Saturday, November 04, 2006

Ab billi door nahin

This post is for all you guys & gals who're taking the CAT this month.

I have not met any of you, but I do know from our conversations and your blog posts how much it matters to you.

All the very very very best to you.

Bole toh, phod daalo! :D


satish said...


I have read the post and i know i can give my precious comments right here!!


satish said...

Thank you for the wishes!

satish said...

And I ll pretend that you have written the post only for me.

Aashun said...

CAT,or no CAT, I am the second one to comment. I deserv a "10 ways to wear sari" blog from you for this.

Rohit Talwar said...

Thanks a ton. I'm trying my best. Although my chances of getting a decent percentile (for MICA) are low. Two weeks! :|

Rohit Talwar said...

Oh did I tell you I got a new blog? I started it when I was VERY irritated. You can see the first and the latest post. Phew! :P

I'm scared but trying to stay cool. Can't believe an entrance is doing this to us. :|

Bivas said...

Phod daalo aur 'Dho' Dalo...then it will become 'Bheegi Billi'... ;-)
Okay bad joke :D
But in any case...All The Best to those writing the CAT :-)!!!

raghu said...


Sayesha said...

Hehehehe... pretend away, my friend, pretend away! ;)

Sheesh, tera sari-obsession ab tak gaya nahin? :O

You'll do fine yaar, don't worry. :)
ps: Yeah, I checked out your new 'angry' blog :)

//Phod daalo aur 'Dho' Dalo...then it will become 'Bheegi Billi'... ;-)
Okay bad joke :D

Err... I actually liked it! :P

What makes you think I'm not? :)

Tarun. said...

@ Rohit: Pal manay a slip between the cup and lip, 2 weeks is Helluva lot.
Believe atleast me last two weeks last time gave me 87 percentile.
This time I have to push it in a region where MICA call is obvious.

Thanks U.

Iday said...

Oh yeah - the most diff entrance test in all of Asia :o
I took the test last year and scored a poor 93%-ile :(
Glad that i don't have to take the test this year, even though my future is as indeterminate as the folks who're gonna appear for CAT :)

All the best to all the applicants though :)
Bhai bhol diya naa, jaa "Phod daalo" us billi ke bache ko...

Strider said...


@ bivas
bheegi billi?? lol! ;-)

RP said...

that was very sweet.

Sirius Black said...

lolz almost every1 in india just before graduation gets this CAT fever.The sad part is most of them do not even realize what do they have to study if they get selected...
Just plain simple "Bhedchaal"
ohh nywayz besta luck for every1 who s givin it :)

Bivas said...

@sash: Hope u don't mind calling u by dat name :-)
U liked dat one...well dat puts u in the league of the PJ Kings/queens(i guess u wud prefer king ;-) )
@Strider: :-)
@Sirius: Agree wid u dude...simply bhedchal after getting selected...been thru it n done dat...and life afterwards is pretty monotonous...t least campus was much more enthusiastic...

chanakya said...

chill out guys.
CAT is a lot tougher only if you make it tough for yourself.
while i will not say prep does not help, I think its more of a case of not putting too much pressure on yourself on that day. To many people cave in to that pressure.

Best fo luck for the so called biggest day of your life. (till something else comes along that is)
Ahh feels so nice to give fundas to others.

Viky said...

Poo looking at her reflection in KKKG - "Tumhe koi haq nahi ki tum itni khoobsoorat lago"

Adaptation - "Tumhe koi haq nahi ki tum itna achcha likho". I came here on Monday through Mysorean and since then I have been laDkhaDaofying in your bar for the whole week, lapping up your archives. So much so, that I had to come to office today - Sunday - to finish up pending work of the week gone by.

Mai ki qasam...saqi ho to aisa...maikade band kare laakh zamane waale, shehar mein kam nahi blogon se pilane waale...

Sayesha said...

#The Light-House,
Sirf last sentence samajh mein aaya :P

93% poor hota hai? Sheesh, I know nothing of CAT! :P

Welcome to the "found the bheegi billi joke hilarious" club! :)

Thanks :)

#Sirius Black,
Yeh "bhedchaal" kya hota hai? Which language is it? :O

Haha! Don't worry about it, half the pple here call me Sash :)

Yeah, I'm the PJ king muahahaha :D

Thanks for the fundas :)

Welcome to Sayeshaz and thanks for making me laugh! What an analogy! Hahahahahahaha! Poo and me! Hahahahaha! :D

Thanks for the compliment waise :)

//maikade band kare laakh zamane waale,
shehar mein kam nahi blogon se pilane waale...

