Wednesday, May 17, 2006

For your eyes only

So William dumped me last week.

(This post was partly for him, and partly for some others who had decided to delete me from their lives and whom I had decided to delete from mine.)

He said he's getting very busy at work, and can't spare dedicated time for me.

"Sometimes when you call, I can't take your call... and then even if I tell you I'll be in, when you drop by, I'm not around. I don't want you to depend on me so much. You should have other options."

Depend on him so much?? Other options?? What the..??!!

"I want to introduce you to someone," He continued.

Introduce me to someone??!! What did he think it was - passing the parcel? The audacity!

"Sayesha, this is Thomas, my colleague."

Random guy Thomas acknowledged with a nod.

I was speechless. As usual, in my head I was saying a lot of things. "Dude, you and I are not done yet, who the hell is this Thomas chap? I need an explanation before you decide to conveniently dump me on this Thomas guy! What makes you think I'd be interested in your Thomas dude??"

Perhaps I should have said something. But my words had left me. I did not know why I did not say anything. Perhaps it was the shock of this happening after four years of being with him. I tried to catch his eye and show him how utterly angry I was. But he did not look at me directly. Within a moment, he'd disappeared, leaving me stranded with the Thomas chap.

"Come, sit." said Thomas.

Still seething with disillusionment and anger, I turned my attention to Thomas. I should have stormed off, but I stayed. Perhaps I did not want to boost his ego by show how upset I was. Perhaps I wanted to show that if William was cool, so was I. If he didn't care, neither did I. Whatever it was, I actually sat down to talk to Thomas.

Thomas was older than William, but had a kind face. He was gentle and understanding, and spoke to me with respect. He was smart and witty, and knew the right things to say to a girl who was in the situation that I was in.

"You're 26?? Really?? But you look 22, you know. I'd think you were a student." He said.

"Actually, I am a student too. Part-time." I said, my anger beginning to slowly cool off.

We got to talking about my studies and my job and stuff. It was so refreshing to see a guy who actually listened to what I was saying and processed it before giving his opinion. He was the first guy who gave me an objective analysis on why I should quit my job, something I had been considering for a while. No one else had dared to suggest that to me.

I realised I had started to like Thomas. In one meeting.

I was getting late, and soon we exchanged goodbyes. William was nowhere to be seen. I was still seething inside about the whole thing, but I was happy to have met Thomas. As I took his leave, William suddenly reappeared. Thomas had just said something - I think it was something about my eyes - and we were both laughing. William stared at us as we laughed. I ignored him and walked out.

I've been recovering well.

Recently, I dropped by to see Thomas. He wasn't there but William was. Which was surprising considering it was his off-day. I ignored him and approached another guy to ask where Thomas was. But before I had opened my mouth, William had deposited himself on the seat in front of me.

"Hi..." He said with a smile.

"Hi..." I said with a smile. Damn.

He initiated the conversation and kept me engaged for twenty minutes or so, not letting anyone else near me. I noticed that he was extra attentive. In fact, he was pretending that last week's conversation had never happened between us, and that things were exactly how they'd been over the last four years.


Why is it that only when a guy sees you happy with another guy, he wants you back?

I could almost feel the dilemma faced by Simran in 'Gangster'.

On one hand, is a guy who is unpredictable, has no time for me, disappears now and then, and makes decisions about me without involving my opinions. But he is familiar, he knows me, and I have a history with him.

On the other hand is this nice, dependable guy who is understanding, respectful, carries no baggage, and offers me a clean slate. But he is unfamiliar, and doesn't know my history.

So which optician should I pick?


Anonymous said...

Haha!! You got me there, babe!! :o)

Unknown said...

WOW Sash!

First achievement on your blog..


Now lemme read your post :p

Take care,
Aarti \:D/

Shailesh said...

I didnt got "optician" in the last line..

Is it option?

If choice is to be made go for Thomas..

Blogs at - The Ignorant's Blog

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

:-) pick the one without glasses ;)

Shekhar said...

