna watch the Bourne Identity though.

Sandew said...

Chaplin came third. Famous quiz question.

Raju Bathija said...

Wonderful post :).

Sayesha said...

Wow. Didn't know it was a quiz qn! :)

Thanks! :)

Sush said...

good one Sayesha, had been wanting to post one along these lines for quite some time and you beat me at that and it was really really good stuff put in there..

Zeenat and Parveen Babi, ultimate confusion

and for some strange reason, i used to get confused between Madhuri and Manisha at one stage..

Had been frequenting your blog for a while but too lazy to leave a comment.. Great page, keep it up.

arpana said...

my mom gets confused between rajesh khanna and dharmendra , now DONT EVEN ask how or why, NO one in the universe can figure out what she finds similar between the two.!!!

Mithun said...

Well done on your lookalike observations..

as a child I couldnt make out hte difference between Parveen babi and zeenat aman.. I then realised they were different Because parveen babi was MORE BEAUTIFUL and much fairer.

Zeenat AMAN was MUCH sexier albeit not as pretty as Parveen.

I can still not make out the difference between MArk Wahlberg and Matt Damon in one glance.. I really do think Wahlberg is handsome though.

My dad gets confused between Sridevi of some movies with Juhi Chawla and madhuri in some movies.. I guess because at one point both the latter actresses copied Sridevi's luks and hairstyles as it was the in thing then.

Anonymous said...