Saturday, May 20, 2006

Kal yaad aayenge yeh pal

First encounter - Video of his first album 'Pal' on TV

First impression - Who's this dude? Nice unique voice... never heard of him though... and what's with the weird name man?

Second encounter - The song 'Tadap tadap' from 'Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam'

Second impression - WHOALA!! Who's the singer who's the singer who's the singer???

Recent encounter - The song 'Tu hi meri shab hai' from 'Gangster'.

Recent impression - The dude really puts
his heart into the song. And it stays in your heart for a very very long time.

Sunidhi Chauhan
First encounter - Meri Aawaz Suno contest on TV

First impression - Whoa, doesn't this contest have a minimum age for entry?
(Does anyone remember her as that kid in the little dress, the lacy socks, the very short hair and the thick hairband, singing 'Chhod de sari duniya kisi ke liye' and waat-lagaoing the grown-up contestants week after week till she finally emerged the winner?)

Second encounter - The song 'Ruki ruki si zindagi' from 'Mast'

Second impression - Wow, this chick has a powerful voice man. What's her name? WHAT?? She's that KID from Meri Aawaz Suno????

Recent encounter - 'Jaane kyun' from 'Chameli', 'Le chale' from 'My Brother Nikhil' and 'Mere haath mein' from 'Fanaa'.

Recent impression - She sounds brilliant in non-item number songs. She should sing more of 'em.

Last encounter with both - In the Sunidhi-KK live
concert last night

KK opened the show with 'Yaaron'. Here, he's urging the crowd to sing along with him. Errr... yeah, we did. And he said, "Arre wah, aap log itna saare hain yahan... phir bhi sur mein gaa rahe hain?" ("Wow, there are so many of you here... and yet you guys are singing in tune?") You know how I have a soft corner for hindi-speaking guys from non-hindi speaking states. Mallu guy (and boy, can he sing!) cracks a joke in fluent hindi. Is it any wonder why I like him so much? :P

That's Sunidhi singing Whitney Houston's "I will always love you". She surprised us with the fantastic job she did with the song.

Sunidhi sang almost all her famous item-numbers. The Uncle and Aunty sitting in front of me were doing ballistic bhangra.

The back-up dancers had really weird costumes.-Check out the guys in their silly peacock costume. Sheesh. :/

Where there are birds, there are bees. So here come the bumblebees! Wait, it gets better! :/

Bees? Did you say bees? Ah, thank goodness the bee-catchers are here!

Bad: KK and Sunidhi lacked chemistry.

Worse: They only sang two songs together.

Worst: They did not sing 'Le chale', the only song that each has sung a version of!!!!!! :O

There was pin drop silence in the crowd when he sang 'Tadap tadap' with only one accompaniment. That song itself was worth the 80-dollar ticket. Wish Salman's expressions in the movie had done justice to the song...

KK put his heart and soul into every song he sang. Last night, his humility and talent created magic together. Dus bahaane karke le gaya dil :)

Lasting impression: Sunidhi may have brought the crowd to its feet, but KK brought me to my heart.

rahein ya na rahein kal
Kal... yaad aayenge yeh pal
yeh hai pyaar ke pal
aa mere sang chal
Chal... soche kya, chhoti si hai zindagi
Kal... mil jaayein toh hogi... khushnasibi...
rahein ya na rahein... yaad aayenge yeh pal...


Nirwa Mehta said...


Will read post and get back! :D


Nirwa Mehta said...

Wow! Looks like you had great fun! Yes, Sunidhi is very good.. but she is like Annu Mallik in few songs .. like that "Do me a favour lets play holi - oofff yeen holiieen aaeyeien yeein hoolien" But a good singer!!

Oh, and KK too!! I loved Tadap Tatap ke is dil se song.. and yes.. Salman was great too!! :D

Oh.. I loved the dudes in peacock clothes in the photographs! :D

Nice post! :D


shub said...

goood :) was gonna mail u n ask how the concert was actually! will mail anyway :)
shaan ko bhool gayee kya? ;o)
no probs i'll keep him :P

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

wow. that sounds like a blast. i remember that little girl from meri awaaz suno....

where is tgwstw yaar? its lonely up here? ;) ;)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

where were your seats? you got good pics.

Anonymous said...

Wow! A post! ;)

"She sounds brilliant in non-item number songs. She should sing more of 'em."

Hmm... i agree with you here.She isnt doing justice to her voice by singing those funky songs( Not tht i like them :D)


Anonymous said...

And yeah am disappointed that you didn get any "tussi mat jao" comments for the previous post :/ :))


Anonymous said...