Umm..don't know you that well, dude. But, I'm confident you'll make the correct decision. :)

Sayesha said...


Still reading eh? :O

#The ignorant,
Errr... I think you didn't get it... :P

What?! What's an optician without glasses yaar? :D

Yaar tujhe bhi samajh mein nahin aaya? Lagta hai post mein hi khot hai :(

Anonymous said...

So many times, you manage to establish a parallel between a simple incident and a much bigger thing in life... quite precious that ability... :)

Nirwa Mehta said...

Ever tried contact lens? :D

On a serious note, which is rare for me, think with your mind.. there are such times when your heart decieves you.. Let your mind and heart debate over it.. but be sure to keep your self respect over it all!

May the best man win... Err.. May God give you strength to make proper decision! :-)


Prayank said...

hey bhagwan ... this was very filmy ... very well written ...

Anonymous said...

I was going to say that its all up to you about who you choose, and in fact I was leaning towards the boyfriend of 4 years.

Ive been with my boyfriend for 3 years and 2 months now, and whenever the thought about leaving him enters my head, the hardest thing for me to deal with is that we have been through so much together, he knows me and I know him, we are completely ourselves around each other.

But...heres my opinion: After re-reading your descriptions of both men, I sort of think you should give Thomas a chance. He seems really nice in comparison to the one who is never really around. The biggest thing that hit me is: Do you really want to live the rest of your life with someone who makes decisions about you without involving your opinions?? I dont think so.

Give Thomas a shot! If you eventually end up with William again at least he might have learnt a lesson from this whole experience.


Anonymous said...

hahahaha!!....awesomely well written!


Anonymous said...

and brilliant hind-sight :)


Sahil said...

wow. Now THATS what I call a twist. When I read the last sentence I thought it was a typo where u were meaning to say:

"Which option should I pick?"

Clever. I think you just redeemed urself after the whole Emraan fiasco... :)

Anonymous said...

//Why is it that only when a guy sees you happy with another guy, he wants you back?//

What's that thing about always wanting the forbidden fruit? Men!!!:)

dearbharat said...

Get new series of VIP and coolly say "Good Bye Men".

A known evil is better than unknown unless u keep taking risk.

I would be able to give u right decision once u send me ur complete biodata and detailed profile.

Bhavesh said...

awesome..!! kahanee main twist..!! wah..!!

Sudeep said...

agar yeh sach hain life mein toh just show them ur finger (u know which)

agar this is a story like ROS is penning then go with specs wala Emraan

R said...

1. William , he probably thinks he owns you.
*thunders* how dare he ask you to look for other options!!!!!!!!
thats insane!!!!!
hez never me..these kind of guys are not verry dependable...yaar..he does not sound *shakes her head* no, he does not...
abhi toh 4 yrs ki baat hai yaar...yahan toh possible life tie ki baat dekh rahe hai....

thomas--its too early, u need to know a guy more before you decide...

give thomas a chance, i am a bit skeptical about william.

*is about to leave, but stops to say this*
HOW DARE HE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s.*hugs* and gud to know tht u are recovering well.

Fishy said...

Pick the optician who wears glasses ;) hehehe
first guy with glasses and now an optician dilemma...truly a glassy world yours :D

Restless said...

hmm...~ponders~.... u will have to decide ...but personally i don't like 'william'..
"make decisions about me without involving my opinions!!!!!"
not the kind of guy u wud like to spend ur life with;)

Restless said...

btw, title reminded me of james bond movie by the same name...
i am listening to one of the track of tht movie.. 'For your eyes only by Sheena Easton':))
lyrics goes on like this....

For your eyes only, can see me through the night.
For your eyes only, I never need to hide.
You can see so much in me, so much in me that's new.
I never felt until I looked at you.
For your eyes only, only for you.
You'll see what no one else can see, and now I'm breaking free.
For your eyes only, only for you.

yep...break free;)... thts my advice:D

Priya said...

hmm... tough choice.. rebound never works though... not universally applicable.. but a school of thought.,.
But new guys on the block always seem appealing.. good to see.. nothing more... if u want more it seems like wat was appealing is lost!
i aint helping much am i??
shut up priya jus supdup ur mouth! :D

R said...

