Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The happy problem

I have what most typical chicks would refer to as a 'happy problem'.

Ahem. This is one of the few times where I would actually concur with typical chicks.

A pair of trousers I bought two weeks ago is getting a little loose at the waist.

Now I am not very good at needlework. I can do a bit of hemming and simple length alterations, and oh, a few more tricks if you give me a sewing machine, but altering the waist is beyond my skills. Mom, on the other hand, is excellent at all this. When my sis and I were little girls, Mom used to sew many of our clothes using her Usha sewing machine. I used to watch on in absolute amazement as she churned out dress after dress from mere sheets of fabric.

Anyway, back to my happy problem.

The trousers were too new for me to donate them, and too loose for me to be able to wear them. A belt looked ugly with it. Shucks. So as I stared at the trousers and wondered what I would do, suddenly I kinda missed home. In fact, during my annual visits to India, many a time I have taken home stuff that needs alteration.

If I were at home right now, this is how the situation would go:

Sayesha - Mom, I need help. These trousers are getting a little loose at the waist.

Mom - Oh that's no problem. I'll fix it now. Hold on.

Sayesha - Cool. Thanks, Mom!

Mom - Here, have this aloo ka paratha (ghee-soaked pancake-type-thingy stuffed with potato). Problem solved.

Dad - Yes, two more weeks of 'proper food', and they will fit you fine. Problem solved.

Sayesha - :-|


The Girl Who Sold The World said...


Sorry, TGFI and Neha. This first comment was purely by chance too.

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Hey, is this really called "The Happy Problem"? Huh? What's the sense? Or maybe I'm just stupid? :/

Neha Sinha said...

:O:O:O..silver to me!!!!!!!!!!!grrrrrr

Neha Sinha said...


hahahaha...trousers ka kuch ho naa ho..sayesha ka bahut kuch ho sakta hai! :))

Bhavesh said...

nothing can beat the aloo ka paratha :-)

Kathy said...

hehe..don't go to gym three times ^_^ surely it would be ok *wink*
problem solved my dear kawaii *grin*


Mohan Kodali said...


Anonymous said...

i was a south indian and tasted Aloo paratha only 2 yrs ago.

From then on no turning back, i have been eating aloo paratha daily and it succeded in significantly altering my silhoutte.

consequently my mom curses " Aloo parathas should be banned for teens." :))

Anonymous said...

>> A pair of trousers I bought two >> weeks ago is getting a little >> loose at the waist.

I know EXACTLY what you mean!! For some strange reason I too get a warm happy glow everytime the washing-machine expands my clothes! :P


L said...

LOl...!! Awesome problem solving skills...!!

Sayesha said...


#World Girl,
Ab yakeen ho gaya hai tere paas sach mein jadui shaktiyan hain! :O

WHAT? You dunno how this is a happy problem?? Ok, let me bigaado you a bit by telling you some typical chick theories:

Typical chick theory #1 - No matter how thin you are, you wanna be thinner.

Typical chick theory #2 - You're always delighted when clothes become loose.

Typical chick theory #3 - You feel sad that your new clothes don't fit you anymore.

Typical chick theory #4 - When new clothes don't fit anymore because you have become thinner, you call it a 'happy problem'. You have a problem at hand, but you're happy to have it (rather than the other way round - when clothes become tight!)

Ab samjhi?? :D

Sayesha ka kuchh nahin hona chahiye baba, jo alteration hona hai, sirf trousers ka hona chahiye :D

Damn now I miss AKP! :/

Arreee I don't have a problem with losing weight! :D If I stop going to the gym, my clothes will start getting tighter, and that's when I will have a problem! :O


Hahaha! My parents call it 'proper food'. "Now you're home, you can eat some 'proper food'. Sheesh! :/

You can't see me happy, can you? :/

Well, that's problem solving Mom&Dad style! Sheesh! :D

Anonymous said...

>> You can't see me happy, can
>> you? :/

Can we have this talk some other time honey...im watching a game!



Macho Girl said...

I have this "happy problem" now. I am sure my mom will take care of it once I get back home! she has 3 months to make sure I fit into all my jeans!!!! she has already planned out her cooking schedule and also asked me to send a list of what i am craving for! is it just my mom, or do all moms give the oh-you-have-grown-so-thin routine??

Sayesha said...

Honey???? Thou dareth calleth your senior from university who ragged you in front of 30 people 'honey'???? :O

Main maike chali jaungi
Tum (game) dekhte rehna!

ps: Hehehe... couldn't help that one! :P

#Macho Girl,
Actually my Dad does it more than my Mom! :/

R said...

Ahem.. I know hot to do a button on my shirt. :D

Unknown said...

Am glad Sayesha am not a typical chick.. coz I think am too thin to get thinner.. in fact I wanna get healthy :P
Btw.. your mom really has some awesome problem solving skills haan.. am impressed :D
Nice one :)
Take care,

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Eeeek! What weird theories!
No matter how thin you are, you wanna be thinner.
Ugghhh...dumb theory, man. I wanna GAIN some weight! Being sickly thin is NOT cool, especially if you've this problem of losing a kilo or two every month. What if one dies by losing excessive weight? Aaargh!