Ok, another addition :D

"Not that i like them"--- I meant "not that i dont like them

Phew! 3 comments for a single post! A first for me :))


Anusha said...

Oh, I've been waiting for the low-down on the concert! :)

'Pal' is an awwwwesome song, it made me love KK. So did 'Yaaron'. And I think 'Le Chale' is such a beautiful song, I can listen to it for hours together. No words for 'Tadap tadap' - KK manages to bring that pain into his voice in the song, and it makes it all the more magical. I think I've sorta grown to love almost all of KK's songs...but I just adore these four! :)

Been losing interest in Sunidhi lately...haven't listened to any of her songs recently. I remember being completely bowled over by 'Mast' though - the woman has a very powerful voice!

Great pics and an awesome recap! Good to know you had fun! :)

Sayesha said...

Yeah, some of her songs are really nonsense... she sang the dil ding dong song last night... YIKES! :S

Tadap tadap is one of the most soulful songs EVER! :)

You love the peacock costumes??? Hahahaha! The dudes looks ridiculous man! :D

Didn't get any mail from you :(

//shaan ko bhool gayee kya? ;o) no probs i'll keep him :P

OYE! Teri neeyat theek nahin lagti. Apni paapi nazron ko door rakhiyo mere Shaan se! Woh mera aur sirf mera hai! Hmmmph! :/

#Ipanema Girl,
I think World Girl has given up on materialistic things like precious metals and has gone to the Himalayas.

My friend is a pro at getting great seats for under 100 bucks! :P We were directly in front of the stage :)

I like her Saqi song from Musafir... she's definitely got a voice for item numbers, but she sounds amazing in her slower numbers... she should exploit both aspects man...

//And yeah am disappointed that you didn get any "tussi mat jao" comments for the previous post :/ :))

Arre yaar pple know ki yeh Bollywood ki nautanki bolke bhi jayegi nahin.. do din mein waapas aa jayegi, so no point! :P

Pata hai? I used to put all three versions of 'Le chale' (KK, Shaan and Sunidhi) and listen to them on loop! :P

//I remember being completely bowled over by 'Mast' though - the woman has a very powerful voice!

You bet. Last night was one of the few concerts where I actually made use of the cotton ear plugs that I usually carry to concerts. :P Especially during her 'Aiisa jadu dala' number. Too loud man! :O

//Great pics and an awesome recap! Good to know you had fun! :)

Thanks, dear! Hope you're having loadsa pani puri on my behalf! :)

Prayank said...

pic-blog after a long time ...

shaan kk sunidhi .. u guys r lucky

dearbharat said...

Good that u had front seat. Once I attended a Bryan Adam concert and it was so badly packed that I have stopped attending any live concerts unless and until I have got friends like friends of yours.

R said...

Sheesh. There are SO many memories attached to Yaaron. My favourite song. At times it makes the most sense to me in the world.

I went for a Shaan & KK concert in October last year. Everyone went bonkers when KK performed Yaaron. I had lost it too.

Writing this, times of high school--when it used to rain, and we used to bunk Physics classes happily, sitting in the auditorium...eewww everything's coming back.

Sunidhi's good too!

Priya said...

saw him in IIT madras for saarang 05.. he was AWESOME!!! he's an absolute crowd pleaser... :D wow!! didnt want the show to get over at all.. :(



Its good to see Bollywood singers come to your town and sing the hit numbers.

Anonymous said...

At least we get to relive the concert via your story telling!:) Cheers mate! Have to agree...Pal, Tadap Tadap and Le Chale are all too good which do evoke a lot of memories. Sunidhi does pretty well on slow numbers, Chameli comes to mind.

Restless said...

looks like u had awesome time :))...

nice pics... specially tht peacock costume;)

Just Jane said...

Singapore has great concerts and the pick of artists/bands. Too cool! KK and Sunidhi are two singers I thoroughly enjoy listening to. And both in one paisa vasool! Only Shaan missing :)))

Negative Creep said...

I'll just keep my mouth shut on this one, or all the SC and KK fans here are gonna lynch me.

Preethi said...

You bet! That KK guy has got magic in his voice... he is awesome man. I just cant forget the pain in his voice when he sings Tadap Tadap.. and the enthu in his voice for Dil Chahta Hain.. He is tooo good..

Sunidhi is somehow not one of the singers I like, I donno for some strange reason, I feel that she has overdone all that she has got.

Anonymous said...

