Thursday, November 02, 2006

The blast and the furious

Dear full-time student,

What is your problem? If I am flipping through my notes before class, why must you panic? And what was it that you asked me today? Have I started studying for exams? No, my dear, no. The answer is no. In fact, it is NO.

I know the exams are in less than two weeks. But I don't have any leave left to stay home and study. My company does not give study leave for self-sponsored part-time masters courses. I'm already grateful they let me off early on the days I have classes. So no, I haven't started studying. You know why? Because I can't. I work full-time and my work keeps me very busy all day. Only I know how I have been managing my dissertation, my term projects, my presentations, my group meetings and classes alongside work. But you know what? I am fine with it. I am fine with the challenge of juggling work with studies. I've managed two semesters on adrenalin, I can manage one more. Have you heard me complain?

So yes, exams are in two weeks and I haven't started studying. And by the looks of it, I'm not going to be able to start anytime soon. So yes, I'm in deep shit. That should be my problem, isn't it? Why is it yours? And if you have to give me that disbelieving look when I say "No, I haven't started studying yet." why do you ask the question in the first place? Why are you panicking just because I'm not? Why do I make you nervous?

And what do you mean by "Sayesha, why do you always need to sit in the first row and be so attentive?" I need to because I want to. I am a part-time student, and unlike you, I do not have time to go back and look at the lecture notes. I'm revising simultaneously as the class is going on. And that is why I need to sit in the first row and be very attentive. And I do not care if you or anyone else thinks that I am a nerd. Discipline is my thing, and if it bothers you, I'm sorry I can't help you there.

I don't know whether you're trying to make yourself feel better by getting me to admit that I am in more of a soup than you are, or whether you're trying to get yourself motivated by checking on what I am doing. Whatever it is, do remind yourself that part-timers are different from full-timers. You cannot compare the two. I work full-time and study part-time. You study full-time. You do the math.

I'm not doing this course to beat you and everybody else in the grades list. I used to do that in school, not anymore. I'm not doing the course to compete with kids like you. I'm doing the course to get myself a post-grad degree. So if you want to compare and compete, do so with the full-timers. Don't come and ask me silly questions about whether I have started studying for exams. Because I will tell you the truth, and apparently you can't stomach the truth.

So stop behaving like a paranoid first year undergrad and concentrate on your own studying. You don't need to worry about me, I will manage. Just don't make me angry. Really. Don't. I mean it. I don't have time for your games. Find kids your own age to play with, will ya?

Now get out of my way so I can travel across to the other side of the country to get home and crash.

Cos I have to wake up at 6.30 am tomorrow to go to work, you see.


Inder said...

may sanity prevail.

someone is pissed off. haha... :P

Madjazz said...

go get a deep tissue swedish massage girl.
u deserve it!

Sayesha said...

You bet! :/

I have a long-pending massage... will reward myself with it after exams :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your exams and remember: "Study smarter, not harder".

-Anjaan Ladka

Sakshi said...

Top 5!!!!!!! Yeah and that too after reading the post.
Hehe..the whole full time student thing reminded me of the "Pre- meds" I have as my students. Paranoid the whole lot of them :)
I admire your determination to work and study. You Go, Girl!

black tulip said...

this is some rant! i hope the kids get the drift :P

dharmu said...

lage raho sayesha bhai!!!

The Secret Whisperer said...

Oh My!
I can udnerstand your pressure there, indeed.And very well written, because I find that question to be one of the most irritating possible anyone could ever ask, even to a full time student ("have you started studying for the exams").Kudos.

I mean what frigging business is it of any random weirdo to keep tabs on my progress and adherences to whatever predicaments I may be in the present?

Digressing, but not hugely, the most irritating question, in my perspective, is usually the regular indian aunties loose-talking and individually asking anyone in school or college, "Padhai kaise chal rahi hai, beta?".
With all due and undue respect to such inhumane creatures, if abusing was socially acceptable my replies would generally be WTF is it to you?

P.S.I am Sumedh, in case you do not link with my new internet identity, and in case you still remember who I am!
P.P.S. You would also notice my new URL, but don't worry, I am not asking you to change the link.You can do it at your own leisure after your exams :).Or not at all, if you feel lazy. :)

Take Care.And Best of Luck for the exams.

Tarun. said...

16 Days to go for CAT.

mihir said...

Nothing from your sari manual? :-(
Anyway, best of luck for your exam.
You don't need to be a full-timer to blast them big time, do you?

IA said...

All the best for your exams. Btw what course are you taking?

Iday said...

Is this the female with whom i had a chat tonight?
Was this female in THIS bad a mood???

What can i say!
Nothing more than re-say what u have said. If u can do it for 2 semesters, u will do it again :)

Aur kaun hai who dhakkan jo "bhai" se panga leta hai???
bhai tu haan bole to - uske khan ke neeche bajaaoonga ek.
ek kya ek?!?! char - panch aur bhi bajaoonga mein :D

Hari said...

What a GIRL!!!

But Sayesha, in addition to your studies and work you also run this bar!! That too a highly succesful one with huge customer turnover (5 is a crowd at my hideout and when it exceeds 10 I have an emotional breakdown :D !!!)

Hari leaves the bar shaking his head wondering if she is really a girl or some alien sent down from mars to impart inferiority complex to people like him...

