Thursday, May 04, 2006

Confession about obsession

Song name: Bheegi bheegi si
Singer: James
Movie name: Gangster
Song duration: 5 mins and 43 seconds = 343 seconds

Date: 2nd May 2006

6:00 am - Alarm rings. I wake up. I try and remember where I am. I go to computer and put the song on loop as I brush, shower, get dressed for work, make and have breakfast.

6:05 am to 6:55 = 50 minutes = 3000 seconds
8.75 times

7:00 am - I put the song on loop on the ipod and start walking from home towards the train station. I take the train and then a bus to work.

7:00 am to 8:05 am = 65 minutes = 3900 seconds
11.37 times

8:15 am - I settle down at work and put the song on loop on my Mac at work, hoping not to alarm Bananapen, who sits in the next cubicle. The song plays till it's lunchtime.

8:15 am to 12:30 pm = 255 minutes = 15300 seconds
44.61 times

12:30 to 1:30 pm - Lunch hour
2:00 - 3:00 pm - Meeting

I return from my meeting and put the song on loop.

3:00 pm to 6:00 pm = 180 minutes = 10800 seconds
31.49 times

6:15 pm - I put the song on loop on the ipod and start walking from office towards the bus stop. I take a bus and then the train home.

6:15 to 7:30 = 75 minutes = 4500 seconds
13.12 times

7:40 - I enter my room and put the song on loop as I get ready to go to the gym.

7:40 pm - 7:55 pm = 15 minutes = 900 seconds
2.62 times

I come back from gym and put the song on loop loud enough I can hear it from the shower. I have dinner while the song continues to play.

9:00 pm - 10:00 pm = 60 minutes = 3600 seconds
10.50 times

10.00 pm - I add the song to my winamp window thrice, turn off 'repeat' mode, and tuck myself into bed. I have no memory of when I fell asleep.
3 times

In one day I had heard a song 125.46 (correct to two decimal places) times.

Now that, my friend, is obsession.


Anonymous said...

Gold! Yippee!!

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

^^^damn that person! HMPH!

Silver. :|

To the gold thief: if I flunk my exam because of the bad effect of this cruelity, I'll curse you and you'll lose your gold forever and ever. Grrr.

Anonymous said...


The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Hahahaha!!! Poor, poor song...Sayesha ke liye bajta hua thak gaya hoga. :P Hehe...I've this kinda obsession with Nirvana and The Beatles. ;)
And Emraan kiss-me looks like a dying duck in rain in this movie...oh wait, he ALWAYS looks like that. Or sometimes, he looks like a cross between a hailstorm beaten crow and a starved monkey.
I pity allllll the girls who are his co-stars...but wait, if they agree to do a film with him, they probably deserve this torture anyway. Okay, enough praise of a slimeweasel.
Happy listening to this song and happy being obsessed. :D May the poor song rest in peace. :P

shub said...

ohhhkay going n checking out song now! :)
ps: You've given some totally free publicity for the movie songs I tell you!Hope u get thums up for this too ;o)

Lalit Singh said...

song is good... but itna nahi ki sawa sau baar suna jaye

Anonymous said...

offo... just wanna know are you listening to the same song when you were making this post ? :))

Anonymous said...

i like "Back to the summer of 69" song very much and once i heard it 50 times back to back.

par itna obessed nahiiiiiiii

Unknown said...

OMG Sash!!!

Thats real obsession yaar!! I though only I was a MAD person.. Aap to mujhse bhi do kadam aage ho. hehehe :p
In TGWSTW's words.. "May the song rest in peace"
125 times :O:O:O
Whether the movie deserves an award or not, I dunno but you definitely deserve an AWARD for this yaar...
And this special 'SONG JHELO AWARD' goes to.. Hamari nayi Ms. India.. SASH *applause* hehehe
Ok ok sorry.. got a little carried away :p

Take care,

R said...

Someone's good at Maths! Classes khol lo!