"Arre yaar pple know ki yeh Bollywood ki nautanki bolke bhi jayegi nahin.. do din mein waapas aa jayegi, so no point! :P"

Oh hmm... am new here na, so dont know how things run around here! :D

Will learn soon!!! :))


Thanu said...

I'm a little jealous

Anonymous said...

Oh man... KK was good! He's gone from no where to near the top in my list. And that HDDCS song was fantastic!

Sayesha said...

Yes, we are :)

I usually go only for Indian music concerts. I don't think I can take a Bryan Adams type concert... I went for Norah Jones though... she was brilliant :)

Yeah, KK makes the whole dosti thing come alive in that song :)

Yeah, the crowd loved him. He was interacting a lot more than Sunidhi. :)

Yes indeed. I feel very fortunate :)

Oh yeah Chameli!!! I LOVE Jaane kyun! :)

Hahaha! The back-up dancers were so weird! :D

#The Chosen One,
Yeah, Shaan missing :(
But I saw him recently, so it's not that bad :)

#Negative Creep,
Accha I didn't even know you listened to hindi music. You can bad-mouth Sunidhi all you want, but anything about KK, and I will lynch you personally. :D
ps: Maybe I should send you the video I took! That could change your mind. :)

#Lovely Smiles,
Yeah, KK is definitely the better of the two. Both are very talented but KK's songs have more depth. :)


Hahahaha you're so adorable! :D
Shaan ko bolna ki woh toh meri jaan hai... koi bhi aise hi uski jagah nahin le sakta! :)

Yeah! Thank me for recommending the concert? ;)

Sirius Black said...

nice pics ( i neva knew sunidhi chauhan was tht cute :P) lolzz

Manish Kumar said...

Sunidhi & KK are really versatile singers. Tadap Tadap ke was just a masterpiece from KK. Sunidhi & Shreya are the best female playback singer in the new lot.

Negative Creep said...

I listen to good music, be it rock, or hindi. but i hate the concept of playback singing. Music is about self-expression. how can you put all of yourself into a song you didn't write, a song for a frigging movie? I can't appreciate that. I call it whoring out your talents. Music is art, it's not a frigging product.

aSk said...

great time u had.

saw KK at IIT R Thomso a couple of years back....

Tadap Tadap indeed is the most heart touching

and Pal ...will always be close to my heart.

*nice blog*

Lalit Singh said...

shucks yaar,,, yahan ek bhi nahi hota concert :-|

Anonymous said...

wow!! how i envy u... :)
hmmm...lesser known facts of kk...
some of his tamil songs are jus mind blowing!!
esp the song "uyirin uyire" from the movie "khakka khakka"...u should listen to it sum time...yeah he really does put his heart n soul in every song he sings...

Sayesha said...

She's quite cute. If she lost a little weight, she'd be damn hot! :)

Yeah, am a BIG FAN of Shreya... she's the best in the new breed! :)

#Negative Creep,
Achha achha yeh baat hai. :) Your feelings about music in general are as strong as mine are about remixes :)

Welcome to Sayeshaz. :) Thanks for commenting :)

Make a trip to Singapore next time! ;)

Heyyy he sang Uyirin Uyire too!! Sounded really good though I have no idea what it means! Poor guy was saying how everyone comes to him with offers to sing in tamil, kannada, telugu, hindi, but none for malayalam, his mother tongue! :P

Raju Bathija said...

Both KK and Sunidhi are my favourite singers. Did KK sang Tu Aashiqui Hai from Jhankar Beats?

Inder said...

Sunidhi was there last weekend... She is coming here to Holland next weekend, along with Kunal Ganjawala.

Kay Kay... Isn't he Krishna Kumar Menon?? He has sung a few songs for Tamil movies. Quite a few of them can be branded as mesmerizing. Check our his "Uyirin Uyire" from the tamil movie "Kakka Kakka", if you get a chance. I consider him one among the rare breed of singers who get their pronunciation spot on.

Sayesha said...

Yeah, he sang it. :)

He sang 'Uyirin Uyire' at the concert. :) Yeah, a friend of mine also complains about the pronunciation problem that non-tamil singers have when they sing tamil song.

Sudeep said...

I like KK's voice

n Sunidhi only for her Sajna ve Sajna song more

80 dollars huh.. hmmmm

Sayesha said...

You like Sajna ve Sajna?? Incidentally, that's the song I dislike the most in the movie :P

//80 dollars huh.. hmmmm

Errr... is that good or bad? :O

Dev said...

Tadap tadap and Yaaron are two of my all time faves... woohoo...
KK rulez!!!!!!!! :)