Sunday, May 28, 2006

While the Saqi is away

So our li'l princess and I were supposed to land on the same day, but she beat masi to it.

"Listen, I obviously can't come to the airport to pick you up," my sis had said over the phone. "I'll be in labour. Your jeeju will also be in the hospital. But his cousin will pick you up. Okay?"

"Of course, don't you worry about me. I won't get lost."

"Lost? YOU getting lost?? Hahaha! Who's worried about you getting lost? Even if you were left alone in the jungles of Africa, you'd make your way back without any problems." She said.

*Gulp* :O

I know why I have this reputation. It's because more than 20 years ago, li'l Sayesha got lost in a crowded market at night, and found her way back without help.

I think I was 2 or 3 years old. Mom, Dad, sis and I were in this noisy and crowded fish market, when I dunno how I let go of Mom's hand and wandered off to watch this huge fish being cut. I stood there in fascination for a while before I realised that I was lost. I looked around at all the knees around me, and realised that none of them belonged to Dad, Mom or my sis.

So I wandered all over the market looking for them, and then finally decided that I could not see them. It was about 9 pm or so, and really dark. But somehow, I didn't cry. Perhaps that's why no stranger came to my aid, because I did not look like I was lost.

Finally, I decided to give up the search for my family and make my way to where Dad had parked his motorbike. (Those were the days, when Dad rode a motorbike and ferried the three of us all over the city.) Waiting there seemed like a good idea. 'Cos no matter where he'd go to look for me, he had to get back to his bike, isn't it?

About half an hour later, they finally turned up. They'd spent an hour looking for me in the market, and then decided to go to the police. You can only imagine how delighted they were to see me standing near the bike. I'd stood there by myself in the dark for over an hour.

The story was, in typical fashion, proudly related to all friends and relatives who fawned over 'how smart li'l Sayesha was'. And before I knew it, I'd acquired the reputation of 'the one who can't get lost'.

And this is what had made my sister make the African jungle reference. Sigh. If only she knew of my Orchard Road adventures.

I'm gearing myself to live up this reputation I'd acquired years ago. So while I try and find my feet in New York, be good, guys. Saqi's taking a long break, but bar's as usual, open to all the bewdas and taporis that hang out here, as long as you sign a declaration at the entrance that you're gonna miss me terribly over the next few weeks. Muahaha! :D

And all those who keep complaining that my posts are too long and too frequent for you to keep up with, here's your chance to catch up with the old wine in the cellars at Sayeshaz.


Anonymous said...

A long journey thats going to be! Enjoy your stay and take lots of pictures of the lil princess! So how full is your bag again with lil pink clothes?:)

Aditya said...


Nirwa Mehta said...

Have fun! :-)

Oh, and Bronze? :D


Preethi said...

Hey buddy.. have a nice stay in New York and try to get lost... :)
Strangely enough, I have a similar story to tell about me getting lost in my bachpan..:) May be thts because all Ariens are really smart tht they just cant get lost..:)

And yes.. signing the declaration.. Will miss ya..:)
And I bet its gonna take you one full day to reply to all the comments while u r away..:)
Bye and have a wonderful time!!


dearbharat said...

But u can continue to blog from whereever u have...
And what will u do to manage the blog which occurs in ur head.

R said...

njoi ur stay..
but yaar tussi waha se bhi toh once ina a while blog karr sakte ho!!!
alasipana choddddddddd

p.s have phunnn bahin!!!!
and apani doosari bahin koh hum sabka pyarr dena...

R said...

9 am and DARK??! HUH?! :O


Well...Enjoy your stay there! And make sure you post pictures of the nanhi pari, err, tapori. Sorry main bhawnaon mein beh gaya.

Take care!
And here's wishing everyone in your family a great time with the little one!

Anonymous said...

kya?? aap mujhe chhodke kahin nahin jaa sakti, main aapko kahin nahin jaane dunga! :((((((

Maverick said...

hey... best of journey and njoy ur stay...
keep us updated bout the developments of new member of tapori gang..

HaRi pRaSaD said...

:) I too was wondering where on earth you have a dark 9 am !
Would you beleive if I tell you I too have encountered a similar situation of getting lost?! But I wasnt so small as you then, may be in my 3rd standard. It was a famous park in bangalore and I had gone to watch fishes in the aquarium and promptly got lost in the crowd. Looking at all the hips around me and realising that they did not belong to my dad, mum or sis, I quitely walked to the place where the tour bus was parked. Ofcourse my parents were releived on seeing me after a frantic search of half an hour, but the relief evoporated and condensed back into anger within seconds. Well, a few minutes later a small crowd gathered around and watched with glee as a little kid screamed and wailed while his hair was pulled, ears were twisted and cheeks were slapped!! :)
Enjoy your stay...

Sayesha said...

Haan yaar... am a bit freaked out about the 20+ hour journey! :O Hopefully, there will be a hunk sitting next to me :D


Thanks! :)

Hahaha! You're the only one who declared about signing the declaration... good going! :) Thanks for your wishes :)

I can't blog from there re... my family does not know I have a blog, and it's better this way! ;)
ps: Yeah, I'll keep blogging in my head though :P

#Ram Pyari,
Aalsipana ki baat nahin hai behen... baat hai teri mausi aur mausa ki... unko is blogwa ke baare mein nahin maloom na! :P Alone-time milega then I'll definitely blog :)

Offo Rohit! Packing se uthwa diya typo correct karne ke liye... tu bhi na.. :P Theek hai theek hai... galti ho gayi.. the meaning wasn't lost na! :P
ps: Thanks for your wishes. Yes, will try and post pics if I can :)