And, err, I haven't even heard this song.

Oh by the way, I play Hey Jude by Beatles EVERY MORNING! And, my Dad hates it. But, how do I care? :P

aditi said...

hieee.. have u watched the movie? its awesome.. shiney rocks! i like the song YA ALI a lot... from this movie... heard it?

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

YESSS!!! I just got that song! YIPEEEE!!! :D
Imagine Emraan Kiss-me reading this entry and becoming Sayesha's fan. HAHAHAHAHA! Poor Sayesha. Be afraid. Be very afraid. :P

The Girl Who Sold The World said...
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Dreamcatcher said...

I like this song - but I like the Bengali version better called "prithibi". which is the original one - has nicer lyrics.
I used to have this obsession about 'piyu bole" till my parents said they would throw me out and I also obsessed about "mora saiyan" by Fuzon. the thing about these obsessions is that they tend to drive people around you bonkers.
And Rohit,
when I was going through a Beatles phase, I played "Here comes the sun" 50 times a day.

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

@Rohit: Oh, my mom and dad DETEST The Beatles, Nirvana and Tool. Hahaha...poor creatures. So, guess all poor innocent persons (like us) have to suffer for their good musical taste. :P

Hey Sayesha, have you ever suffered like this? Did your office threaten to kill you for playing that song again and again? :P

virdi said...

stop drinking... do some exercise... consult a psychiatrist... take a break from work... adopt a cow or a spider...

on a serious note... dont make the other music director run out of business... listen to them also...

that doesnt mean listen to "Stupidesh Resham-Ki-Khatiya"


Siddhu said...

Not bored yet, Sayesha??

That chick (Kangna is her name, ain't it?) looks smokkkin! ;) ) I couldnt hear the song, as there are no speakers in the lab, and I left my headphones home, so can't comment on the song! LOL!!

Abhishek Upadhyay said...

Song to Sayesha : Bas Bas....ab aur atyachar sehan nahin hota.....kuch toh reham karo mujh par aur mere aane wale remix bachchon par

Just Jane said...

The surd gives good advice (for once)! Am eager to watch this movie ever since I read the review...can't stand Mr Kissme though...Shiney on the other hand looks rather shiny from where I'm girl Kangna has received a lot of praise for her performance...and so has the music. But you wouldn't know anything about that, would you?! :P

Macho Girl said...

I have that kind of obsession too!!! If u take a peek into my playlist, "here without you" by 3 doors down takes the lead! And no other song comes anywhere close to it! I have absolutely no idea why, but i am currently obsessed with that song.

Back at home, I used to drive my parents nuts by playing the same CD again and again! :P :"> Cant help it now can I? :D

Adi Oso-Groot Finch said...

I too love that song but you my dear friend are CRAZY!

know any good shrinks around or should i send a few contacts?



Sayesha (:-())

Vikram said...

I love Ya Ali better... Ya Ali is on loop for about two hours now...

Ya Ali, Madad Ali

Chahat pe mitaa doon, loota doon, mein yeh hasti.

Yaar pe kurbaan hai sabhi.

wah! I can imagine myself dancing to this song tomorrow night after a couple of beers. :D

Anonymous said...

You have company in me.. I am hooked on to the "Main hoon woh aasman" number from Krrish...

Naresh said...

huh! awesome song tht is...
I am obsessd wid it too n now i ll try btng ur record!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

you'll go mad. (if you aren't already)

and oh btw, @ tgwstw, i graciously backed out from the competition so that you can study peacfully and not worry about it.

so now there's no competition. you win by default. :D


song is ok re...nice but not worth all that math. ;)

Siddhu said...

Okay I really want this song. I'll search on coolgoose - if I can't find it, please e-mail it to me! (I'm on a collect-songs-by-e-mail spree! :P )

Chitra said...

Hyuck hyuck..I know..I know...and to think that James doesn't know a word of Hindi...:)!

Dev said...