And maybe the trousers/jeans/whatever become loose at the waist because the girl's waist is too large and perhaps the thing just gets...errr..."opened up". *Shrug* Said in an insane state. Hope the chicks here who suffer from this "happy-problem syndrome" don't come and shoot me.

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

And I've no magical powers. Just some freaky luck. Wonder where this darned thing is when I need it.


Funny little post Sayesha. :-)

Im happy that this problem of yours is solved by ur mom else u would have had to buy new clothes.

Aaloo ka paratha is one of my favourite dishes. Had it 2-3 months ago.

U r invited for aaloo ka paratha lunch at Hotwinter-z.

Abhishek Upadhyay said...

One more post-out-of-nothing(dont ask me what it means).
When I was in 11th, just joined college, my dad brought a jeans for me.This jeans was very thick and was my fav too.I wore it through my junior college and even upto my whole engineering days. The color of jeans fade away and looked more trendy. After Engineering I used to wear it for ofice on saturdays. Its condition is worst now....but still one can wear it.

Moral of the story: My size is more or less same....since I was 19 yrs old.

How come you girls change your shape so soon and that too often.
Aakhir inn dimensional changes ka raaz kya hai?

Oye Sayesha, Yeh kiska naam le liya tune.You just reminded me that my ghar-ka-ghee and ghar-ka-achar are getting over*Sob*Sob*
whole month of May I have to eat without them.
and aloo ke parathe..oooo...
I miss my sweet home and my sweet mummy.

Lalit Singh said...

kya sahi tareeka hain...

iska opposite agar ho to kya karna chahiye .. plz ask ur mom

PS: Have sent u a mail.. help.

Siddhu said...

Haha! Do you plan to actually take that solution? :P

Swapna said...

I wish I had that happy problem.

But moms are the best... the way they fix these problems is amazing.

Sayesha said...

#Rohit Talwar,
Shabash mere sher! :D

Hahaha! All parents think their kids are too thin, don't they? :)

#World Girl,
So you're sickly thin huh? Photo bhejo hum assess karte hain. Sickly thin is not good, but thin is good. Because it's easy to put on than to shed you see! Gotta give yourself that leeway ;)

Thank you. Maybe some day I will :)

//One more post-out-of-nothing(dont ask me what it means).

What does it mean? :D

Or are you saying "I post it best when I post nothing at all?" Huh huh huh? :@

// How come you girls change your shape so soon and that too often.
Aakhir inn dimensional changes ka raaz kya hai?

Pata nahin yaar... yeh girls ka figure hi aisa hota hai... fluctuate karta rehta hai! :D

//You just reminded me that my ghar-ka-ghee and ghar-ka-achar are getting over*Sob*Sob*
whole month of May I have to eat without them.

Oye pitega!!! I have been without ghar ka khana for almost 8 years now, you dhakkan! :/

iska opposite agar ho to kya karna chahiye .. plz ask ur mom

Hahahaha! Kyun, paunch ho rahi hai kya? :D Meri Mom ki advice toh mat hi lo, meri advice lo - Cut carbs and go to the gym! Saare kapde fit hone lagenge! :D

Have replied to your mail.

Are you kidding me??? No way!!!! I work hard at the gym for what?? :O

Hehehe :)

Siddhu said...

For...eating aaloo parathas? :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

huh. show-off kahin ki..
{bitter, bitchy chick tone}
i really, really, need one of those happy problems..have been having the opposite. :-(

Sayesha said...

Sheesh, that's such a 'guy' answer! :D

#Ipanema Girl,
Mehnat ka phal hai, mehnat ka! Join me in the gym, buddy! :)

Girl next door said...

I'd like to try some of that aloo ka paratha coz I could use a few extra pounds! I have to wear belts with all my pants coz I lost a lot of weight in the past year and a half. People seem amused when I mention it, but I would really like to be more muscular and taller.

Jeevan Baretto said...

Same woud be the case with me when I'll be goin home after finishin my final end sem exams..!! superb food n will gain some weight.. :-)

InfJunkie said...

Temme abt it ;-) and even today i was made to eat 'properly' by my dad who thinks i desperately need to put on sme wt :-D.
and wen it cmes to relatives, they go
"just look at you, all skin n bones...last time u were so much better. Eat this, this and this.."
and make me eat all that till i'm abt to puke...
and for the record, the "last time" also they wud've said the same damn thing...

Sayesha said...

#Girl Next Door,
Hahahaha! Aloo ka paratha is just what I would recommend. Two weeks of that, and you'll be all that you wanna be. And more! :O

Arre yaar guys put on and lose like anything! It's girls who always have a problem losing all the 'pampering at home' wala weight :D

Oh man! I hate it when the aunties in India will pile my plate with mithai (I HATE MITHAI!) saying, "Arre kitni dubli hai... Singapore mein khaane ko nahin milta kya?" Aaaaarghhh! :@

Anonymous said...

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