Serious business. Good luck with the decision. Hope it all works out well...and you end up smiling, just smiling.

Nandya said...

i hate u....

here i was thinking finally some gossip abt sayesha's life...finally a picture to paint...finally i get to see some vulnerability and u blow me off....damn....

lazy leo said...

Ha ha ....fantastic twist in the tale. Very well done!

Purush said...

Brilliant! Almost Shyamalan-esque!! In a non-scary way...
Kahani mein twist!

Preethi said...

Uffo...I thought all the way that it was your dentist. Optician didnt strike to me at all..:)
Good post..:)

Rays Of Sun said...

I would not decide about Thomas so soon. Its only after you come to know a person, his true self is revealed. Based on your first impression, Thomas might indeed be the guy but you don’t know how he might act 3 years down the line.

Rays Of Sun said...

Sheesh! man...ridiculous I am...Grrr....I did not read the last line and gave one bhashan:)))

Adi Oso-Groot Finch said...

hmm... go for the third one... me!!

haan agar itni dur nahin aana to go for the second one.... lekin agar life mein abhi kaafi pareshani nahin hai and thora aur jhel sakti hai then go for the first one... it'll definitely be more exciting :D

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
dharmu said...

are, kyun life mein tension leneka?
bindas rehne ka..
dono ko gooli maro..
sayesha style ok?

Jeez, reading about ur gundagardi episodes, i am wondering how the poor william is still alive*ahem

Young Master said...

beware of hot opticians. they make you buy expensive glasses that don't necessarily look good on you. but then its often worthwhile anyways.

Suds said...

Hey Sayesha, I think u are a brave girl.:) Now about the optician u can choose the one in gali number 420, mumbaiwala road, opposite Sayeshaz bar, Singapore.:):)

U take care.

Anil said...

That was a Saki ka baap Ram Gopal Varma type twist :-) Very funny!

Anil said...

Mr Hotwinter, chillax mon! Yeh ramayan ke baad don't ask ki who is Sita :-) It was a story about her optician.

Thanu said...

i say alternate

Sayesha said...

Thanks :)

//Ever tried contact lens?

Been surviving on 'em for the last ten years! ;)

//but be sure to keep your self respect over it all!

Uhhh... I'm picking an optician, not a husband! :O

Hahaha! 'Hey bhagwan' it seems! :P
Thanks man :D

//I was leaning towards the boyfriend of 4 years.

Boyfriend??? What boyfriend??? I was talking about my optician! :/

Thanks! You join the few who actually got it. :P

//and brilliant hind-sight :)

Hind-"sight", eh? Trying to beat my pun? ;)

Thank goodness you got it. :) If you'd also started on giving me advice on my love-life, I swear I'd have disowned you! :/

//I think you just redeemed urself after the whole Emraan fiasco...

Excuse me?? There was no fiasco. I like Emraan and you're jealous. So there.


Sheesh. You too? :(

Thanks :)

This is a true story about my opticians. I don't show the finger to my opticians. :/

#Raam Pyari,
Firstly, one big thappad to you! Char din shaher mein kya reh gayi, buddhi bhrasht ho gayi teri?? Theek se padh, this post is about my optician, not about some boyfriend-nonsense. Kitne dukh ki baat hai ki meri behen ko bhi samajh mein nahin aaya mera post! :(


//not the kind of guy u wud like to spend ur life with;)

Spend my life with??? Why would I spend my life with my optician??? :O

Et tu, Priya???? Et tu?????? :(
This is about picking an optician, not a boyfriend! :/

Gosh! :O I have nothing more to say to you.

//finally i get to see some vulnerability

Arre yesterday you saw na! It needs real guts to come out in the open and say 'I like Emraan Hashmi' in front of fultu junta okay??! Hmmph! :/

#Lazy Leo,
Thanks! :)

//Almost Shyamalan-esque!! In a non-scary way...

