Tuesday, September 11, 2018

This job stinks!

This afternoon, we were preparing for Xena's Hindi exam. One of the topics is 'occupations' and the list has a lot of words that we don't really use in our daily lives, no matter how much we converse in Hindi. Words like kumhaar, kisaan, darzi, dhobi, gwala and halwaai hold no meaning whatsoever for kids living in Singapore. So Xena was struggling a little, trying to remember all of them.

Me - Okay, what is darzi?

Xena - Uh... postman?

Me - Nope. That's daakiya. What is darzi?

Xena - Uh... I don't know...

Me (showing a sewing action) - Look! What am I doing?

Xena - Sew...

Me - Correct!

Xena - So darzi is... a... 

Me - Yes?

Xena - I know! A SEW-ER! 


Arun said...

No Halwaai?

pakow said...

Luckily Xena does not know what "sew-er" means in Hindi !! :)

Sayesha said...

LOL. I'm her halwaai, I guess. :D

Hahaha I did tell her! :D