OMG!!! I cant believe this. I was just humming this song to myself as I opened ur blog.

I love this song... I like the 'Tu hi meri shab' song too. And the movie is excellent.

And, how come you didnt use ur "I"Pod today?

Neha Sinha said...

:O :O :O

itni toh main bhi kabhi obssesed nahi hui besides 10-15 songs. :D

@ girl
I have given up. ub is budape mein bhaag daur nahi hoti mujhse! tusi enjoy. ;)

Anonymous said...

Sorry for this, but I didn't find that song to be sooo-listenable.

But I guess, tastes differ.

I once had an obsession with "Soona man ka aangan" from Parineeta.
That was a very pretty song.

Nirwa Mehta said...

I remember listening to same song over and over again for about 5 times.. and laughing my guts out - Main bann ka panchi ban ke ban ban boluuuuun re... Main ban ki chidiya ban ke sang sang boluuuun reee :P

Way to go, girl.. I was here last night.. read it.. was about to snatch bronze.. but I got a bit scared - the competition out there is quite tough.. and World Girl quite scares me! :P (No offence meant there, please!! I'm just kidding..)


R said...

Here comes the Sun! Yet another wonderful composition by Beatles! HOW I LOVE THE FAB FOUR!

@The girl
Haan re. Koi tarika hai in logon ko line pe lane ka? Last night I kept playing Alter Bridge's In loving memory and Dad came to my room at 1 AM and kept screaming his lungs out. Koi tarika hai? Bata na!

Somya said...

Nice song....I am crazy abt tu hi meri shab hai...I watched this movie last week...I really liked shiny ahuja in this movie...especially when he was silent and brooding and laughed thru all d scenes which had Emraan Hashmi no matter whether they were romantic or sad.

Sayesha said...

#Before TGWSTW,
Wow, some popularity that girl has got, huh? Now people are using her name in their nicks? :D

#World Girl,
Baap re! Tu phir se mere commentators ko dhamkaane lagi?? :/

Wow, that's all you had to say? :D

#World Girl,
Hehehe... yeah song ka toh band baj gaya... MP3s digital nahin hote toh yeh song ghis gaya hota! :D
ps: Hey, Emraan doesn't look all that bad in this movie, okie... in fact, I think I quite like him in his specs.. :P


Oooh! Free Thums Up again?? :P

#Lalit ji,
Sawa sau toh sirf 2nd May ko tha... ab tak paanch sau toh ho gaya hoga. Ab bhi baj raha hai background mein :/

What do you think? ;)

50 times back to back?? I beat you, heheheh! :P

Mere song ko maar dala?? Madhuri Dixit style - Maar daala?? Maaaarrrr daaaalaaa! :(

I don't want your 'Song jhelo' award. I want the 'Song khelo' (Play the song) award. Hehehe :P

You haven't heard this song???? GET IT NOW!!! :O

Nope, it's not released in Singapore yet, but I'm dying to watch it. I LOVE Tu hi meri shab hai more than Ya Ali :)

#World Girl,
I gotta run if Hashmi aka vacuum cleaner (name courtesy my friend ROS) is coming for me! :O

OMG!! I used to be so obsessed by Piyu Bole I even posted a public apology!!

#World Girl,
My Dad hates Western music too! :P

//Did your office threaten to kill you for playing that song again and again? :P

Hehehe... ab tak toh nahin... :P

//adopt a cow or a spider...

Cool. Kal se kaam par aa jana.

Yupp, the chick is hot! :)

OH NO!! I hope they don't remix this!! :O :O :O

#The Chosen One,
Haha! What I like, I get. Can't wait to watch the movie :)

#Macho Girl,
//Back at home, I used to drive my parents nuts by playing the same CD again and again!

Hahahaha! I do that too! :P

Is song ke saath shrink nahin, drink chahiye! Muahahaha! :D Balti bhar ke orange juice! :P

Yeah! :)

Ya Ali is not bad either, but I like this the most, followed by Tu hi shab hai :)

I listened to Krrish last week, no song I particularly liked...