Hahahaha! Thanks :P

Hahaha! Dentist kahan se aa gaya? :P

Agar doosra comment nahin likhti na, mere haathon se aaj ek khoon toh hi jata! :D

This post is about picking an optician, not a boyfriend. Are you an optician? :/

Gosh, I just saw your loooooong comment in my email, and I literally pulled all my hair out. Thanks for deleting it. :D

*Now Sayesha is almost crying*
William is my optician. My optician. Full stop.

Uhhh... my opticians are always middle-aged men. :)

Brave girl??? Why am I a brave girl now?? :O

You have no idea how relieved I was to see your comment after the barrage of consolation comments and emails! :/

// Yeh ramayan ke baad don't ask ki who is Sita :-) It was a story about her optician.

Thank God he deleted it man. Warna woh bhi aaj khallas ho jata mere haathon! :D

Hahahahaha! Aankhon ka sawaal hai re... should not alternate... :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

what did hotwinter say? what did hotwinter say????

Anonymous said...

Catch hold of one.. stay with him. but dont stick to him. Be detached.

Siddhu said...

Opticians!! Mama Mia

I was wondering what kind of a boyfriend William was -- directing you to another man, even! :P

Rays Of Sun said...

Tujhe hi peetna chahiye...itne se story ko itna masala maarke bolegee to....becharee junta kya kare?? :P

Nirwa Mehta said...

//Uhhh... I'm picking an optician, not a husband! :O

Girl, have you ever tried Ahmedabadi opticians? I was taken for a ride few years back.. I kept my self respect high and never visited the same shop again! :P

Optician, subjiwala, hairdresser.. always keep your self respect high! :P :P :P


Raju Bathija said...

Very very funny post. I thought you are talking about your friends until I saw the word optician. Go for Mr Dependable. I love your blog. A post a day!

Sayesha said...

#Ipanema Girl,
Uhh... something about how William dumped me because he was tired of me :)

Great advice. Am not takin' it tho :P


Bollywood ki rani hoon, masala kaise nahin maaroon? :D

Nice save-ass strategy! ;)

Thanks :)

Just Jane said...

Goodness Gracious Me! (in the Brit sitcom style) Your readers are the ones who need to see Williams AND Thomas, BOTH!! Sab log andhe ho gaye kya? Guess it can't be helped in this age of dumbing down, man! Atleast the regular readers should be familiar with the Bollywood ki rani's stunts by now! Sayesha, for all that you blog about your daily routine, you fiercely guard your privacy and do not reveal anything personal at all. Totally surprised at the reactions of your friends. I agree with Kais, cool title n all :D

Somya said...

Well william doesn.t deserve a second chance...tomorrow when u reurn back to him, he may start behaving in similar fashion again then what...hurt again n then there won't be any thomas around to make u feel better. I guess stick to Thomas...he sounds interesting and nice.

Shobana said...

you devil! :P u build up the tempo and then a big water balloon splashes on our heads! good one!:D

Mohan Kodali said...

sheeesh!!! if its not for that last sentence.... awesome post!

R said...

ABEY! I knew what the post was. Just wanted to leave a comment in a similar tone. But jeezzz I forgot to leave a smiley there. Jeezzzzzz

And you think I thought what the others are thinking. Maine koi paap kiya hai? Kuch bhi sochoge mere bare main? X-(

Unknown said...

LOL Sash!!!

Sorry yaar.. had to leave suddenly yesterday for some work, so couldn't post a comment, though read your post fully!!!