Apun ja rela hai pakiya... tere rokne se apun nahin rukega... yahan bahut garmi ho gayi hai re... literally.. bhai ko thoda chill maarne ka... holiday karne ka... akhha life kaam karega kya? :D

Thanks! Will try my best :)

Hahahahaha! LOL at the hips part - you were indeed older than I was, eh? ;) But you got whacked man... I was praised like anything! :P

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

OKKKKKKAAAAY, is this some kind of twisted idea of torture? I just got back to my normal, crazy (and WINNER :P) self and now, you're not serving drinks for a few days? Is there ANY justice left in this world? X-( Boo...I hope the li'l princess pees incessantly on you. :P Muhahahahaha.
And if you don't post as soon as you get back, bahut mehnga padega. Dekh lena! Be warned, child! :P

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

I have a whole strategy laid out. You write your blogs as emails. And email it to one of your *trusted* readers. Then we'll create a Sayesha's back-up blog part II. And post things there.

To keep you happy, we'll have the comments emailed back to you too. see?

Mannnnnnn?????? this no fair. how long???

Have a rocking time, Sayesha, NY City rocks. and i did get lost there, tho'. ;)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

arre tgwstw is back in form too! now where are we gonna fight at?

yeh kya kar diya tune sayesha!

shub said...

enjoy babe...and you will be missed

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your trip gal!! i'll miss youuuuuuuuuu..:)
your posts r never long for me, i just enjoy them irrespective of their length, so keep blogging!!

R said...

Woh to mujh jaise intelligent reader ki wajah se meaning nahi gaya. Kya pata kise samajh aaya aur kise nahin? Only I noticed and told you. :D

See, I am such an avid reader here. :D

Unknown said...


So finally decided on a break eh Sash? Don't make it toooo long!!!

Enjoy yourself, take loooads of pics & post them too.. A biiig hug to the lil princess, enjoy :)

You'll be missed so get back to blogging soooooooooooon :D

Take care,

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Haan, I agree with TGFI. Yeh kya kar diya Sayesha?! I'm soon turning major...mujhe toh OJ chhodkar alcohol bhi gatakna tha. :|

Shekhar said...

Hey there, have a nice trip. *prays that a hunk sits next to you*

And yes, do post pics of the nanhi tapori. :D

Pujya said...

i saw the movie... and it is as bad as it could be... and so repetetive. arghh...and kajol and amir khan...looks like brother sister..:p
anyway u have a nice trip... i just got back home to find no one ...everyone is our of station..and u r also leaving no bloga bwaah!! im destined to get bored

Sudeep said...

congrats to ur sis n her hubby for the coming soon baby gal...

have a gud time in NY..

n i hope others also tell u 'bout ur long posts coz everytime u write tht i feel u r pointing fingers at me :(

Anil said...

eh, so where are you going? and why?

Anonymous said...

Can't miss ya... because I am on a break too. Going home.

Bon Voyage.

Ankur said...

hey, i am also in new york for a short office trip,,let me know if u wanna catch up someday,,my office is on park avenue and 53rd.

Kathy said...

..aww congrats to ur sis and her hubby for the new baby ^_~

...enjoyyyy Kawaii and take many pics. naa..:P
..take care muaah!


Preethi said...

Arey bhai.. kya chalrela?
Kaisa apna little bhai? Kaisa hasti hain? Kaisa roti hain?
And kaisa tumhare upar piss karti hain?:)
Aur tum kab aa rele ho, bhai?:)

And kyun na sign kare declaration.. miss jo karte hain drinks ko..:)


The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Oyeeee...I just realised something! Remember when Creep and I argued over the baby's sunsign?, finally your niece is ALSO a "GEM"ini. Yipeeeeee. *beams for no reason at all because no matter what, she doesn't believe in sunsigns* :P

Nandya said...

(pronounced saaqi): A male character, usually a young boy; the beloved, the bar-tender, the cup-bearer, a page of the court who comes and pours the wine during a mehfil. The presence of Saqi listed in the dramatis personae associated with Urdu and Persian literary culture implies a homosexual tendency in the once male-dominated traditional literary scene. Ghazal couplets often invoke Saqi who has taken on metaphoric or mythological status starting from ancient Persian times.

Shilpa said...

I too got lost as a kid in the market. And I found my Grandpa within a few minutes. So I also have a reputation of 'not getting lost' like u :-)

Anonymous said...

Bon voyage... enjoy NYC and come back with lots of stories! Wish I were going back there!

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

Hey gal, have tons of fun and bring back lotsa pics :-)

How do we know said...

ऍ भाई, ये फौरण वौरण जा के अपुन भाई लोग को भूलने का नई, क्या? और उधर में कोई शांनपट्टी करेगा तो बोलना हां, वईंच दबा डालेगा साले को!

How do we know said...

btw, why are you going to NY and why will this be a long break? NY mein Satyam iway nahi hai kya? (tee hee!)

Just Jane said...

For the first time, I am commenting without reading the post! In this case, posts, coz I see you have a few already since my last visit of a week ago. Am outta action for a while with a fractured foot :( Bright side is will have all the time in the world to hang online :D

Suds said...

Bole toh Sayesha bhai US aarele hain.. Dhaki chiki Dhaki chiki.. Hey congrat Masiji..:) Enjoy ur stay in NY...:)

Archana said...

"gonna miss you terribly over the next few weeks"

Okay, where are the free drinks now ;-)?

Have a fun time on your vacation. And hello to the little tapori :-)!

Girl next door said...

Enjoy your trip! I'll miss your posts, reading them has become part of my day. Congrats on the new arrival.

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