You beat my record? Ha! As we speak I am moving ahead! ;)

#Ipanema Girl,
//(if you aren't already)

Hehehe. Tujhe kya lagta hai? :P

Sent you the song :)

//James doesn't know a word of Hindi

WHAT?? WHAT????? You're kidding, right??? :O :O :O

Hahahah! I LOVE Tu hi meri shab hai too! :)
ps: The "I"pod is playing the song simultaneously! ;)

Arre tu buddhi khoosath hui toh kya hua? Dil se toh jawaan hai!

Yeah, I remember my days of obsession with Soona mann ka aangan too. I hummed it so much, it got into the head of one of my Chinese friends, and she couldn't get it out :D

#Nirwa aka ban ki panchhi,
Wah kya gana chuna re! :D
ps: Haan yaar, this World Girl scares everyone! :/

Kyun torture kar raha hai apne parents ko yaar? :O

I love Tu hi meri shab hai too! :) Can't wait to watch the movie! :)

RP said...

de guitarin is fab. evn de way he sings is also gud. bt dont ye think 125.75 times in 24hrs is toooooooooooooooo much??? :-)

amit said...

nahin yaar sawa sau wali baat to nahin hai song mein... lagta hai tumhaare comp mein hi kuch problem hai, wo kuch aur bajata hi nahin hai...

Prayank said...

well ... after 37 comments ... it sounds cliched when i say that you are really obsessed with the song ...

i luv mahesh bhatt n family for finding such james (read gems) and bring some freshness to bollywood music ...

Raju Bathija said...

Yes, this is obsession.

Unknown said...

Darn Sash!!!

You've got me obsessed to the song too!! :O:O

I'm playing all the four songs of Gangster on a loop since hours!!! I like 'Lamha' & 'Ya Ali' too though I think 'Tu meri shab hai' is the best :D

Am obsessed too 'bheegi bheegi' too now only COZ OF YOU :p

Don't cry dear, nahi maara aapke song ko (Meri yeh jurrat! :p).. abhi tak baj jo raha hai.. Laato ka bhoot hai.. baaton se nahi maanta :p

And ya.. I ever host an award function.. I'd definitely give you the 'Song Khelo' award.. coz am sure u'd have crossed the mark of 700 by now (1000 ka record banane ka irada hai kya?) :O :P

Take care,

Anonymous said...

A chinese singing Soona Man ka Aangan.


I just wished I had seen that!

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Wow, some popularity that girl has got, huh?
Muahaha...yipeeee. :D

And you find vaccum cleaner cute? Hahahaha...I hope he reads this comment, finds out your address in Singapore and comes to meet you. :P

@Rohit: Haan, hai ek tarika. Just tell them that you're unable to study without music. And if they still disagree, score a little less than usual in the next test or something. After that, tell the marks and say, "Dekha, maine bola tha na music lagane do". :P It worked for me last year. ;)

@TGFI and Neha: Hey, why are you backing out? Bina competition ke gold lene ka kya maza? :| :(

Kaala Kavva said...

im sorry to say...
lekin aap mani se bhi zyada stuck hain...
ahem ahem...
usse bhi zyada paagal hain...

aap rona chahe to ro saktee hain.

yours untruly

Kaala Kavva said...

mai soch raha hu ek mast sa song banau..
tu usko bhi aise hee publicize kar dena
ok ;)
(tujhe apna hissa mil jayega)

Anonymous said...

craazy girl... :)

R said...

@The Girl
Mast ek dum! Abhi tak morning ritual--Hey Jude ke to used to ho hi gaye hain waise. :D

Sun liya. Sun liya. It's a good song. Ab shock se bahar nikal aaye?

Anonymous said...

Ya ali ....copied frm arabic song "ya GHaali"


The Bengali Version of this song is by the band called Krosswindz.

Kartik Shankar said...