What a filmy post yaar :O:O
I swear I thought you were serious about the 'guy'. In fact, even after reading the last line.. it took me 2 mins to recover & realize that you were truly in search of an 'optician' hehehe.. ROFL :))

Hmmm.. I think you should seriously give Thomas a chance coz William is not trustworthy anymore!
How dare he take decisions on your behalf without your consent :P:P After all, yeh aapki life (err.. I mean aankhon) ka sawaal hai :P:P

He's lost his chance baby.. dump him & go for Thomas, sure he would be able to understand you(read: your eyes) more better :P:P

hehehe, awesome one haan dear,
Take care,
Aarti :D

Anonymous said...


maxxxx sahi
---raam pyari

Anonymous said...


maxxxx sahi
---raam pyari

Restless said...

he he he...
madame ... i read ur post again... n realised my blunder!
~looks for somewhere to hide~

Venky said...

atta gal!! started reading ur blog recently. U ve got a knack for writing which comes across as if u r speaking to the reader one on one. Way to go!! As for your question I dont know much about opticians but I could sure find a shrink for you :P (not that i know much about them either)

Just kidding..Rock on!!

Anonymous said...

Sayesha, why dont you direct some of your readers to William/Thomas? They sure need an optician! :D


Unknown said...


ROFLing at the comments Sash..

The way you were crying & explaining everyone... LOL

hehehehehhahahahah =))

Take care,


Gosh, I just saw your loooooong comment in my email, and I literally pulled all my hair out. Thanks for deleting it. :D

Im really ashamed to misinterpret ur post. I was away for some days so could not comment u on the last 2 posts bu thought I would make up for it in this post. So the comment was so long.

I really misinterpreted it. Even though u wrote about ur optician, I mistook it as ur two boyfriends William and Thomas. Because the way of writing was such. See, many people also misinterpreted it.

At first when I read the post I got confused that Sayesha is such a mature individual. She cannot write such a post. Yet I thought it was u, may be some years back. and wrote the long comment. Sorry yaar.

#Thank God he deleted it man. Warna woh bhi aaj khallas ho jata mere haathon! :D

You can really be a good friend Sayesha. Trust me. I can feel it. I wish I could be ur good friend. I simply want to be khalls in ur hands, bcos u can be such a good friend. I want you to use more of such mawalli type replies to my comments and me. I really cherish them. Things like "Dhakkan" and "Kaan ke niche ek dunga".
They are Awsome, like ur "Awsome Mausam". Do use them on me directly. Plzz.

Anonymous said...

Great story! So whom did you pick - the one that looks straight into your eyes or the one who looks all over ha ha ha!

Agree with Sahil though - you redeemed yourself after that Emraan post ha ha ha! Man how could anyone suffer him for a whole movie?

Anonymous said...


guy suggesting u to quit job Bcomes good

guy who teachs you to be independent Bcomes bad

fuzzy logic

Anonymous said...

wah...thoda aur masala daalke ek book likh daalo ..aaj ki date mein best seller ban jaayegi....

Anonymous said...

>> Hind-"sight", eh? Trying to
>> beat my pun? ;)

Ok ok it was a half-ass pun ... I am going to pun hell :O


Negative Creep said...

I say dump William, and go slow with Thomas. Have a little alone time as well. Nothing beats being single, at least for a while.

Shekhar said...

Oye teri...Gang Master Gogo, yaane ke mujhse, dhoka !!!! :D

Anonymous said...

tum itna jo muskara rahe ho.......................................................................................................................take care..

Anil said...

"for all that you blog about your daily routine, you fiercely guard your privacy and do not reveal anything personal at all. "

What privacy? Sayesha ke haath ki ek ek lakeer ke baarey mein Virdi se poocho!

Just Jane said...

//What privacy? Sayesha ke haath ki ek ek lakeer ke baarey mein Virdi se poocho!??

@Anil, humein lagta hai jis din se sayesha ne emraan kissme ko cute bola, us din se praaji ka heart fail hua hain. aur waise bhi,
aaj kal praaji sayesha ke haath chodke kisi aur ke haath pakad raha hai!! ;-)

Sayesha said...

