Tuesday, May 30, 2017

What's in a name?

"Mama... Mama... Mama..."

It was one of those busy days where I couldn't listen to one more "Mama". (I'm trying to get Xena to stop looking for me for everything. Well, the inane stuff, at least. Sometimes I even get "Mama, can I go and pee?" I wonder what would happen if I said no.)

"Oops, you've reached the max limit of the number of times you can say 'Mama' in a day." I said.

She thought for a moment and readily agreed, "Oh okay."

Wow, that was easy.

I went back to whatever I was doing, while she got busy with her stuff.

In about 3 seconds, she spoke again.




Bubblegum inherhappyplace said...

Dude till I was seven or eight I used to ask my parents if I can go to the restroom. I kid you not, I would sit there if only mom is at home and she is on call with my masi! I would not budge till I get the 'Permission'.


Arun said...

Haha, I think you just uncovered how synonyms came about! After all, why would a language have many words that mean exactly the same thing?

A very long, long time ago, when mastodons and sabre-tooth tigers roamed, the earth, and humans had barely distinguished themselves from apes, in a cave somewhere,.....(put the blog post here).

Charan Deep Singh said...


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