Nice blog Sayesha!!
That song is good, no doubt, but it's lifted from a Bengali Band Song.
am not getting the name now, will update when i do get it.

---Till then enjaay.


ANKIT said...

hey,,,that really is a strong obssession...
also i came across the story behind the making of this song in an interview by PRITAM,,,

actually the song is sung by JAMES,,who himself is an accomplished singer in bangladesh,,PRITAM AND anurag basu-the director were fan of his voice ,,so they called him to sing this song...
but as JAMES does not know hindi...they wrote the lyrics in bangla,,,but he could not emote the emotions of the song properly during the recording,,
pritam had heard that he usaully drinks and performs in bangladesh,,so they took him to a hotel and offered him some pegs..
they returned back,,and JAMES hit the correct notes in one take itself..!
even i like this song,,,
also hear the tracks of ANKAHEE again by PRITAM,,,it has good soulful music andd lyrics too...especially the EK PAL KE LIYA,,,sung by SONU NIGAM...!

Harit Sharma said...

Even I like that song.but I never count the time when I am hearing it.You dont get tired seeing time all the time.

Sayesha said...

Yeah, I love the guitar parts too! :)

//bt dont ye think 125.75 times in 24hrs is toooooooooooooooo much??? :-)

Naah! :P

WHAT? Mere comp ka insult?? :/

//i luv mahesh bhatt n family for finding such james (read gems)

Yeah, it's amazing how seriously they take their music, huh? :)

I know :)

//You've got me obsessed to the song too!! :O:O


//coz am sure u'd have crossed the mark of 700 by now

You may just be right you know! :O
(The song's still playing as I type this!)

She didn't SING it yaar, it was in her head! :)

#World Girl,
//And you find vaccum cleaner cute?

Cute nahin re... it's just something about him when he wears glasses... I kinda find it sexy :)

//I hope he reads this comment, finds out your address in Singapore and comes to meet you. :P

I hope he wears glasses when he does that! ;)

#Tu Kaun,
//aap rona chahe to ro saktee hain.

Bwahahahahaha!!! :(

//mai soch raha hu ek mast sa song banau..
tu usko bhi aise hee publicize kar dena

Apun ko koi kaam dhanda nahin kya?? :/

//(tujhe apna hissa mil jayega)

Aha! Now you're talking! ;)

Arre wah! Itne dinon baad crazy girl ke blog par darshan? :)

//Sun liya. Sun liya. It's a good song. Ab shock se bahar nikal aaye?

Bas ho gaya?? :O

Really??? :/

Achha! Cool trivia huh? :)

Acc to Hotwinter, it's Krosswindz. :)

Wow, more trivia!!!! Yeay!! :)

//so they took him to a hotel and offered him some pegs..
they returned back,,and JAMES hit the correct notes in one take itself.

Hahahahaha! :D

//also hear the tracks of ANKAHEE again by PRITAM,,,it has good soulful music andd lyrics too...especially the EK PAL KE LIYA

Listening to it now... it's quite nice :) the beginning sounds like a slower version of the first antara of 'o haseena zulfon wali' :)

I don't see the time all the time.

Just Jane said...

Sash....can you pls email me this song?

Sayesha said...

#The Chosen One,
Done! :)

Anonymous said...

thats not obsession..its called stupidity...
KS u r correct the song is from a bengali band and James has (also) sung the bengali version.. ad its better..

its me said...

yes. i completely knw this kinda obsession. some songs and some music is like that.

Sayesha said...

One man's meat is another man's poison, sweetheart :)

#Its me,
Yeah :)

Anonymous said...

You go by Rediff?? Then go watch this

Anonymous said...

I couldnt say any better myself than the first comment by Sayesha on 2nd May. Funnily enough that also happens 2b my birthday. Turned 22 dis year. Kindofa muzic-freak myself & kinda try playin da guitar too... but havent felt like touching it ever since I listened to this little piece.....

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