Monday, September 10, 2018

Nailed it

So we have been attempting to grow our own cherry tomatoes (Xena calls them cherry tommy plants) with a moderate level of success. We planted seeds that grew into four plants (christened Tommy, Tammy, Timmy and Tom by Xena) and so far we have harvested 3 gorgeous tomatoes, while 3 more are ripening on the plants.

We have also been trying our hand at composting in order to reduce waste and 'create soil' for our tommies. The other day, Xena and I were talking about the Singapore landfill situation and what we can do about it. We tried to think of all the non-recyclable things we throw and whether they can go into our compost bin instead.

Xena - Ooh Mama, can we add cut fingernails to our compost bin??

Me - YES! (Yeah, I had come across this when I was researching composting.)

Xena - Ooh. I have a GREAT idea. Let's have a small box in which all three of us put our nails after we've cut them. Once the box is full, we can add it to our compost pile!

Me - Err... sure! A bit gross but hey, anything for the planet, yeah?

Xena - Yeah! And you know what we can call that box?

Me - Uh... what?


Me - ...

Xena - Like mailbox? NAILBOX. Ha ha ha!

Me - :|  


Meena Chatty said...

Nailbox! what a creative name! The contents seem a bit gross but full marks for the name!

The tommies look great and delicious. All the best. May you take your gardening to the next level

Arun said...

This post rates 6 tomatoes :) :) :)

newmomontheblock said...

Super. We moved into our house with a small yard and since then I have been growing veggies and also composting. I have a son who is almost Xena’s age. I made my son participate in a Science contest last year where he talked about home made compost bins. While researching for the contest and coming up with kid friendly lines about composting, my husband who used to complain about the flies, smell became a convert and enthusiastic about composting. I think gardening and composting and being green are such amazing things to teach to kids. I am hoping my son will have fond memories of these days. We have our small first homegrown pumpkin this year that we hope we can carve for Halloween.

Sayesha said...

Thank you! :)

Hehe, thanks! Not rotten ones, I hope! :D

That's awesome! I did have some issues with flies initially maybe because I put in the ultimate fly bait -- a banana peel! But from what I understand, there should be no flies and no smell if you keep your greens-to-browns ratio correct. I'm learning with each step. :)