#The Chosen One,
//Atleast the regular readers should be familiar with the Bollywood ki rani's stunts by now

Hehehehe. :P

Need I explain? :)


Hehehe :P

Abhi tu nautanki band kar... don't be such a drama-queen! Ek lagega kaan ke neeche! :D

Kya ullu banaya! :D

#Raam Pyari,
Post ab jaake samajh mein aaya ya bhaang peekar baithi hai? :D

Hehehehe... don't worry, you have company... there are lots of you around :D

Welcome to Sayeshaz! :)

// I dont know much about opticians but I could sure find a shrink for you :P

Hahahaha! :D

Hahahahaha! :D

Sheesh. Kya rulaya man! :/

Dude you're scaring me now. :|

Sheesh. Watch the movie then we'll talk! :)

Am outta patience to explain. Pls read my next post :)

Aap karenge publish? :)

I thought it was brilliant. ;)

Muahahaha! Aankhein nikalke gotiyan khelungi! Muahahha! :D

Sigh... :(

//Sayesha ke haath ki ek ek lakeer ke baarey mein Virdi se poocho!

Hahahaha! Beete din beete pal, eh? Well, you're in for a surprise, buddy! ;)

#The Chosen One,
Hahahaha! Bechare ke khud batane ke pehle hum sab uski pol khol rahe hain! :D

Sayesha said...

#Negative Creep,
Ooops. Missed your comment. Read my next post, you will thwack yourself on the head after that. :D

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

Holy crap!! That was awfully well written!! (hopefully you know what I mean :-P)

Anonymous said...

You are such a Darling:-) I just love the way you make trivial things in life assume such astronomical proportions....I am a huge fan!!!!!

Sayesha said...

Thanks! :P

Thanks :)

//I just love the way you make trivial things in life assume such astronomical proportions

Hehehe... we don't have enough drama in our lives man... gotta create some then, isn't it? :P

Anonymous said...


Sheesh. Watch the movie then we'll talk! :)

I tried, I really did! Couldn't sit through till the end...:-(

And Rediff reviews - my you follow that? I remember going for a movie - that too for a proper screening here - long back - which had heavy duty reviews - cant remember the name of the movie - Sunny Deol and some army kind of story I think - I had to walk out of the hall before half time! And the reviews - I reread it quite a few times to figure out what was wrong with me.... mmm... tell me what did you drink before watching that movie ;-)? ha ha ha

Preethi said...

Mere comment keliye tumhara jawab abhi padha...
Well, mujhe laga ki maine tumhare blog mein ek post padha jo dentist ke baarein mein hain... isiliye all the while sochi ki dentist hoga.. mujhe kya pata ki aapki aankhon ke dekh baal karne keliye 2 doctor hain...:)

well... really had a nice time reading your replies telling ppl... nopes.. he is my optician....
Janta ko samjha karo darling... choti choti deshon mein (Singapore is small, right?) aisi badi badi baatein hoti rahti hain... (67 comments is badi baat, right?:)).. lite le lo...:)


Preethi said...

Haan yaar... why dont you try contact lens? kam se kam yeh do optician log to tumhe alternate nahi karenge naa... bas Bausch & Lomb mein jao, check karao, lens lagao... kaam khatam... kya bolti?:)

Sayesha said...

Yeah, I follow Rediff reviews, Raja Sen's in particular... 90% reliable :)

//tell me what did you drink before watching that movie

Offo the movie was good! *Sayesha puts hands on her ears and refuses to listen to Pramod* :D

#Lovely Smiles,
//Janta ko samjha karo darling... choti choti deshon mein (Singapore is small, right?) aisi badi badi baatein hoti rahti hain... (67 comments is badi baat, right?:))

Hahaha! So cute! :)

//Haan yaar... why dont you try contact lens?

Arre I have been wearing them for 10 years. That's what I go to my optician for! :)

Shuuro said...

Completely unrelated to your post but when did you turn 26?

Dev said...

Hilarious! You had me going there 'til that last punchline!!! Seriously!

But you know what, I found the comments section hilariouser (copyrighted word now)...
*Now Sayesha is almost crying*
William is my optician. My optician. Full stop.


Sayesha said...

Hey, long time! Yeah, I turned 26 on 13th April :(

Wow, back-log work huh? ;)
Hans lo hans lo! Ek din tumhara din bhi aayega! :D

sdRay said...

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Anonymous said...

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