Hari said...

..on people like him

asha said...

achhe se dho daala, full timer ko! Now 'chill, chill, just chill" and thandey dimaag sey, apney pace mein, kaam aur padhaaiee mein jut jao. my best wishes sent your way!

satish said...

Arey, I never asked you anything; phir bhi itni daant???!! :((

Duhita said...

Good luck:) May the force be with you.

virdi said...

did u see don??? arre tu kaise dekhegi?? kyunki...


Khi Khi Khi Khi Khi Khi Khi Khi Khi Khi Khi Khi Khi Khi Khi Khi Khi Khi


Bivas said... God there were no part timer students in my class when I was doin a full time course ;-) warna apun ki to watt lag jaati bole to durgati ho jaati :-)
Nice to see the V guy back here... :D

PizzaDude said...

Chill Girl, Chill !!!
Oh, and all the very best for your exams. I guess Ian must be in full josh.

Kais said...

Best of luck!!


its me said...

All the Best Sayesha!!! :)

bachcha said...

gud luk for the exams !!

but ur annoyance it seems coming from within ur helplessness in starting the studys for the exam rather than from someone asking u if u hv started or not.. coz that seems to me a very normal Q to ask when exams r close

Sayesha said...

#Anjaan Ladka,
Yup, that's my motto too! Thanks! :)

Thanks :)

#Black Tulip,
Well the look I gave the person said all that I wrote here, so I'm guessing yes :)

Bilkul! :)

#Secret Whisperer,
Sumedh??!! It's you?? And you changed your URL AGAIN????? Dude, I need to write one of these scolding posts solely for you man! :P

#The Light-house,
Ab BILLI door nahin! ;)
All the best! Phodo it! :)

Hehehe... thanks! :)

Thanks :) It's a mass communication course.

Yes sir, it was this female... but my mood was okay when we spoke :)
ps: Lagao kaan ke neeche mast!

//when it exceeds 10 I have an emotional breakdown :D

Hahahahaahaha! :D

Thanks dear :)

Offo tujhe kahan daanta?

Thanks :)

Praji apun tere se peileich Don dekh liya muahahahahaha! :D

Hahahaha! Yeah the part-time full-time war is age-old eh? :)

Thanks yaar! I've had no time for Ian lately... I think he's studying by himself :P

Thanks! :)
ps: Long time no comment :)

#Its me,
Thanks :)

I am fine with people asking me if I have started studying if the intention is harmless. But I'm not fine with the disbelieving looks the part-timers give when I say I haven't. That bugs the hell outta me. If you dun wanna believe me, why the hell do you ask?? Sheesh! :/ And then there are those who just wanna see you squirm as you say you haven't started studying. Double sheesh! :/

Strider said...

Go bhai go.. give it to them..

Best of luck for your exam!!!

mysorean said...

So much of reaction to an immature person with an even more immature question?

Easy yar! Come on!

Anonymous said...

Bhai, I actually thought I was reading something I wrote. Not that I am juggling work and studies, but I am juggling 4 courses! :/

This reminds me I have an exam tomorrow, which is difficult to crack than CAT or other tests.

I am a shattered accountant in the making! :/

See ya later,

and good luck!


ps - blogger is acting up

RP said...

into a lot of soul-searching these days is it? :-) most of the post that i have read of yours seem towards "why are we doing this?" or "why that?" or so no! interesting. actually, your posts make me think about what I would do if....
1. i am in your place.
2. i am in others (like this full-time student) place.

hmm... interesting thoughts are running thro' my mind. in short a mini-soul searchin is on. :-)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

kya solid rant tha. u should tell such people, "ya, of course i started studying, haven't you? i'm doing the 23rd revision now. now please kindly buzz off."

all the best sash medammmmmmmmmmmmmm

renegadefade said...

abey yeh kaun dhakkan bhai ko tang kar raha hai?

bhai tum ekdum bindaas padho, dhakkan to rg try karte hi rahenge..

Anonymous said...

All the best!!! :)


ps: You better say "Same to you"!! :D

Rohit Talwar said...

I guess you can pray for fellow students while you are travelling to either side of the country...Please do, find time, whatever. 15 days to go for CAT.
MICA dreams :'(

Sayesha said...

Hehehe... thanks :)

Yaar I already know I am in trouble.. I really dun need the questions and the disbelieving looks. Offo!

All the best, meri shattered accountant! Exams ko shatter kar do babe! :)

#Ipanema Gal,
Hahahaha! Yeah, I'll do that!
ps: Don't use medammmm pls pls pls? :P

Haan yaar... apun abhi solid padhai shuru karega... :P

Et tu? Exams?? All the beshhhhhhhtttttttttttt, girl! :)

All the best buddy, my next post is especially for you, Satish, Raam Pyari and Light-house! :)

The Inquisitive Akka said...

I hope you feel better now that you let off steam!All the best for your exams!!

Sayesha said...

Thanks dear! :)

Tarun. said...

LOL Sayesha.
Well that has pull down some of the anxiety.

Iday said...

//Lagao kaan ke neeche mast!
Bol do woh full time wale bache ko...
Mein abhi aa raha hoon us desh ko.

PS: ticket ka paisa donga naa :(

Sayesha said...

#The Light House,
All the best yaar! :)

Hahaah! Nice try buddy! :D