Wah wah wah ustaad! Kya nazm likha hai! Wah! Saqi bhi fan ho gayi! :D Apun ke bar ke baju mein tu bar mat kholna re... saare bewde udhar ho lenge! :P

Iday said...

//93% poor hota hai?
93 percentile ithna poor hota hai khi ek bhi IIM (or top 10 schools let's say) interview ke liye invite nahi karta :o

//Sheesh, I know nothing of CAT! :P
That's good in a way :)

Anonymous said...

billi has been giving sleepless nights to lots of early 20-somethings out here!! such wishes are much needed i guess :D:D

Sneha said...

billi has been giving sleepless nights to lots of early 20-somethings out here!! such wishes are much needed i guess :D:D

chanakya said...

93% kya bhai 99% main bhi guarantee nahi hota sab se call aayega ya nahi :D

Ekta said...

Oh yes...its about CAT time..all the best guys and gals...hope u guys crack it!

Viky said...

shukriya janab-e-saqi, par us nazm ki wah-wahi humen nahi, Hariharan sahab ko dijiyega...

Aur jahan tak mere bar kholne ka sawaal hai - matlab lautne ka woh rakhte hain, jinhe wapas jane ke liye ghar-bar ho...nashemandon ko mai se matlab hota hai, kya farq hai, tumhara bar ho, mera bar ho... ;)

Sayesha said...

Sheesh! Achha hua bhai is kutte-billi ke chakkar mein nahin padi! :D



YEAH! :)

Wah wah wah! Shayri ka jawab toh dena hi hoga...

Mere bar mein aate ho, aaya karo
Nagme bhi sunate ho, sunaya karo
Lekin jaate jaate chupke se janaab
Apun ki baatli na churaya karo


Viky said...


Na hum tumhari baaTli churayenge, na mehfil, humen nahi banna hai aur ek "namkeen".
Hum kya kisika kuch churayenge huzoor, apna hai yeh aasmaan, apni hai yeh zameen.

Iday said...

//Sheesh! Achha hua bhai is kutte-billi ke chakkar mein nahin padi! :D
Bhai exam likhne ko ghabratha hai kya??? :o
The whole world knows that bhai's got "intelligent" ideas to crack entrance tests ;)
It's just that bhai hasn't fallen in love with any IIM waali ladki as yet.

Err, did i say "Ladki"??? ;)

Sayesha said...

Wah wah wah!

Guzre zamaanomn ke jaam bhi aapko yaad hain?
Aap jaison se hi yeh bar aur hum aabaad hain

Sheesh!!! Bhai sirf bhaigiri mein bhai hai, kya? Baaki sab mein fultu chick! Samjha ya alag tareeke se samjhaaun? :/

Viky said...

Wah saqi wah!!!

Yaad rakhna hamare saath ek junoon sa hai,
Woh jitna bhi gaya-guzra sa ho, usi mein ek sukoon sa hai...

Sayesha said...

Shab gayi, sab gaye
Ek tum ho, ek hum hain
Lekin sher-o-shayari ke liye
Hum do hi sahi, kya kam hain? :)

Viky said...

har maikade ne band kar liye darwaze, ek tum hi ho saqi pilaane wali.
hum to tumhare maikhane mein piyenge, mehfil chaahe ho jaye khaali.
guzarish hai tumse, na cheeno ye pyaala, jo aisa hua agar...
hum dar par tumhare baithke saqi, piyenge jaam yaadon wali.

Sayesha said...

Yeh jo apni mehfil hai
Aisa yahan par haal hai
Ki bewaqt diljalon ka bhi
Har waqt istakbaal hai

Viky said...

waqt ke saath hai hamaara puraana hisaab
na chedo tum ab uski baat.
zaalim hai woh, pehne ek masoom naqaab
na zikr karo uska, tum aaj ki raat.

raghu said...

wah wah kya shayari hain!